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Paperlit helps publishers to go digital on smatphones and tablets. An easy publishing and mobile monetization solution for newspapers, magazines, catalogues, newsletters. A beautiful and easy to use …

Paperlit helps publishers to go digital on smatphones and tablets. An easy publishing and mobile monetization solution for newspapers, magazines, catalogues, newsletters. A beautiful and easy to use reading experience for readers. A great targeted platform for publishers. Paperlit is a TNV seed investment

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  • 1. Your 1 Stop Digital Publishing SolutionDecember 2011
  • 2. What is Paperlit?Paperlit is the easiest web and mobile publishing solution for your newspaper,magazine or catalog.A beautiful and easy to use reading experience for your readers, a great targetedplatform for publishers that want to take advantage of the opportunities offeredfrom digital distribution:• Publish to iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook in three clicks• Add multimedia content• Integrate your web site content (RSS Feed, Photogallery, Weather, Sudoku, etc. )• Monetize your content with billing and adv server integration
  • 3. How does it work?You send We convert... ...and publishPDF: Upload the PDF of We take your documents, Youll get a confirmationyour newspaper, magazine convert them for different email as soon as youror catalog in order to have screen resolutions and electronic publication isyour branded digital replica mobile networks and place ready to hit hundreds it all on our secure cloud. millions of readers on theirWEBSITE CONTENT: mobile devices and onProvide us with your website We will also take care of the Facebook. Its that easy.content. We can integrate integration of your website Your website content isNews Feeds, Photogalleries, content with free or always updated.Audio-Video feeds, premium models.Weather, Sudoku, and anyother html5 module you like.
  • 4. How does it work for publishers?Your content on mobile devices and social networksReaders and advertisers are shifting from print to online, mobile and now totablets and Facebook. The key is to adapt and repurpose your print contentquickly, as well as your website content, to expand your distribution channels,generate new revenue streams, reaching the growing market of online and mobilereaders. Monetize your content through Apple’s Appstore , Android Market and Facebook credits To publish in the Apple’s App Store, Android Market or Facebook means to reach hundreds of millions of users worldwide. This means retaining your present customers and winning new eyeballs from your competition or from diaspora audiences. Touch devices’ and Facebook credits one click purchasing experience makes it easier and quicker for your customers to monetize your content. In addition, advertising on tablet devices are selling at 5 to 10 times internet advertising.Reliable ServiceThe Paperlit service is completely managed and runs on Amazons cloud tooffer you peace of mind and 99,99% uptime guarantee.When you upload your newspaper or magazine, well automatically makecopies of it across 15 key locations around the world on a global contentdelivery network (CDN) that spans North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
  • 5. How does it work for readers? Easy reading on the web and on the go Instant access to your latest editions. Full fidelity with your papers contents, layout and typographical features. Fast browsing and deep zooming with large type for an easy to browse and easy to read experience. Paperlit makes it easy to reach all the smart phone and tablet users with a fully managed and automated service.Facebook and web readersPaperlit creates rich interactive applicationsand high fidelity media, regardless of the targetplatform or browser. The web interface isdesigned in HTML5/Javascript so that workswell with any Javascript enabled browser.The web reader can be embedded into thepublisher’s Facebook App in order to leveragesocial media and to attract readers, convertingthem into paying customers through theFacebook Credits micropayment system.
  • 6. Value propositionFull control of your business• No “virtual newsstands”: we respect the publishers’brands and let you manage the relationship with yourreaders directly.• No revenue share on content sales or adv salesPaperlit offers a service that allows you to have fullcontrol of your business.• With hundreds of customers all over the world, wehave invaluable experience in digital publishing. Theknowledge we can share with our partners, we do! Extended Audience Our multi-device platform (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Facebook app) allows publishers to reach the widest number of users and markets possible. Hundreds of millions of people are now using social networks and modern mobile devices and tablets all over the world!
  • 7. Some of our global customers
  • 8. Available features and ProductsPaperlit creates branded apps for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, Android,Facebook and Web. On top of the apps, several features can beimplemented if requested. The current features are: 1. Read through and deep zooming 2. Articles and Sections 3. Multimedia Tool 4. Push Notifications Tool 5. Advertising Server Integration 6. Single Sign On integration 7. In App Purchase Single issue or Subscriptions 8. Multimedia tools 9. Html5 modules integration 10. Article extraction 11. Apple Newsstand Integration
  • 9. Features: Digital Kiosk and Easy ReadingPaperlit publications are readable via iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android,Facebook and Web with a great resolution and an excellent user experience.Digital kiosk easily customizable according toeditor’s needs. High quality content rendering, deepzooming and text extraction.
  • 10. Features: Text ExtractionText extraction is a feature which allows a reader to click on the text and enjoy reading the article in afull screen internal pop up window.Paperlit enables text extraction via xml feeds from publisher. Available on mobile devices and PaperlitSocial Reader.
  • 11. Features: Articles and SectionsFrom the Paperlit back office it is possibleto set the table of contents with a simpletool that allows to associate a title forevery page, automatically creatingsections.This helps the reader to easily leaf throughthe publication, jumping from one sectionto another.
  • 12. Features: Multimedia Tool (Basic)From the back office it is possible to associate a specific area of the PDF with multimedia content.The presence of links, videos and photo galleries within the publication will guarantee a unique readingexperience, with an ever increasing engagement of the user.You can personalize the icons that will appear in the page, in order to guide the reader to the content.
  • 13. Features: Multimedia Tool (Premium)Multimedia turn-key serviceAdd videos or photos to yourpublication with an easy-to-use tool placed in your Paperlitbackoffice.You can then link thecontent directly  to a specificarea on the PDF or have amultimedia feed for yourHybrid App.To convert a video, just dragand drop it to the area on theright. We accept over 40different video formats and weprocess your file to runsmoothly on iPhone, iPad,Android and the most popularweb browsers. Your file will beautomatically transcoded foroptimal mobile delivery as anMPEG4/H.264 video stream.
  • 14. Features: Push Notifications ToolWith a simple to use tool, it is possible tosend Push notifications to all the usersthat have installed your app.Just write your message and decide thetime you want it to be sent to all yourreaders, we will take care of the rest.A very useful service which allows you tobe in constant contact with your readers.
  • 15. Features: Advertising Server IntegrationPaperlit allows you to integrate the app with a publisher’s Adv Server or with the main adv networks.The integration is extremely simple and easily personalized according to the publisher’s needs.In the case the publisher doesn’t have an Adv Server, Paperlit provides a tool to manage advertisingcampaigns.Within the apps there are a lot of different Adv formats: BANNER SPONSOR LOGO INTERSTITIAL ADV MODULE
  • 16. Billing IntegrationApple’s In App Purchase:You can sell Single issues or subscriptions via Apple’s systemsGoogle Check Out for Android:Google Checkout is a fast, secure checkout process that helpsincrease sales by bringing you more customers and allowingthem to buy from you quickly and easily with a single login.Facebook Credits:Facebook Credits is the micropayment system of Facebookfor digital goods. Easy, fast and secure, helps publishers toincrease sales in an environment used by hundreds of millionsof users everyday.Single Sign On:Many publishers already have their own AAA (authentication,authorization and accounting) for their web services, in orderto manage digital subscriptions. These include managing userrecords, assigning credentials and payment management.Paperlit can provide complete API for the integration of thesesystems with the Paperlit platform. This will allow seamlessmanagement of a cross-platform offer, Web, Apple, Android,Facebook, etc.
  • 17. Apple Newsstand compatibilityAll Paperlit iOS apps, are Apple Newsstand compatible. Publications with auto-renewing subscriptions,can be easily pre-downloaded in your readers’ iPad as soon as available. Read the latest Alerts tell you when new issues arrive. All the news Newsstand keepsyour subscriptions in one place. Shop for more Tap to shop the App Store for new subscriptions.
  • 18. Paperlit Hybrid App (new!)The Paperlit hybrid app is the result of two years of experience in Digital replicathe mobile digital distribution industry, collecting feedback from The reader can download and read the traditionalour 200 publishers and millions of readers. digital replica of the publication. Feeds integration RSS and XML feeds are formatted, merged with html5 glossy templates and pushed into the app. Rich media ADV formats The app can be integrated with the publisher’s adv server. Rich media adv and special formats can be managed by the platform. Social network Interaction between the app and Facebook or Twitter can be easily configured.
  • 19. Paperlit Social Reader (new!)Paperlit Social Reader is a revolutionary service aiming at finally Facebook appmonetizing your paper on the web, leveraging the marketing The paper is available in the publisher’s Facebookpower of the social network activity of hundreds of millions of appusers, combined with the integration of the micropayment systemFacebook Credits. Connect with friends With open graph support your readers activity will be published automatically in their real time ticker.. Try and Pay The publisher can decide if and how to charge for the paper using FB credits Integration with Apps Fully integrated with Paperlit existing mobile apps, which includes the sharing feature.
  • 20. PricingDIGITAL REPLICA - setup per app HYBRID APP - setup per app FACEBOOK APP - setup per appiPad € 4.000 iPad € 6.000 Standard app € 4.000Android € 4.000 Android € 6.000 Hybrid app € 6.000iPhone € 2.000 Html5 modules (up to 3) Included Html5 modules (up to 3) IncludedStandard multimedia tool Included + html5 modules 1.000 € to 5.000 € + html5 modules 1.000 € to 5.000 €Adv Integration € 1.000 Adv Integration € 1.000 Adv Integration € 1.000Billing Integration € 1.000 Billing Integration € 1.000 Billing Integration € 1.000Text in a pop-up window Ask for quotation Text in a pop-up window Ask for quotation Text in a pop-up window Ask for quotation Magazine Newspaper Catalogue Monthly fee (up to 60 issues/year) (up to 365 issues/year) (up to 4 issues/year) Mobile app Facebook app monthly users monthly users 1.000 10.000 € 400 € 400 - 2.000 20.000 € 600 € 600 - 5.000 50.000 € 1.000 € 1.400 € 100 10.000 100.000 € 1.500 € 2.500 € 150 20.000 200.000 € 2.500 € 5.000 € 250 30.000 300.000 € 3.000 € 7.500 € 300 Multimedia turn-key service 100 €/months 100 €/months 100 €/months
  • 21. For more information, please send an email