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Headshift Breakfast Workshop May08
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Headshift Breakfast Workshop May08


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Reframing learning and professional development Anne Bartlett-Bragg 8 May 2008 Contribute Communicate Collaborate
    • 2.
      • Why are you here?
      • to learn
      • to meet people
      • to network
      • to talk
      • to generate new ideas
      • for the view?!
      Your learning landscape…
    • 3. What’s happening in your learning landscape…?
    • 4. Learning: Then and Now? From “Minds on Fire” by John Seely Brown & Richard P. Adler Educause February, 2008 to this from this
    • 5. Creating learning landscapes…
      • What if….
      • You could create dialogues - learning conversations that provoke questions…
      • Collaborate with and be the conduit for learning
      • What if learning became discretely embedded into our everyday activities?…..
    • 6. From these learning spaces…
    • 7. To personalised learning spaces…
    • 8. To social sharing spaces
    • 9. Personalised work / learning spaces Anne Bartlett-Bragg  November 2007 Knowledge management Information management Learning management Performance management Social networking Reflections Action Plans Reports Artefacts Collect evidence Share Contribute Participate Accountability Action Plans Reports Artefacts Collect evidence Share Contribute Participate Share Contribute Participate Network Action Plans Reports Artefacts Collect evidence Categorise Manage Share Contribute Participate Search Share Contribute Participate
    • 10.
      • Do you have a blog?
      • Do you use Flickr?
      • Do you use chat/IM?
      • Do you use a wiki?
      • Can you make a podcast?
      • Can you live without your aggregator?
      • Do you have an avatar - or 2?
      • Can you explain RSS - in plain English?
      • Can you Facebook me?
      • Can you use Delicious?
      • Just give me the SLURL and I’ll see you there!
      • Is Twitter a type of bird call?
      What is social software ?
    • 11. Creating an architecture of participation
    • 12. Creating an architecture of participation
      • Apply principles of social psychology theories
      • Design action-oriented processes
      • Transparency of participation
      • Shared experiences
      • Shared resources
      The information is not important in itself - it is the relationship to other people with shared interests!
    • 13. What are the implications? Content Technology Issues
    • 14. Inhibitors to implementation
      • 1. Organisational inhibitors:
          • Organisational technology infrastructure
          • Organisational culture
      • 2. Individual inhibitors:
          • Digital literacy – computer & information
          • Learners – identity, dependency, time management
      • 3. Pedagogical inhibitors:
          • Modes of teaching
    • 15. A final word from your learners …