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Presentation TANZANIA

  1. 1. Hello loved ones! I think a few of you may have viewed a slideshow I shared on facebook about this time two years ago, sharing the stories of three friends I made whilst backpacking through Tanzania - Nicholaus, Marco and Mapamba.Please excuse any long windedness, spelling or grammar errors I’ve whipped this up in a bit of a hurry!
  2. 2. For anyone reading this that didn’t see that slide show, I shared the story ofNicholaus an inspiring young man I met who is Maasai. His community at thetime I met them in 2010 were facing serious food shortage and poverty due todraught, reduction of their grazing lands and loss of livestock.
  3. 3. Nicholaus’ community had been totally neglected by the government and not received aid from other organisations as many other suffering communities had. But they stood strong and worked together planning for a better future as best they could. They began fundraising to build a pre-school in the community - unfortunately a bad person from the community ran off with half the money. It was not long after this that I met Nicholaus and helped his community buy the materials they needed to construct a class room in the village. However they were hit with another streak of bad luck – the truck transporting the materials was in an accident, and we needed to come up with the money for transport and replacement of some of the materials. – Which is when IYou’ve prob already seen these pics they are from lasttime I was there, I haven’t re-visited the community called upon friends and family via thatyet, going out bush tomorrow! Exciting – I will be out slideshow to see if anyone could help out.of contact mumma, take note back to Moshi nextThursday.
  4. 4. Thank you so very much to those that were able to make a contribution.(Especially the anonymous donation of $500 whoever you are!)Great success! We finished the pre-school and with further fundraising bothwith in their community and back in Tassie we have gone on to construct asecond class room.
  5. 5. Nicholaus asked me if I would help him co-found a NGO to help his people and otherindigenous pastoralist communities and as we grow. We became registered as a legal NGO thisyear  Dedicated to improving pastoralist communities livelihood and conserving andregenerating Africa’s precious ecosystems. Have a look at our website later ! made completely free of charge by Nathanael Jeanneret at One Tonne GraphicDesigns.)I presented Paledo to the Sandy Bay Rotary club and by chance the international programdirector for Tasmania was there visiting, he got our contact details expressing that Rotary may beable to offer on-going support! YAY and HOORAY! I am back in Tanzania right now to get morephoto documentation and to meet with the committee to discuss our vision and projects and todevelop proposals for grant money from other organisations. So things are really starting to kickoff for Paledo :D – Through this organisation we will now also be able to help Marco (the otherMaasai friend I made) build a pre-school in his community. THANK YOU to everyone that madea donation to help make this happen!
  6. 6. The other very exciting and wonderful reason I have returned is to help my dearfriend Mapamba (or Rasta as the locals call him) establish an orphanage! Twoyears ago Mapamba (who grew up as an orphan on the streets) shared with me hisdream to start an orphanage, “Even as a young boy I one day hoped that when Iwas big I would be able to help children.” Shadrack, Mapamba, Exaud
  7. 7. Someone advised Mapamba a few years ago that if he wanted to start anorphanage the best thing for him to do was to talk to wazungu (plural forwhite people). Mapamba has never been educated but managed to teachhimself English on the street. Mapamba – Followed by a crew of local kiddies. (Everyone in the area adores this man!)Although he has talked about his ideas to many wazungu so far only onemuzungu (singular white person) has been able to offer to try and help him getthe ball rolling. – Unfortunately for him I’m not really the best muzungu thatcould have offered assistance, I’m not rich and didn’t have the first clue abouthow to start an orphanage (though it’s turning out to be pretty simple)
  8. 8. With the excess money the slideshow raised Mapamba was able to rent a small and humble mudbrick single room house in the slums of Arusha, in which he took in 6 children, the money also went towards school fees and uniforms for the kids. Benjamin MosesFor 2 years we have continued supporting these children. Becoming registered as alegal orphanage proved to be quite difficult from the other side of the world with,Mapamba’s limited English and the difficulty we faced in trying to communicate.I’ve returned to finish writing a constitution with his input and the members hehas recruited that share the same vision. We have met with a lawyer to undertakethe necessary processes to become registered as a Non-Government-Organisation.Things are progressing well!
  9. 9. Perhaps the other wazungu Mapamba has talked to didn’t get the chance to spendenough time with him to really get to know him and the kids he is trying to help.Mapamba has an enormous heart and amazing drive and passion to help children. Mapamba Esther He is very smart, motivated and has great ideas and goals to make his vision reality – he just needs a little help getting things off the ground. We’re fortunate to have been born into a society where the resources to help projects such as this are at our finger tips – literally in the way of computers and networking so I’m sharing his story again!
  10. 10. It has been very wonderful to come back and visit with Mapamba and theyoungsters. He has created a beautiful home for them filled with love andhappiness. Seeing this has assured me that this man will indeed run abeautiful orphanage, creating a home and family for disadvantagedchildren and youth.
  11. 11. Mapmba has moved from Arusha to Moshi because the authorities weredisapproving of him housing 6 children in one room that was only about4m by 4m – They have upgraded to a better room in Moshi with a floor!However it is still about the same size . Benjamin, Gloria, Frankie, Shadrack
  12. 12. We have just looked at awonderfully, amazing, massive, magnificent house to rentand expand the orphanage!For just $50 per week we canstart setting up a beautifulhome that could eventuallyhouse 20-30 children. Thoughthere is a slight set back -before coming back here I wasnot aware that rent inTanzania needs to be paid upfront for either 6 or 12 months.ANNOYING. I hoped I wouldbe able to cover the rent for aplace myself until we becameregistered after which we willapply for funding andassistance from largerorganisations. But I don’t havethe money we require for 12month payment....
  13. 13. So here I am doing another shout out to see if anyone might possibly like to chuck in? The slide show I shared two years ago raised an amazing $3000, which without having any overhead costs made a huge difference to the lives of many children. Some people also expressed interest in providing on- going support, so I thought it might be worth trying our luck again! Having an established residence will also make things a lot easier when I return home and apply for funding from other organisations.Shadrack
  14. 14. To begin with the orphanage will depend on individual donations ,however ourplan is to create a self sustaining home and family network for displaced persons.The property has enough land to grow veges, and host a cow for milking.Mapamba works a lot with ‘street’ orphans – typically boys aged 6-18 who haveturned to the streets because the orphanages they were in were unpleasant ortheir families did not have the income to support them. For the older boys we aregoing to build a work shop on site and provide training in wood work and metalwork. The boys will work together building furniture to be sold to support theupkeep of the orphanage and attain a skill they can take away with them whenthey wish to start their own family. We’ll also provide equipment for art, craft andmusic.Dogo – perhaps we’ll buy them somebetter shoes than flip flops to work in! Exoud
  15. 15. This is Gift the oldest boy Mapamba has taken in. He lived on the streets for 2 yearsbefore living with Mapamba. He describes the orphanage he was in as being likeprison. Some mornings they were only given a cup of tea for breakfast and childrenwere regularly beaten as punishment.Gift describes an incident when a lock from one of the doors was stolen, Giftthough innocent was blamed for the theft and beaten black and blue. The teacheryelled at him saying he would not stop beating him until he admitted the theft, Giftdidn’t take the lock so never admitted it and copped a hiding. He left the orphanageafter this incident and slept in gutters for the next 2 years.
  16. 16. Gift is Mapamba’s right hand man in providing care for the other children. He cooksfor everyone, making sure lunch is ready on time for the children when they comeback from school on their lunch break. He washes the clothes, keeps the room cleanand shows such kind love and nurture to the little ones. He is beautiful young manwise beyond his years and wants to help Mapamba run the orphanage and create ahome to raise children in a better environment than the one he grew up in.
  17. 17. With the kind help and IT skills ofa work colleague Adrian, I havebrought 5 donated laptops (thankyou donators!) back for Mapambato open a little internet cafe inMoshi, from which he willadvertise the orphanage to tourists.We’re going to have a campgroundon site to make some extra cash.Mapamba does day tours fortourists passing through Moshiand Arusha - walks to waterfallsetc, so the internet cafe will alsoprovide a good way for him tomarket his business, the profits ofwhich he uses to help the kids.
  18. 18. For children – is our name, unless anyone can suggest another? Quick before we register. Our vision: To see needy children nurtured, nourished, educated, and most importantly happy and loved. Our mission: To establish a self sustaining home and family.If you’d like to be a part of the network and give a donation (even just$5 -$10 would really help us!) my bank details are:Annabelle Watson ~ BSB: 067000 ~ Acc: 10552578If you are interested in providing continued support please do send me an email! or fbook message - I will keep you posted on our progressand send you a link to the website when its up and running.Cheers All thanks for reading!  Big love. See when I’m back!p.s maybe you might like spread the word and share this on your walls !? Any extra money raised after the rent is covered will gotowards setting up and supporting the orphanage through the early and most difficult stages. And if there is a generous millionairethat happens to read this contact me for the long list of wonderful things I could put your spare money towards! ;)