Al zawm on Promoting Accountability


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Al zawm on Promoting Accountability

  1. 1. Yemen Experience in Budgetingandwhat is a citizen budgetAdel AlzoomSpecialist in public reformMinistry of finance
  2. 2. Session goals: Yemeni + Technical(educational)A glimpse on the Yemenisituation on budgetingtransparencyWhere wefailedEfforts ofReformChallenges Standards
  3. 3. What are the Assessments in FiscalTransparency ?The Open Budget Survey
  4. 4. What measures the open budgetOBIEight documentsare issued andbecome availableto the publicComplete and benefitingOpportunities ofPublicparticipationThe power oflegislative andregulatory bodiesAggregate Index
  5. 5. Yemen Performance112510051015202530201220102008Yemen Scores - OBI
  6. 6. Statement before budget-posts ofBudget preparationBudget projectsBudget LawCitizen budgetMid Year reports (reviewing)Financial reports through the year-budget implementationEnd of the year reports(closing account)Reviewing independent reports (Report ofthe Central Agency for Control and Audit)What the situation of Yemen: 2012 surveyWhat are the eight documents for a budget and the can the publicaccess it?What was not doneWhat was not doneWhat was not doneIssuedIssuedIssued for internal useIssuedWhat was not done
  7. 7. • The absence of legal frame workfor a budget• Use of internet• Technical Cases:• Absence of consultations withparliament in planning thebudget• Absence of important technicalinformation in the budget Information on performance Information)-shortage in theauditing system
  8. 8. Social ParticipationNeeded ResultunavailableunavailableunavailableunavailableunavailableAvailable but canbe improvedConsultation processNecessary procedures before consulting with the publicThe official needs for public transportationCommunication with the supreme audit institution after publishing theauditing reportsMechanisms being developed by executive power for theparticipation process during planning for the budgetPublic hearings in the legislation on the macroeconomic frameworkof the budgetIndividual Public hearings in parliament on the budgets of agencies
  9. 9. Societal ParticipationNeeded ResultUnavailableUnavailableUnavailableUnavailableUnavailableUnavailableA process that is adhered to after consultingA chance for the public to give testimonies during the budget hearingsessionMechanisms being developed through the executives for participationduring executionMechanisms being developed the supreme audit institution forparticipation of audit agendaObservations by the executive power on the use of the provided bythe publicThe launch of the reports on the budget hearings by ParliamentObservations by the Supreme Audit Institution on the use of theinputs provided by the public
  10. 10. Challenges on Societal Participation•The absence of a legal framework for theparticipation of civil society and citizens.•The decrease in the capacity of most of theCSOs to undertake the task of participation,analysis and publishing for transparency•Illiteracy•Cost (state, civil society organization)
  11. 11. Successes•Publishing of budget and final accounts reports onthe ministry websitebudget.html-•Financial Information Unit for the public•Auditing process inside the ministry of finance (PublicFinance Modernization Project)WB
  12. 12. News•The parliament issued a law forfree access to information•But!!!!!!!!!The ministry of finance ispreparing the first copy ofcitizen budgetBut….!!!!!!It partnered for the first time withthe government and civilsociety organization coalition inthe planning process
  13. 13. Auditing process•Transpercy report: unpublished• See
  14. 14. AuditReport•Not well published•The absence of auditingon spending andrevenues•The absence of aneffective role in theparliament•No follow up in itsrecommendation•Its independence
  15. 15. TheparliamentLegistlativepowerthe power ofthe supremeinstitution foraccountsauditingWeakStrong
  16. 16. Parliament•The parliament weak capacityto analyze or depend onqualified leaders - positions•The effective power of theexecutive•The inability of the parliamentto alter the budget!!!!!!!•The system doesn’t sendreports periodically. (absenceof a legal framwork)•Enforcement
  17. 17. News WisegovernancetransparencyIndependenceof accountabilityinstitutionsPublicparticipationAccountability
  18. 18. • Citizen’s budget
  19. 19. Why budgets are not user friendlyDifficultTechnical Long Complex
  20. 20. Importance of People’s budget andwhat is itOBPThe Power Of Making It Simple:A Government Guide To Developing Citizens Budgets
  21. 21. •A simple summary of the budgetdesigned to facilitate the discussionaround it. Although IBP distinguishesbetween summary, which can be part ofthe budget and the budget documentitself, where citizens budget is what isneeded because the document is non-technical and can be accessed by a largesegment of the public.Citizens Budget is
  22. 22. •The open survey refers to two kinds of citizensbudgets and they are: a simplified copy of thesuggested executive budget and a simplifiedcopy from the accredited budget after thelegislative power review and vote.When
  23. 23. •The document must be objective and technical and not a political document•The document must be written with simplicity taking into account the publiccapability to understand•Simplified effective tables and graphical forms such as "a glimpse of thebudget,” table which shows the income and spending and balance of thebudget and public debt for the annual budget and for the past two years andthe proportion of each of these items compared to GDP and distributionexpenditure (and the change in distribution) by function and the ministry,kind of economic and revenue according to sources, the distribution ofspending on the various levels of government spending per capita withrespect to the main social programs.Content
  24. 24. •This document should be complete so that the reader doesn’t have to checkthe contents of other documents to understand the main one.•It should focus on the goals and contents of the budget and not theprocesses.•It must be up to the high quality standards includingobjectivity, relativity, credibility and simplicity of understanding and timing.•This document must be published at the same time the government presentsits annual budget to the parliament members to insure the public effectiveengagement.•It must be published widely through different media outlets.Content
  25. 25. Strategy.1Preparing strategies.2Consultations.3Preparation.4Evaluation
  26. 26. • South Africas National Treasury issued aguide for citizens to the national budget andthat guide summarizes briefly the moderneconomic performance and the expectedfinancial figures and describes the medium-term priority areas for additional spending. Abox contains an overview of the budget andsets the tax initiatives and major spending.The Peoples Guide consists of the 2007budget with useful graphs that shows thesource of tax revenue and how to allocategovernment spending.
  27. 27. Consultations: Main ProcessMessageContentWho wantsinformationHow toapproachthemWhat kind ofconsultationsPublishing
  28. 28. Consultation Mechanisms•Internal•External:Individuals, consultants, research centersCivil society organizationsBlogs in websitesTalk ShowsSocial Networks
  29. 29. Dissemination• Printed• On the websiteExample(SMS)
  30. 30. Best practices recommended• Brazil• Ghana• South Africa• New Zealand
  31. 31. How can organizations and mediahold the government accountable•Spreading awareness•Active participation•Report•Investigations•Performance evaluations•Discussion groups•Civil Society organizations•Social Network
  32. 32. ?s