How to Succeed in the First Few Years of the Corporate World

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Ian Steven Ong, Kishen Kumar, Siti Nabilah Ahmad Muzaffar and Anndrea Lye Kar Wye

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  • 1. Ian Steven Ong 57766Kishen Kumar 56803Siti Nabilah Ahmad Muzaffar 57370Anndrea Lye Kar Wye 57719
  • 2. The KEY to successis the word…
  • 3. Trust T.R.I.B.EEnergy Respect T.R.I.B.E Bravery Integrity
  • 4.  Build a friendly relationship - Treat bosses and colleagues with good manners. Trust your technical skills - Believe that YOU CAN. Trust your colleagues when working on group projects - It’s call ‘teamwork’ for a reason, segregate the workload and believe they can do it.
  • 5.  Be friendly and respectful to others - Submit to authority and work well with colleagues Do not discriminate anyone at work - Don’t judge by appearance
  • 6.  Topreserve the moral and ethical principles of the company - Do what the company aims, meet the goals Toachieve success and bring improvement to the company - Persevere to attain success
  • 7.  Take risks in making decisions - Dare to try To face obstacles without hesitations - Learn from every success and failure, never fear of failing Be brave and bold - Always want to go beyond the comfort zone
  • 8.  Always think with positive energy - Be optimistic and encouraged Be determined to work harder to achieve the aims and goals of the company - Having the will to gain something more
  • 9.  Have the Interest to learn Be Interested in your Work Make Good Decisions Have a Good Attitude and Morality Strive to Achieve Goals or Ambitions Be Observant, Think Critically Be a Good Team Player Be Creative: Think Out of the Box Always come up with Back up Plan Be Confident in everything you do
  • 10.  Be open-minded Always ready to learn new skills Never give up interest before trying something new. 2. Be Interested in your Work Be passionate about your job Try to view things from different perspective
  • 11.  Think twice before taking action Make fair judgments before making a decision Make decision that benefits the majority 4. Have Good Attitude Be punctual Be respectful to others Be honest and truthful
  • 12.  Work harder in order to achieve higher. Be determined and passionate to realize the company’s goals.6. Be Observant, Think Critically Study the surroundings of workplace Observe how others work Think critically while carrying out your work so as to match up to your colleagues
  • 13.  Cooperate well with others Do your part of the workload Perform your role well, don’t go overboard to the role of others 8. Think Out of the Box Always think about other options for solutions Be creative and innovative in thinking• Think from many point of view for creative solutions
  • 14.  Prepare for the unexpected Do not plan according to assumptions Provide extra method or solution to one problem10. Be Confident in Everything You Do Know yourself well Take up appropriate work that suits you best Bring out the best in you Do not be prideful or arrogant
  • 15. T- Trust R- RespectT.R.I.B.E I- Integrity B- Bravery E- Energy
  • 16.  Have Interest to learn Interested in Work Make Good Decisions Have a Good Attitude Strive to Achieve Goals Be Observant, Think Critically Be a Good Team Player Be Creative Come Up with Back up Plans Be Confident