The Adult Educator: An Endangered Species


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presentation from Learning Technologies 2008 conference in Mooloolaba, Queensland. Nov08

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The Adult Educator: An Endangered Species

  1. The Adult Educator: An endangered species (cc) Anne Bartlett-Bragg Headshift, November 08
  2. Warning: The images and views expressed in this presentation may be confronting and distressing for some participants. The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily representative of the Learning Technologies organising committee! Authorised by the ICUN Endangered Species February 2009
  3. LT: 2015
  4. Then...storm clouds loomed...
  5. Endangered Species Criteria “An endangered species is a population of an organism which is at risk of becoming extinct because it is either: • few in numbers, • threatened by changing environmental, or • predation parameters.” Wikipedia
  6. Extinct roles:
  7. Other Endangered Roles in 2008: Swimming Car Printers Educational Chimney pool manufacturing Services Bankers Sweeps services services
  8. Adult Educators: The Changing Environment in 2008 The nature of work: 1992: 70% jobs FT & perm Currently: 41% of new jobs are FT & perm The new job trend: casual / FT - for women What’s the impact? NCVER, 2008
  9. Adult Educators: The Changing Environment in 2008 The financial crisis: 5 Nov 2008: 200,000 jobs will be lost Budgets slashed or frozen: “learning is a discretionary spend” Government funding slashed What’s the impact?
  10. Adult Educators: The Changing Environment in 2008 The learners have changed LT 2007: Gen Y
  11. Adult Educators: The Changing Environment in 2008 The learners have changed My students’ study found Facebook MORE effective than LMS
  12. Adult Educators: Predation Parameters Current practices ★ computers in classrooms ★ interactive whiteboards ★ virtual classrooms ★PRINTING materials ★recording lectures ★curriculum design & assessment ★LMS ★boundaries & restrictions
  13. Predation Parameters Example: informal knowledge sharing in teams • Blended social tools ‘groupware’ for collaboration • Better support for informal sharing and discussion • RSS / blogs / wiki / bookmarks / tags / people
  14. Predation Parameters But my IT department tell me we can do everything we need with product X... • Yes! .... and you can dig a tunnel with a spoon, but perhaps a more suitable tool might be advisable ;-)
  15. Adult Educators: Decreasing Numbers How many people here are UNDER 30? searching for identity reminiscing the good ‘ol days
  16. What is the future role of the educator? • Trusted resource in a social learning network • Guiding and advising • Facilitating establishment of networks • Empowering • Supporting personal landscape development
  17. What can we do? • Join SAVE (Save Adult & Vocational Educators) fund? • Lobby for protection from the government? • Create sanctuaries?
  18. But then… this was all just a good story …. Wasn’t it..?? Disclaimer: Any similarity to persons in the audience is denied by the author, if you have felt in anyway disturbed by the information presented - please see Howard Errey, the approved LT2008 Twittering psychologist.