On the Meaning of Meaning


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As we recognise that for many people meaning in business is missing, why does it matter, what makes it valuable? How do we get under the skin of meaning? Here are a few thoughts about it.

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  • this is beautiful...
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  • Excellent presentation, asking the question 'does it create meaning for the people around me / customers / partners' is such an important design principle for any new use of technology
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  • @Annemcx You are most welcome, Anne. Lots more coming along, but still in DC on a conference event ... Looking forward to interacting more over the course of time, i.e. when I return back home, to keep building on it ... Appreciated the heads up!
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  • @elsua Brilliantly put Luis, couldn't have said it better. That's a call to get synapses going. Thanks for posting.
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  • @Annemcx Absolutely! And I would go one step further even and state that for that to happen and in order to avoid that division by fear there would be two different things we would need to start doing and very soon:

    1. Release control (of everything), but mainly of our power and influence positions, of others and eventually become truly servant leaders, where we start coming to terms with the fact that we are here to create meaning by empowering others at excelling at what they do instead of being afraid they may be much better than us! (They probably are, so we may as well acknowledge it once and for all!)

    2. Think of the value add you can add from within yourself. Instead of trying to fit in within the norm, we shouldn't. We should let that art and creativity unleash and see where it would take us, always with that idea at the back of our minds of providing value, value that others can benefit from it, not just us.

    I bet once we start assimilating more of those two components we would be on our way to achieve great things altogether! :)

    Thanks again for dropping by and for the wonderful feedback!
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On the Meaning of Meaning

  1. 1. How was it for you? Musings about the Meaning of Meaning
  2. 2. We’re all searching for something
  3. 3. A Utopia, where we understand the meaning of life in general, and of ours in particular. A life of blissful, effortless purpose. Is it a dream?
  4. 4. Where can we find meaning? It isn’t always where we think it will be... </meaning>
  5. 5. Meaning doesn’t always happen as a convenient soundbite.
  6. 6. One person’s meaning can be another person’s ‘meh’.
  7. 7. r th e ano re’s the And g ~ thin
  8. 8. Only by questioning the unquestionable can meaning become more accessible. And the more we strive to seek meaning, the more elusive it can be.
  9. 9. Sometimes, it’s by going away we recognise when we’ve come home. This is how we can realise what we value.
  10. 10. Meaning cannot exist without meaninglessness. #frustratingparadox
  11. 11. Meaning cannot exist without meaninglessness. #frustratingparadox
  12. 12. Meaning is a feeling inside.
  13. 13. Epiphanies are intimate and they’re personal.
  14. 14. So how can science and technology help us make meaning?
  15. 15. Does humanity become lost in a digital world?
  16. 16. And where can the search for meaning take us?
  17. 17. Individually and together, we know this ~
  18. 18. And when we connect with what matters in ourselves and in others, light bulbs go on.
  19. 19. connected Your mind is a beautiful thing V V
  20. 20. It creates meaning by seeing things differently
  21. 21. Life online is a world Where utility, trust of intangible value and meaning combine
  22. 22. When we question the unquestionable and how we organise in the social era, meaning can become more accessible. Meaning Experience Data And when we allow ourselves to feel moved, we connect with it.
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