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Lisa Kember Presentation

Lisa Kember Presentation



2012 Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference - Lisa Kember

2012 Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference - Lisa Kember



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  • small business owners rate referals as the best way to generate new sales opportunities….The reason it works so wellObjective / 3rd-party opinion…Trust already built in – you can close more of those opportuniteis than someone you meet cold…customer referrals happen through word of mouth – people talking with their friends, family and acquaintances…within their circles of influence…Whether that is a curling club, the church, your local chamber of commerce, or just at a family get together…Within those groups, we talk…We share information and updates about our personal and professional lives…Wht your kids/spouse are up toThat you are having a babyYour recent vacation and what you did…And then there are the moments we marketers all hope for…One of the ladies comes up to you – I LOVE that blouse, where did you get it?Or someone gives you their new business card and you say: wow, you got a new logo, I LOVE it – who did it for you!!!THIS IS A GOLDEN MOMENT>>>>>
  • THIS IS A GOLDEN MOMENT>>>>>You just got some word of mouth marketing…. And you didn’t have to pay for it!That is incredibly powerful. People make purchase decisions on what their friends, peers and business associates say…In fact, WOMMA recently did a survey where 54% of people indicated that Word of Mouth was the driving force for their purchase decision
  • The challenge with word of mouth is that as a small business owner, there are limits on making that happen… and in my experience it doesn’t happen often enough!!!
  • Social media completely changes this scenario.They used to do this over the backyard fence with their neighbors, or in the curling club after a game, or at church….And they still do, to some extent, but NOW….Those golden word-of-mouth moments that once happened in the backyard, at parties, and at networking events suddenly begin happening right in front of your eyes on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and review sites. Before, you the business owner or Marketer… could not listen in on conversations about your company. Nor could you easily encourage people to spread the good word about your business (not without expensive loyalty marketing campaigns)But…NOW you have an opportunity to encourage these conversations to happen…With social media, you can help your clients to tell your story for you….
  • ….. The process of nurturning word of mouth is called… ENGAGEMENT MARKETING..Through Engagement Marketing, word-of-mouth referrals become socially amplified: your customers’ friends, families, and networks all see these referrals and beat a path to your door.Engagement Marketing is built on a simple yet powerful idea: When you connect with your customers online, youstop speaking TO your customers and start talking with themWhen you do that = wonderful things begin to happen.I want to share with you 6 simple ideas that can help you gain more Engagement with your customers and garner more Social Visibility
  • What are comments and reviews? They’re just another version of Word of Mouth – written and posted on social networks, shared on websites and made publicly available.This reflects also the changing nature of how we as consumers seek out information. Before we go to a restaurant we seek out reviews. Before we hire a services firm for our organization, we seek out referrals and recommendations. And those reviews and recommendations are what we’re looking for to help us make our decisions.Keep in mind that what’s already out there (comments and reviews) will enhance the other marketing you’re doing. Why? because when people come to you from advertising (i.e. see your advertising and go to your web page or Facebook page) they see those conversations, and they enhance the advertising, because customers and potential customers see the trusted endorsements on your website, your FB page, your listings, etc. There’s lots of data to support the shift that has taken place….
  • A recent study showed that  [click to build] 36% OF PEOPLE TRUST ADVERTISING (of various forms – TV, magazines, radio, search engine ads, ads on social networks, online banner ads, display ads on mobile devices, text ads on mobile phones) (this is an average of the “trust completely/somewhat” percentages from page 3 of the report) However… [click to build] 81% OF PEOPLE TRUST RECOMMENDATIONS FROM PEOPLE THEY KNOW OR CONSUMER OPINIONS POSTED ONLINE (this is an average of the “trust completely/somewhat” percentages for the top 2 items – “recommendations from people I know” and “consumer opinions posted online”) 81%!!! This points to a shift in the way that businesses have to think about how they’re interacting with their current and potential customers. [click to next slide]
  • This is my dog brandiShe is the princess in our householdWe moved from Waterloo to Port Credit a couple years agoOne of the things I needed when we moved was to find a new groomerSo I started with Google.What came up was really helpful!
  • I saw several reviews like this… not very positive.Obviously not somewhere I would take my precious baby
  • And then there were reviews like this.Makes you think you should take your baby there!
  • I ended up at Fur Babies…First, they are right near my house2nd, I met the owner at one of my workshops3rd – Brandi comes out happy, healthy and well-groomed
  • Now, we say “friends,” which is a Facebook reference, but that really includes connections through whichever social network you refer to – LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.(For example: if you sell to IT professionals, your customers’ LinkedIn network will be FULL of other IT professionals either from their current job or jobs past.) All we’re doing is recognizing that with the word of mouth going on-line, the person who was on the other side of the fence when Word of Mouth was shared in person is now the “friend” or “follower” on a social network. And just as you used to hope that your customer would bring that friend they were talking to in to your store or organization, you now hope that their on-line connection will learn about you and become a customer. I want to make a point here, one that is sometimes overlooked… [click to next slide]
  • The idea of networks isn’t new. We all understand that individuals have connections, What we want to stress is that you’re trying to find the connections that are related to your business. [click to build] Take a person who has come to your business and is a “good” customer. That person has a network. As they talk about you, that network will be exposed to you and what your business does. That’s social visibility and is very positive. The real power, however, comes when what that person says is seen by one of their connections who SHARES THEIR INTEREST IN WHAT YOUR BUSINESS OR ORGANISATION DOES!! [click to build – reveal three “connections” in red that share the interest] Each of those people also has a network…[click to build – reveal networks of those connections and the lines that flow from them]…and it’s likely that in each of their networks there are people who are also interested in the same thing!! You need to remember that, with the exception of a cousin or old college buddy 3,000 miles away that the majority of these social networks are related to a particular geography, industry (i.e. on LinkedIn) or interest. They’re also likely to be “like you:” similar in age, demographics, socio-economics, industry vertical or sector.[click to build list]In short, they’re relevant and it would be appropriate for you to consider doing business with them (and they with you)…they’re qualified prospects!! (And in the case of B2C businesses, they’re likely “local” in proximity to your store or location.) So, how do you start to leverage that network effect? It all starts with the Engagement Marketing Cycle. [click to next slide]
  • This is the Engagement Marketing Cycle. There are a lot of ideas and concepts rolled up into this one graphic, and we’re going to walk through it for you, to show you the importance of focusing on each step of the cycle. You’re going to notice that two distinct audiences are addressed here: new or current customers who have already come through your “front door” or been exposed to your business; and prospective customers or members who have yet to become aware of you. Let’s jump in! [click to next slide]
  • The first thing you need to do is ensure that your new prospect, visitor, volunteer, customer, etc. has a “WOW!” experience as they interact with you. Why? In addition to the benefits you’ll get from sales, more $$ raised, etc., you want to create a memorable experience. To do that, you want to consider the experience of your customers through their eyes – put yourself in their shoes and imagine what would make for a memorable experience for them. You need to do this so that you can… [click to next slide]
  • Let me share a personal story…Strawberry garden… customer buying … Tripped over my bikeAs Fredie Sheldon says ““He who profits most, who serves best” Who talks like that? Let me bring it down….there is no marketing cure for sucking at what you doMore importantly, if you suck today’s technology makes it possible for people to let you know, which is such a bad thing if you can use that feedback constructively to improve your customer experienceBut if you rock at what you do, your happy customers will reward you with repeat business and they will tell others / they will advocate on your behalf
  • We’re not saying that you need to do wild and crazy things. But you do need to understand your experience through your customers’ eyes…and find the one or two spots where you can create something a little bit special.(Now, if you have a LARGE idea that you think will allow you to create that WOW! experience, go for it!! But know that you don’t have to start with a large or big idea.) [click to next slide]
  • For example, the way you process a credit card – could be normal. But the way you wrap the purchase …[click to bring up wrapped package]...could be the WOW![click to bring up picture of staff shouting to welcome someone] Another very simple way to rise above the ordinary could be in the way you greet them at the door.[click to show image of corporate materials]If you work with other businesses, consider how you present proposals or project updates – are you thinking about the perception of you as a professional that you leave when you invest the time and care into the report’s presentation [ARE THERE OTHER EXAMPLES FROM THE CROWD?]Again, you don’t need to go to the extremes or way over the top. You do, however, need to help your business think about the spots where you’re going to do something that really creates a connection…that’s what it’s about…creating a connection. What those connections do is open a window of opportunity, an opportunity to ask them to stay connected with you, which brings us to the next step in the cycle… [click to build cycle – grey box will fade out and “Entice” will rotate into view]The next important step is to entice them to “connect” with you – join your e-mail list, “Like” you on Facebook, “connect” with you on LinkedIn or “follow” you on Twitter, etc. On the surface, the straightforward way to get them to do this is to ask them…if they’ve had a great experience, you’ve made it as easy as possible for you to ask them to want to connect with you. If they say “yes,” congratulations! When a customer says, “here’s my email, or “likes” you on FB,” that’s such a powerful thing…they’ve give you permission to send them information about you or your business. This means that you may find yourself rising above the noise that’s all around them – noise that is largely the “marketing speak” we talked about a few minutes ago. Even though it’s easy to ask, you do need to know a few more things about enticing them to connect with you. [click to next slide]
  • First, you need to have provided a great experience. But even if you create a great experience and have your ducks in a row ready for them to connect, are they going to come back? Are they going to tell their friends? The answer is “no” if all you do is provide that experience and hope that they come back.[click to build]I’m here to tell you that hope is not a strategy…you have to ASK them to stay connected. The good news is that people are both… [click to next slide]
  • Recognize that these days people are two things: more willing to connect when they’ve had a great experience as well as more picky about to what and to whom they choose to connect. Keep in mind that we’ve all gotten used to it…the days where it was an oddity to be asked to join a mailing list or to follow on Facebook are gone. So there is no mystery there. That said, however, we are very willing to connect and receive information IF WE CARE…and we’re very clear that we don’t want to connect when we don’t care…we’re very OK saying “no.” When you’ve created a connection (through a great experience), they’re willing…when you haven’t, they’re not interested. So, the point of the WOW experience isn’t to get them talking about you (which is nice to have)…it’s to create a connection that entices them to stay in touch. To further entice them, you need to think carefully about what you’re going to “offer” them for staying in touch. Generally people think of discounts, notices about sales, etc. Go beyond that however, and think about what would be of value to your customer, or to someone who shares an interest in what you do. Here are some examples… [click to next slide]
  • They (your customers) won’t join if you don’t ask. (They also won’t Like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, connect with you on LinkedIn, etc. if you don’t ask.) Make sure they know what they’re going to get, ensure that it is easy to connect, and then ask them! Once you’ve asked them to connect, and they’ve said “yes,” then you’re ready to tackle the next big step in the Engagement Marketing Cycle… [click to build cycle – grey box will fade out and “Engage” will rotate into view]ENGAGING WITH THEM!! Engagement means re-connecting with people by delivering what you told them you would – whatever it was that you determined (and they agreed) would give them value around your shared interest. It’s about delivering something they find interesting and relevant – and, when you hit the target, something that gets them to take an action. There are lots of ways to engage, but your goal is the sharing of content that inspires your Fans, followers, email subscribers, blog readers, etc. to participate, or actively engage with you (or your brand), in a way that brings those people back to your business – whether through leaving a comment, “Liking” or “+1-ing” your post or web site, sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, visiting your business to make a purchase, attending one of your events, or calling / emailing you to discuss a new project. It’s important to note – if it’s always about you, it doesn’t work. It needs to add value to them. You need to offer them things that will inspire participation, because… [click to next slide]
  • …Engagement matters!! It matters because it cements a connection between you and your current customers. It matters because it drives the social visibility that will motivate and inspire new prospects to come to your door. Let’s look at the cycle again and review… [click to next slide]
  • Here’s the cycle again…let’s walk through it…You need to provide new and returning customers with a great Experience. You can do this in big ways and small…but you want to WOW! them, because it creates the opportunity to…Entice them to connect with you. You do this by letting them know what they’ll get if they connect with you, and by making it easy for them to connect with you. Once they’ve given you permission and agreed to connect with you…Engage them by providing that content you told them you would, by finding fun ways to connect with them and get them talking (about you and about themselves), and by driving them to participate and ultimately by driving them to some sort of action – responding to posts, sharing information with their networks, coming to the store or your event, giving you a call, etc.That engagement and participation and those actions will drive Social Visibility, which will be seen by potential prospects and drive them to your door. When you get dialed in on this cycle you’ll be very happy with the results…and how it becomes a perpetual motion machine driving repeat business and new customers to your door. [click to next slide]
  • the magic of a well-functioning Engagement Marketingit drives both new prospects and repeat sales. Once the Engagement Marketing cycle is fully functioning, your customersbecome part of your marketing team. The cycle now becomesa new customer acquisition engine while also strengthening thesources you already use.
  • Wouldn’t you like to have those kind of results for your business?THAT’S THE POWER OF ENGAGEMENT MARKETING…Learn more at this upcoming webinar…Or try out some of our marketing tools to grow your business.

Lisa Kember Presentation Lisa Kember Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Engagement Marketing:How to Win in a Socially Connected World
  • Contact InformationLisa KemberRegional Development Director lkember@constantcontact.com facebook.com/CTCTontario @LisaKember Upcoming Seminars www.constantcontact.com Insight Provided by KnowHow Visit: www.constantcontact.com/learning-center Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 2
  • What’s Keeping Us Up at Night? 80% 55% Attracting Increasing New Customer Customers Referrals Constant Contact | 2011 Attitudes & Outlooks SurveyCopyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 3
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  • Word of Mouth MarketingAny business action that earns a customer recommendation. 2.4 66% BILLION brand-related conversations per day in the U.S. Of all brand-related The typical American mentions conversations are specific brand names 60 times positive per week in conversations. Source: Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Oct 2011Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 5
  • The Problem with TypicalWord of Mouth Marketing Difficult to encourage or track  You can’t influence how your business is portrayed  You have no idea when someone refers a friend to you – Unless you ask how a new customer or prospect found you  You can’t reward your clients for referring because you don’t know who made the referral.Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 6
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  • Dingo Wins Big!Facebook Fans grew from 333 to 5,000 in just 3 days! They grew their email list by 48%
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