Empower network costa rica intensive training review


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Empower network costa rica intensive training review

  1. 1. Empower Network Costa Rica IntensiveTraining ReviewGoing ALL-IN for Empower Network is the wisest decision that you could ever make in your life. If youare one of the few people who go after what they want and desire the best lifestyle in the world, taking oneenormous leap to joining Empower Network is the very opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up.If you have gained access to Empower Network’s Fast Start Training and Inner Circle Training, you’re stillmissing one of the best training course out to date – the Empower Network Costa Rica IntensiveTraining!Being part of the few brave and smart ones who went ALL-IN, I am giving you the privilege to take a peekat what’s in store with this Costa Rica Intensive Training Review. Do yourself a favor and go over until theend of this review so you’ll have a better and more vivid understanding of the Costa Rica IntensiveTraining. Believe me, this is one heck of an investment that you shouldn’t have any second thoughtsabout!Empower Network Costa RicaIntensive TrainingJust a teaser before I begin my Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive Training review. See how thepeople in the video below enjoyed the Costa Rica Masters Retreat. Crave the same adventure whileearning limitless cash? Then might as well read on…
  2. 2. Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 1: NetworkMarketing Sex Appeal - What Does and DoesntWorkDavid Wood shares his own experiences when he started network marketing and got scammed at a youngage. He also talks about other people’s influence on making somebody join a network marketing business.What I love about this video is that he emphasized on the power of visualization. There are surely a lot ofpeople who can attest to making their dreams happen because of their faith in it. So, if you can think ofyour success, you can achieve it too!Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 1 Quiz is composed of 5 items with a passing score of 4/5 or 80%.Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 2: NobodyWants To Sell Chocolate - Viral SustainabilityEver thought why other people were able to stand the challenges of an Internet and network marketingbusiness and even came out winners and millionaires? If you listen to this video, you never have towonder why Dave and Dave’s Empower Network System works! Yes, you will learn about the secrets ofviral sustainability, and how others made use of it to build their own empire in the Internet. Who knows,you could be “selling chocolates” right at the comfort of your home when you get a tight grasp of thisconcept.Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 2 Quiz also comprises of 5 items with 4/5 or 80% passing rate.
  3. 3. Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 3: PositiveFraming To Convert More Sales - The Power ofMetaphorsI personally understand why it is vital to connect with people, which makes this lesson one of my toppicks. Hitting people’s emotions by using metaphors is truly a remarkable tool to get remembered. A hugepercentage of the time, it’s how we make others feel that we get remembered, liked or hated, so it isessential to master the art of connecting with others. In the sales and marketing industry, you probablynotice how those who know how to engage with people have the edge over the others and usually getahead of the game. In this video, David Wood teaches how you can tug people’s heart strings to convertthem into actual sales. After all, it’s the memory and experience that makes people wanna buy. Learn howto create an impact to people’s lives the David Wood way and use it to your advantage!Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 3 Quiz is composed of 5 questions with 4/5 or 80% passing rate aswell.Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 4: SpeakYour Prospect’s Language - How To Get People ToBuy StuffObviously, we deal with different types of people daily. How we interact with each one directly affectstheir individual responses. It is therefore essential to remember that if you want to be successful in yourrelationships with people, you have to identify the type of person you are interacting with. The sameprinciple is applied by sales people. Effective salesmen know how to handle all types of people. They workon establishing rapport with each person the way they understand how they will be received by the otherparty. In this lesson, David Wood talks about how you can successfully get into every type of person’sworld to make them buy what you are selling. This is unquestionably a beneficial video especially if you’refinding it hard to figure out what’s wrong with your interaction skills. Master the 4 modalities and you arecertainly on your way up!Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 4 Quiz 100% has 5 items too and a passing score of 4/5 or 80%.
  4. 4. Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 5: What IsAttraction Marketing? - Empower HourIn this video, David Sharpe shows a positive form of addiction – Empower Network! You’ll understandwhy and how telling your own story move people into action. If you would notice, everyone who’s in theInternet and network marketing field starts what they have to say by sharing their personal story. Why?Because it is very easy for humans to identify with pain. We love hearing and watching people overcometheir personal struggles. We are natural wooers of success stories.Today’s people all want to have their online business. Besides the perks and benefits of the World WideWeb, having an online business also entitles liberty. However, if you are not familiar with this kind ofindustry, there are huge chances that you might get lost along the way. This is why watching this video isrecommended. David Sharpe discusses just how to get targeted traffic, share a compelling story and havean excellent converting offer. Lawrence Tam even shares the talk with him. This is how impressive CostaRica Intensive Training is!Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 5 Quiz is composed of another 5 questions with the same passingrate of 80% or raw score of 4/5.Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 6: Do LessAnd Make More – Create Money Out Of Thin AirUpon watching this Costa Rica Intensive Training video, I was surprised that there is actually much thatone can do to market his online business effectively. Empower Network’s Costa Rica Intensive Trainingteaches me just a lot of breakthroughs that I haven’t encountered in my entire Internet and networkmarketing career.Here, David Wood and Lawrence Tam generously share Internet marketing tips and a number ofincredible breakthroughs for all of us. If you’re serious about creating an endless residual wealth and ondrafting your dream lifestyle, then this Costa Rica Intensive Training is worth investing on. Please takenote though that this is only for people who are dedicated to achieving their personal success.
  5. 5. This Costa Rica Intensive Training video dares you to work from the comfort of your home and enjoy ano-holds-barred lifestyle with Empower Network!At the end of the lesson, try answering a 5-item Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 6 Quiz to checkyour understanding of the discussion.Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 7: How ToSell To Everyone In Every Way – Marketing ForSmart PeopleThere are certainly those people who are gifted with effective marketing skills, and if you’re none of them,smile because I’m telling you, it can be learned. One proof that you too can acquire outstanding marketingskills is this Costa Rica Intensive Training video from David Wood. Here, he talks about proven strategiesfor getting leads, doing sales presentations, voice broadcasting and a whole lot more! If you’ve seen DavidWood treating the entire marketing thing as a piece of cake in all his lesson videos, there’s no doubt youcan be just like him. Watch this video and learn from the master himself!This lesson video comes with a 2-item Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 7 Quiz. It’s that short that Idon’t think somebody’s going to fail.Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 8: CreatingA Lasting Team Culture – Keeping It All TogetherMost of the time, the reason why teams fall apart is because they haven’t established a culture. Here,David Wood defines the importance of having a community vision and shared goals in both team victoryand personal success of its members. It’s true that the relationship you’ve built with your members is theprimary factor that drives them to perform. This Costa Rica Intensive Training video is an eye-opener forevery team leader. How about you, is your team built with culture? Watch this video to help youunderstand the needs of your team better.
  6. 6. Answer the 3-item Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 8 Quiz afterwards.Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 9: SEO WithOla of MLMBrothers – Get Your Stuff To Rank,FASTThis Costa Rica Intensive Training video is one of my favorites. I am personally not adept with SearchEngine Optimization (SEO) so this one’s truly mind-awakening. Speaker Ola from MLMBrothersdiscusses the basics of SEO. So, if you are just like me who doesn’t have any clue about it, I bet you’ll lovethis one. Ola talks about the strategies to make your web page rank and explains the kind of exposure youneed and how to get it.At the end of the lesson video, there is a 2-item Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 9 Quiz for you toanswer.Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 10: How ToCreate A Compelling Story – Your Story Is ALLThat MattersThe essence of sharing your personal story has been discussed in one of the Costa Rica Intensive lessonvideos. In this video, each of the participants of the Costa Rica Intensive Training was given the chance toshare their personal story as an exercise. What you will realize in this video is that each person has his orher own gripping story to tell. Who are they before they have started an Internet and network marketingbusiness? What have they accomplished since they decided to step up in the game? Once you have askedquestions such as these to yourself, you will also be able to come up with your own story. Enjoy the rest ofthe participants’ stories and learn how you can deliver your own fantastic story by watching this video.Another 2-item Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 10 Quiz is the last test that you’ll encounter.
  7. 7. Costa Rica Intensive Training Lesson 11: BonusVideo: The Birth Of Empower Network – How ToUse Empower Network In Your BusinessA bonus video from the Empower Network founder himself, David Wood, wraps up the Costa RicaIntensive Training. Since the rest of the Costa Rica Intensive Training videos were shot before the launchof Empower Network, David Wood adds this video about Empower Network to give the audience a clearpicture of what it is all about.Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive Training in a NutshellEmpower Network Costa Rica Intensive Training is indeed one generous training material. Having accessto these Costa Rica Intensive Training videos is one of the most priceless possessions that you could everhave. I never thought that my little one-time investment of $500 can give me all these phenomenaltraining tools!Now, if you share the same passion just like I do and you would like to avail of Empower Network CostaRica Intensive Training, visit http://makemoneywithannetta.com/ so I can show you how!