Holappa presentation PPCS Spring  Seminar 17th Feb 2012
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Holappa presentation PPCS Spring Seminar 17th Feb 2012






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Holappa presentation PPCS Spring Seminar 17th Feb 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. PRESENTATION PPCS Inaugural Seminar 17-18 Feb 2012 Anne HolappaUni Turku /Digital culture Phd student
  • 2. WHO?• MA University of Oulu 1998• Major: Cultural anthropology• Working as an information specialist• 2011 – Phd student @ Turku University since January – Getting to know the cultural model theory• 2012 – Collecting reserch data
  • 3. WHAT?• THE WORKING TITLE: The heterosexual relationship schema in the Finnish internet dating ads• LOOKING FOR: shared cultural knowledge concerning romantic male-female relationships in internet dating ads in dating services site
  • 4. WHAT?• Heterosexual • man looking for a woman • woman looking for a man• Relationship• Schema• Finnish• Internet dating ads
  • 5. WHAT?• Heterosexual• Relationship • True Love or Serious relationship• Schema• Finnish• Internet dating ads
  • 6. WHAT?• Heterosexual• Relationship• Schema • CULTURAL MODEL: patterns of shared knowledge • SCHEMA: the essential contents of online dating phenomenon [eg. physical attractiveness] • SCRIPTS: sequence of expected behaviors for a given situation [eg. certain behavior in certain age group]• Finnish• Internet dating ads
  • 7. WHAT?• Heterosexual• Relationship• Schema• Finnish • language is the key to the culture • researcher is a representative of the same culture than the research subjects: a major significance in interpretation • knowledge of the Finnish language, the Finnish culture and Finnish life• Internet dating ads
  • 8. WHAT?• Heterosexual• Relationship• Schema• Finnish• Internet dating ads • data will be collected from internet sites that require no registration or logging in • ads written in open text field NOT structured form
  • 9. Research questions• What kind shared knowledge do Finns have about Internet dating, ideal spouses and ideal relationships? – What kind of scripts are to be found in Finnish dating ads? – What kind of schemata are to be found in Finnish dating ads?• Is it possible to find the “origin” behind the scripts or schemata? Are the intertextual features seen clearly? Are they traceable?• How has the popular culture influenced the content and the form?• How has “online” influenced the content of the dating ads?• Does the theory of cultural models fit well in digital data?
  • 10. How?• Categorizing & classification by thematic choices• GOAL: to break language down to find commonalities in the ways people perceive the ideal relationship and the ideal spouse
  • 11. WHY?• Mediated world:information technology is increasingly involved in our daily routines• Meeting a future spouse via internet has become more and more common• Unique combination: the relationship schemata in digital context and in internet dating context + national (Finnish) aspect
  • 12. Thank you!anne.holappa@welho.com