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A brief over view of the health benefits of aloe vera including acne treatment, skin care, psoriasis and oral hygiene.

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Aloe Vera Guide Synopsis

  1. 1. Aloe Vera Products, Aloe Vera Guide to Health & Beauty and Home Remedies Who wants glossy hair, skin porcelain like in appearance, a sparkling smile & great overall health or even weight loss? Discover the benefits of Aloe Vera Products, Aloe Vera Guide to Health & Beauty.If the answer to the above question is yes - then I have good news for you. You havecome to the right place to learn how to achieve all of the above and even more viathe use of the amazing aloe vera plant. Read on to learn just how many benefits thisplant provides.Aloe vera is one of my favourite natural remedies and I hope you will take sometime while visiting to learn about its many health benefits such as treating burns,soothing digestive problems, oral hygiene, hair care, skin care and even weightloss.Historically this wonderful plant has been used for aeons by mankind for medicinal,beauty and even ,aphrodisiac purposes. Aloe Vera Products, Aloe Vera Guide to Health & Beauty - ContinuesWhy you may ask in these modern times would we still be using aloe vera? The shortanswer is because it works. The construct of the plant is such that it could bedescribed as having a synergistic relationship with the human body when usedinternally or applied topically.Furthermore the health benefits of aloe vera make up a sizable list. Books havebeen written about it, research undertaken by a variety of organizations and
  2. 2. institutions and those who have experienced its healing qualities cannot seem to getenough of it.From the treatment of sunburn to its use against serious conditions such as cancer,diabetes, lupus, HIV aids and even weight loss, aloe vera health benefits arehighly regarded by its users.My own personal experience in relation to the use of this plant has also been apositive one which is why this site exists. As a breast cancer survivor havingexperienced the side effects of radiation therapy, I developed a real interest inalternative methods for the treatment of this disease.I decided to investigate exactly what aloe vera contained so that I could get someclear understanding of its healing properties.Of course having grown up in the tropics I had always been aware of the beneficialeffects of aloe gel in the treatment of sunburn. However, I had no idea of itspotential for combating everything from digestive disorders to dentistry.How exactly does aloe provide all these health benefits? Well I discovered that theplant has some very important elements indeed.For instance, it contains an element called acemann known as amucopolysaccharide; this ingredient can be extracted from the plant and used toassist in combating such diseases as HIV Aids as well as feline leukaemia.Throughout this website I have recorded much of what I have learned about the aloevera plant and the many health benefits it offers mankind.As a result of the information I have gathered over the years, the consumptionof aloe vera has become a standard part of my daily nutritional regime.Consequently, aloe has not only provided me with good nutrition but it has also givenme a certain amount of peace of mind. Anyone who has survived cancer willunderstand that the fear never totally goes away.It can sometimes feel like you are holding your breath and keeping your fingerscrossed in the hope that you will not succumb to the disease again.Every little unusual twinge or out of the ordinary health event can raise the fear level.By using aloe on a daily basis I feel that I am taking some control of andresponsibility for maintaining my good health.
  3. 3. Read on to learn more about Aloe Vera Products, Aloe Vera Guide to Health & Beauty & Home RemediesFor your further information, we also have featured below two of our very ownproducts which we hope you will take some time to review during your visit here. Free Report - How to Get Rid of Toothache-NaturallyFirstly, why not subscribe to our newsletter then download a copy of our free reportabout toothache which contains a few home remedies to reduce the pain oftoothache at those times when you cannot get to a dentist.On the subscribers page there are further helpful ebooks available for freedownloading.To view these and to subscribe click this link: View/Sign up for newsletterOur second exclusive product is a short weight loss report which provides someunusual and little known simple tips and tricks that can boost your weight loss effortsto ensure you lose those extra pounds and keep them off for the long term.
  4. 4. Aloe Vera Guide to Aloe Oral HealthcareA Natural Antiseptic that Kills the Bacteria and Protects Teeth & GumsAloe Oral Healthcare - New research published in the Academy of GeneralDentistry in June 2009 has revealed that the use of aloe as a toothpasteprovides clean, healthy teeth as it eliminates the bacteria which causescavities just as well as normal toothpaste.The study compared the use of aloe vera gel against two popular brands oftoothpaste and found that it was as effective and in some cases more effective thanthe toothpaste when it came to eliminating bacteria.The new research also found that using aloe gel as toothpaste worked well forpeople who suffered discomfort as a result of having sensitive teeth.Because the gel lacks any of the abrasive content present in normaltoothpaste it is a gentle alternative for those who experience theunpleasant and even painful sensations related to having sensitive teeth.It does advise however that before starting to use aloe tooth gel astoothpaste a dentist should be consulted.As aloe also contains antiseptic properties using it as toothpaste will of course yourkeep your teeth and gums clean and free from bacteria. Gum disease is a seriousproblem as it can and has been known to lead to amongst other health issues, heartattacks.This is as a result of the bacteria from your gums eventually makingits way into the blood stream and causing a build up of plaque inthe arteries effectively creating blockages and inflammation.Needless to say that toxins leaking from the gums into the blood stream isnot conducive to anyone keeping in good health.
  5. 5. Having always been aware of the health benefits of aloe vera I cannot saythat I am at all surprised at learning that once again this plant has provenits worth as a potentially new mouth care system.However, as I have pointed out before on this site, not all aloe is equaland because the plant has to be processed in a very precise way in orderto preserve and stabilise the gel.This is because there are thousands of products which claim to containaloe, however, it could be that the percentage of aloe in a particularproduct is so minute as to be irrelevant or alternatively, the aloe has notbeen manufactured to the correct criteria which means that it will beineffectual as it will no longer contain any of its active properties therebymaking it completely useless.It is therefore a good idea to read the label carefully to check thepercentage of aloe that is actually contained in the product, good productsusually contain about 80% so anything less and the product is probablynot up to much.You could also check the product with the International Aloe Councilhowever, not all products are registered with them as somemanufacturers are not prepared to pay for this service but their product isof high quality, so it really is a case of checking labels for content or evenpurchasing your own aloe plant and making your own toothpaste athome.However, for those of you like me who just dont have the time to makeour own, I have included some products that I use on this page for yourfurther information and convenience just click on the links if you wish topurchase or just have a closer look at the ingredients and productspecifications.Thank you for visiting aloe oral healthcare and we hope you will visit thesite again in the future; alternatively, why not sign up for our newsletterand receive two free health related ebooks as a thank you gift from us.
  6. 6. Does Aloe Vera Cure Acne? Is there a Definitive Answer to this Question? Aloe Vera Guide Investigates Does Aloe Vera Cure Acne? - Part 1This is a question that has been asked quite often with some saying yea and somesaying nay. However, although it may not always be viewed as an outright cure foracne, it can most certainly be considered an exceedingly effective treatment forreducing the symptoms and discomfort of acne.Of course as most readers are probably aware, acne itself is caused primarily, as aresult of the clogging of the skin pores by the secretions of the sebaceous glands inthe skin. These clogged up pores then attract bacteria and the end results are theunsightly skin eruptions, commonly called acne.As to the question does aloe vera cure acne, it should be noted that the aloe plantcontains a wide variety of properties, including anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiseptic,antibacterial and even a certain level of painkilling qualities.It has not been looked upon as a popular remedy for many centuries without goodreason. Essentially, the plant could be deemed one of the most effective and usefulnatural treatments available; especially in the area of skin care.For those who may be interested, the best way to proceed with using aloe vera as ahome remedy for the elimination of acne is to use the gel directly from the plant itself.Thoroughly cleanse the area of skin/body/face to be treated with a gentle cleanser oreven better a home made cleanser then apply the gel and leave the area to dry.You can carry out this treatment as many times during the day/night as you wish as itwill not do any harm to your skin. Follow this routine regularly and you should see animprovement within 7 to 10 days if not sooner.If you do not experience any improvement whatsoever after this period of time; thenyour problem is probably more deeply rooted and you may need to see adoctor/dermatologist for further advice. It is possible the acne may be an outwardsymptom of an internal problem. Does Aloe Vera Cure Acne? - Part 2Cystic acne is another type of infected pimple but the infection goes deeper underthe skin, like a boil. Acne can also be caused by other skin conditions suchas rosacea. It is always useful to know what type of acne you have before you starttreating it.Assuming however, that your acne is of the type caused as the result of a blockageunder the surface of the skin, cleansing carefully and using aloe vera gel regularlywill definitely provide a solution to this problem.
  7. 7. When it comes to cystic acne however, it should be noted that it is muchmore likely to leave scars than acne vulgaris or common acne. While acnevulgaris is most often found on the face, chest and back, cystic acne canproduce boils in the armpit and groin areas, lower back and/or buttocks.It is also possible to have more than one type of acne at a time.It is vital that you never attempt to pop cystic acne as this will cause theinfection to spread. It can also often result in the area becoming veryswollen, angry and exceedingly painful.Cystic acne almost always has a hormonal cause, usually commencing around thetime of puberty when the body begins to produce large quantities of sex hormones. Inmost cases it will gradually improve in adulthood.It is also worth highlighting that although the application of aloe gel to cystic acnemay not eliminate the underlying cause of the problem completely, it can still improvethe outward symptoms and reduce infection in angry red areas making them lesspainful and obvious.Aloe also has scar reduction properties so it may help to remove any potential theremay be for scarring of the area. For these reasons, it is advisable to apply aloe gel tothe infected areas as it will not do any harm and will provide overall improvement inappearance as well as a reduction in discomfort and/or pain as its antibacterialproperties impact on the underlying infection.Finally, in regard to the original question does aloe vera cure acne the answer maybe relative to the individual’s personal experience of using the plant combined withthe definition of the word ‘Cure’. One such definition of this word to be found in thedictionary is as follows:“Restoration of health; recovery from disease”.Consequently, for those whose acne responds positively to this treatmentit could besaid that their health has been restored as they have recovered from the disease;therefore they are cured.For a variety of reasons some individuals may not experience a complete cure andwill therefore hold a different perspective on the subject. It is not unusual for somemedicines to work on certain people or symptoms while not having any effect onothers.Does aloe vera cure acne? From a personal stand point I would have to say yes asalthough it may not always get rid of the problem completely, it will certainly have apositive impact on the symptoms and underlying infection providing relief to the user.Possibly, it will have to be applied quite regularly over a period of weeks or maybelonger before a total cure can be achieved. However, the improvement will be
  8. 8. noticeable and even if it is not an immediate cure, at the very least the ugly rednessand painful symptoms of cystic acne will be substantially diminished.Does Aloe Vera Cure Acne? - Part 3An additional route to the successful elimination of acne, both the vulgarisand cysticacne types, is diet. One food in particular which appears to aggravate both types ofacne is cows milk and its products, e.g. cheese, cream, etc. Several studies haveshown a link between dairy products and acne. It is quite likely a result of thehormones fed to the cows in order for them to produce milk continually.In fact, you may well find that should you use solely organic dairy products not onlywill your acne improve but your overall health will benefit. It is not difficult to deducethat whatever the cows are fed on will ultimately be present in the milk they produce.I dont know about anyone else but I certainly do not wish to be consuming hormoneswilly nilly without even being aware of it, via a food that we have all been brought upto believe is extremely good for us.It may also be helpful to cut out sugar plus other foods with a high glycemic load.High glycemic foods are those with any kind of added sugars including high fructosecorn syrup (HFCS) and any other ingredients ending -ose. White bread, white riceand other refined grain products also carry a high glycemic count, and so does fruitjuice.Whole fruit has a lower glycemic load than juice, because the fiber in whole fruitmeans that the natural sugars are not absorbed so quickly. Does Aloe Vera Cure Acne? - Part 4In further regard of the diet issue, there is a general view that due to the lack of goodnutrition in most of todays food, which seems to consist mainly, of fast foodsgrabbed on the run, along with higher levels of stress experienced as a result of
  9. 9. hectic lifestyles; that our general health and wellbeing, in many ways has becomeunbalanced and depleted, thus creating, amongst other syndromes and illnesses, anoticeable increase in acne.To further complicate matters, many over the counter acne treatments turn out tobe ineffectual as these tend to attempt eliminating only the symptoms rather thantreating the cause of ie, the bacterial infection itself which is the real root of theproblem.For those who may wish to use a more mainstream approach to treat their acne, it isadvisable to carefully consider the ingredients of any lotion you might be tempted touse. Many have chemicals that could end up causing more harm than good.However, there is a remedy available which contains amongst other things aloe veraand goes under the name of Acnezine. It also contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, whichworks with the natural antibacterial aloe properties to eradicate the bacteria. Thiscombination of 5% peroxide and organic aloe vera with a few other healing herbsincluded is very effective, as although the benzoyl peroxide tends to dry out the skinthe aloe of course provides a moisturizing element to the treatment.Sufferers who have used this product have reported great improvements within a 30day period and swear by its use as can be seen in the testimonial videos onthe Acnezine site.Remember however, it is very important that you pay attention to your diet as nomatter what remedy or product you apply to your acne, if you are fuelling your bodywith dairy products and highly processed foods your acne problem will not improve.In conclusion, I hope this article Does Aloe Vera Cure Acne? proves helpful.However, if you have any questions please contact me via this website and I will behappy to answer any questions you may have.If you would like to receive our Newsletter please sign up or you may subscribe toour blog which will keep you updated of any new aloe vera or natural remedy articlesor information when they are added to the site.
  10. 10. Aloe Vera Guide about Aloe Vera Skin Products - I Would Not Be Without Them Aloe vera skin products help keep my skin soft and moisturized and I would not be without them. The hair care products have truly improved the overall feel, look and lustre of my hair. Due to the healing and soothing properties of the plant, I have included several of these into my usual care regime. I have also found that they make lovely gifts for close friends and family members. For your information heres a list of what I use:• Soap and Shower Gel• Gel and Aloe Spray• Cream - Hand Cream• Body Lotion• Shampoo, Conditioner and Hairspray Without a doubt these products do enrich and moisturise skin and hair. Try them and notice the difference they make will make in a relatively short time. People often comment that you look so well then ask me what I have been using. To be honest, it has been partly as a result of all these comments and questions that I have had from friends and acquaintances, who made me think of putting all the information on my own website. I am just your average woman of a certain age who happened to discover some of the benefits that the plant has to offer and I have taken advantage of its magical properties and would not hesitate to recommend it to my friends or colleagues.
  11. 11. If you have any questions regarding aloe vera skin care please do not hesitate to getin touch with me via the contact form on this site as I would be happy to answer anyquestions that you may have regarding aloe vera skin products.
  12. 12. Aloe Vera Benefits for Psoriasis The Advantages of Aloe Vera for Skin ConditionsI recently came across some excellent research regarding aloe vera benefitsfor psoriasis and decided to provide my readers with a brief outline of therecommended procedure as determined by the results of the said research.Hopefully, the following information will prove helpful to readers.According to this research aloe vera benefits for psoriasis have proven quitesuccessful. Those among us who, unfortunately suffer from psoriasis are fully awareof the irritation and discomfort caused by this particular affliction.It should be noted that despite the rather unpleasant appearance of the skin lesionsthis condition is not contagious so there is no chance of contracting it if you do notalready have the problem.Of course there are various potions and creams prescribed that claim to alleviatethe symptoms of psoriasis. Furthermore, factors such as diet, an individuals livingenvironment and A and D vitamin deficiency have all been looked into with thehope of pinpointing the cause of psoriasis.Reasonably well known treatments for the problem include the exposure of the areaaffected to sunshine, ultra violet and even the application of mineral enriched DeadSea mud is alleged to trigger definite improvement in the symptoms.According to the research however, there is a specific procedure that if followedregularly will provide relief as well as reduction of these unpleasant symptoms,leaving the individual in a much improved state of physical health.Subsequently, it is recommended that drinking at least 4ozs of the juice of the aloedaily, as well as boosting the system via the use of vitamins and anti-oxidants arefirst steps to beating the problem. The research also advises that all junk or fast food,sugar, animal fat and/or any foods high in LDL cholesterol is cut out of the daily diet.Furthermore, the researchers believe that including fresh vegetables and fruit, aidsquicker healing of the skin.
  13. 13. Personal hygiene is also seen to be important; a daily shower, using a mild soapproduct and then spraying the affected areas with aloe is advised. Aside from this it isalso recommended that the sufferer apply aloe gel to the body ideally, four times perday.For further support the researchers go on to recommend that a sufferer ofpsoriasis take a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement and if possiblethey should aim to get at least one hours exposure to sunshine. Takingan antioxidant such as pycnogenol or grape seed extract is also recommended.Furthermore, to effectively activate aloe vera benefits for psoriasis, the guidancestipulates that the aloe must be of whole leaf origin; the gel having been extracted viathe use of a cold pressed process. This is because the research undertaken revealedthat whole leaf gel contained five times the strength of most aloe gel sold over thecounter in many retail outlets.In terms of healing power therefore, they believe that the cold pressed whole leafextracts potential for healing is far superior to gel derived through alternativeprocesses. Always ensure therefore that whatever aloe product you purchase is of ahigh quality, of at least 80% strength and that it states it is cold pressed on theproduct container.To summarize therefore follow these steps to eliminate orreduce symptoms of psoriasis:Drink a minimum of 4ozs of aloe juice per day;Spray affected areas with aloe after showering;Aloe gel should be applied to the area at least four times per day;Consume a diet high in vegetables and fruit;Cut out junk/fast foods;Supplement with a multivitamin/mineral;Aim to expose affected area to sunlight for an hour each day or use a UV unit;Support the system by taking antioxidants.In conclusion, it would certainly seem that both internally and externally aloe verabenefits for psoriasis definitely include the healing and/or reducing of theunpleasant, irritating and unsightly symptoms of this condition.Accordingly, in my view, anyone who experiences this affliction owes it to themselvesto at least give this procedure a trial. Aloe vera benefits for psoriasis are available toanyone; and if the method works, think how much improved life could become.