Engagement Training

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A short profile of powerful participation training

A short profile of powerful participation training

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  • 1. Our engagement training is all about helping you make great decisions
  • 2. great decisions Yep, that’s right
  • 3. Decisions people will speak well of or at least say fair enough, we were part of that
  • 4. Engagement A step to a long term relationship?
  • 5. Engagement Maybe
  • 6. Engagement
  • 7. It’s about making choices
  • 8. right With just the amount of input from stakeholders & the public
  • 9. It’s about making decisions, getting on with the job with more insight
  • 10. It’s about more than talk It’s about getting more out of more
  • 11. 3 bite sized chunks Is delivered in
  • 12. Planning We start here, getting clear about the decision, the stakeholders and putting together a plan to engage
  • 13. Techniques A truck load of practical techniques tips and models to do it all
  • 14. Communications Focused on getting the message across and on getting the message
  • 15. Together they make up the IAP2 Certificate programme
  • 16. You will learn
  • 17. When to engage
  • 18. When not to engage
  • 19. How best to engage to get good ideas
  • 20. What to do if it goes wrong
  • 21. It’s internationally recognised
  • 22. is the only New Zealand based provider of this training
  • 23. Anne Pattillo understands the demands of decision making
  • 24. The Fine Print Five days of training will earn participants the internationally accredited Certificate. It is possible to attend courses independently, however the planning module is a pre requisite for the other two modules. The modules are available as a public programme or as an in house programme, just call to arrange a programme. Full reference material will be provided. Cancellations up to two weeks before the training incur a 20% admin fee, within 5 days, 50% admin fee. Training delivered by Anne Pattillo or another licensed IAP2 trainer.