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  • Made possible by Access to Information Policy Dec 2009
  • https://finances.worldbank.org
  • Define “they” – tailor and work to meet their needs and pull them into the process. Strategic partnerships. Capacity building.
  • http://thereboot.org/blog/2013/03/27/is-open-government-working/
  • Demand Research +
  • Contracts DataHealth & Education Sectors
  • This speaks French and Arabic… 7 LanguagesGPS EnabledDonor Data
  • This speaks French and Arabic… 7 LanguagesGPS EnabledDonor Data
  • This speaks French and Arabic… 7 LanguagesGPS EnabledDonor Data
  • This speaks French and Arabic… 7 LanguagesGPS EnabledDonor Data
  • InformationAssymetry. Feedback loops.
  • Questions?
  • https://finances.worldbank.org/Expenditures/Moldova-Pilot-IBRD-and-IDA-Expenditure-Categories-/asw3-evym
  • Different platforms, different approaches, different origins- same goals. Information assymetry- and that a world with lower barriers to access to information is a better world.
  • Transcript of "Lee on Financial Transparency"

    1. 1. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgslee23@worldbank.orgTwitter: @OpenNotion Cairo- April 7-9FiscalTransparency:Lessons Learnedfrom OpenFinance& the PathForward
    2. 2. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgWhy ‘Open Financial Data’ &Fiscal Transparency?
    3. 3. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgOpen AboutWhat We KnowOpen AboutWhat We DoOpen About ‘What We Do’Transparency & Accountability
    4. 4. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.org Information was not in re-usable format, static Driven by business requirements• Open Data as one solution Makes data reusable, dynamic Tools make data accessible and understandable for average peopleBeyond Financial DisclosureTraditional model A new model
    5. 5. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgOpen financialdataCitizenengagementEmpowermentandtransparencyTowards Citizen EngagementTOWARDS RESULTS
    6. 6. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgStart Small and Fast• Started as an idea and 2 dataset proof of concept(now 35)• Start with whatis already public• Keep iterating, adding, improving
    7. 7. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgLaunch - July 2011
    8. 8. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgSo what? Now what?What does engagement look like?
    9. 9. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgIf you build it…no guarantees “they” will come.
    10. 10. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgGap between Supply & DemandIs Open Government working? – the Reboot“Demand-side open government initiatives assume thatgovernments newly motivated by citizens’ demands willhave the incentive and the capacity to respond.Supply-side projects assume newly energized citizenswill have the means and the desire to demandaccountability from their government.”
    11. 11. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgCivil Society Engagement & PartnershipsOpportunities for Informed Dialogue
    12. 12. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgParticipatoryApproaches“Suggest a Dataset”
    13. 13. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgDemand Surveyhttp://bit.ly/OpenDataDemand• Research project tounderstand the demandfor and useofopen financial data• Results and response datawill be shared throughan interactive dataset• Please take the surveyShare with othersbit.ly/OpenDataDemand
    14. 14. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgNew Partnerships & PerspectivesVisualization Sprints & Data Dives
    15. 15. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgBetter Consumers of Our Own Data & Mobile TechFinance + Projects+ Mapping
    16. 16. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgPutting it all together – More Context“World Bank Finances”financesapp.worldbank.orgLegally Open, Technically Open, Practically Open January 2013• 7 Languages• GPS Location Aware
    17. 17. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgProject, Finance, & Contracts“World Bank Finances”financesapp.worldbank.org
    18. 18. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgShare, Data Accuracy,Report Fraud & Corruption“World Bank Finances”financesapp.worldbank.org
    19. 19. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgDonor & Beneficiary Portfolio Views“World Bank Finances”financesapp.worldbank.org
    20. 20. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgRecap & What’s Next?
    21. 21. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgRecap• Flexible Iterative Approach• Civil Society Engagement&Partnerships• Demand-Driven Approach• Contracts & Procurement Data• Be Better Consumers of Own Data• More Context – Legally Open,Technically Open, Practically Open
    22. 22. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgWill social media and innovation save the world?
    23. 23. finances.worldbank.orgQuestions & Feedbackslee23@worldbank.org@OpenNotion#WBFinancesOpen Financial Data Website and Mobile Application
    24. 24. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgPartner Expenditure DataPilot country: MoldovaTrack World Bank fundingbeyond commitments anddisbursements.For the first time, expendituredata related to World Bankfunding is open and availablefor the public.
    25. 25. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgProcurement/Contracts Data in High DemandFrom 3months, 2years,7 years…
    26. 26. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgBuild Applications
    27. 27. Data Journalism
    28. 28. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgWebsite |Mobile Application
    29. 29. #WBFinanceshttps://finances.worldbank.orgDifferent Approaches & Roles, Similar GoalsKenya/MoldovaSlovakia - ProcurementNigeria - Budgit
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