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Discuss HR is the HR blog written for & by members of Human Resources UK. This is the back catalogue of all posts from 2011

Discuss HR is the HR blog written for & by members of Human Resources UK. This is the back catalogue of all posts from 2011

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  • 1. Discuss HR The HR blog written for and members of Human Resources UK Back catalogue of posts in 2011Human Resources UK is a LinkedIn group for professionals involved in the HR industry in the UK. Asof February 2012 we have over 6,500 members.In January 2011 we created an affiliated blog to allow our members to discuss HR issues. The blog israther aptly named, Discuss HR. Below is the back catalogue of all posts from 2011 in order ofwriter. You will find a biography of each writer along with their contact details.Contents:Page 2 Ed ScrivenerPage 3 Dawn ClarkePage 4 Una DoylePage 5 Jill Hart-SandersonPage 6 John HepworthPage 7 Annabel KayePage 8 Sheena McLullichPage 9 Dorothy NesbitPage 10 Susan PopoolaPage 11 GuestsDiscuss HR Page 1
  • 2. Ed Scrivener - Editor Ed is an HR recruitment specialist and social media trainer. He holds over 8 years industry specific experience recruiting mainly for middle and senior HR management positions. He stumbled upon social media a few years ago and has since become passionate about the subject. He now trains job seekers and independent consultants in social media techniques. He is the Group Manager of HumanResources UK and Editor of Discuss HR and occasionally his humour will creep into articles!Blog | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | WebsitePosts: Jobseekers must try harder Tags: Recruitment agencies, Recruitment practices, Job seeking Lazy recruiters Tags: Recruitment agencies, Talent management, Recruitment practices, Job seeking, Recruitment ethics Make the candidate pay! Tags: Recruitment agencies, Recruitment practices, Job seeking, Recruitment processes Be social and engage Tags: Social media, Social networking, Engagement, Communication The equality elephant Tags: Recruitment practices, Sex discrimination, Age discrimination, Equality Sell, sell, sell! Tags: HR, Communication, HR sales, Transferable skillsDiscuss HR Page 2
  • 3. Dawn Clarke Dawn is an experienced HR professional with strong development and internal consultancy experience. She takes a practical approach to HR turning strategic plans into operational reality. Dawn has experience in a variety of industries with a track record of commercial success by engaging people and making work a fun place to be. On a personal note she is a huge Liverpool FC fan, well someone has to be!Email | LinkedInPosts: Holistic approach to management Tags: HR, Management, Communication How does HR contribute to the bottom line? Tags: HR, Commercial acumen Why performance review doesn’t always work Tags: Performance management, HR The good old days Tags: HR, Communication, PersonnelDiscuss HR Page 3
  • 4. Una Doyle Una Doyle is an accredited Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant and an award-winning speaker, coach and consultant. Una has worked with organisations such as Argos, Asda, Yorkshire Forward, Kodak and local authorities from a one-to-one basis, to groups as large as 2,000. She is passionate about helping to create intrapreneur teams; getting the right people, in the right place, doing the right things with ownership and commercial acumen. Una has learnedhow to apply many of the world’s top-thinkers’ ideas in a way that is simple, profound, gets massivebottom-line results and a more empowered, motivated and engaged workforce.Blog | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | WebsitePosts: Dear Kitty Tags: Emotional intelligence, Talent managementDiscuss HR Page 4
  • 5. Jill Hart-Sanderson Jill is passionate about using creativity to unlock peoples potential, finding practical solutions that make a real difference to organisations. Her extensive management experience in both the public and private sectors combined with HR consultancy has given her a real insight into how great HR can transform individuals and businesses. Email | LinkedInPosts: How can HR support managers through times of change? Tags: Change management, HR Goal! Tags: Richard Read, Personal goals, HR Remember that embarrassing moment? Tags: Social media, Social networking, Communication Holiday time Tags: HR, Time management Know thyself Tags: HR Are you are networking tart? Tags: Networking, Social media, CommunicationDiscuss HR Page 5
  • 6. John Hepworth John helps organisations, especially in the SME sector, achieve competitive advantage. He has a particular interest in translating strategic HR management into practice. Typically, this has meant focusing his efforts on recruitment and selection, performance management and training and development activities. John sees the challenge of matching the development of internal competencies with the externallydriven demands of the market place as one of the key themes in developing organisationalengagement, capability and performance.Email | LinkedIn | WebsitePosts: The role of employee engagement Tags: Employee engagement, HR Learning with the Kazaks Tags: Learning & development, Lecturing, Training delivery Using your strengths to stand out Tags: Emotional intelligence, Psychology The state of management Tags: Leadership, Management Resourcing and talent management – what is the role of the HR professional? Tags: Talent managementDiscuss HR Page 6
  • 7. Annabel Kaye Annabel has been specialising in employment law since the seventies. She founded Irenicon in 1980 and has spent the last 30 years helping HR, line managers and everyone else look at employment law in a way that gets some operational gain. She likes to think about things from a different angle and making the complex simple - despite the Governments best efforts! She has traded through 3 recessions andadvised clients from multi-national corporations to the smallest organisation. The toughest thinghas always been to balance the competing needs of staff and organisation and that never goes awaywhatever the legal details.Blog | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | WebsitePosts: Employment law fundamentals and basics Tags: Employment Law, EU law, Compliance, Performance management, Discrimination Don’t let compliance lock you down Tags: Employment Law, Employee handbook, Staff handbook, Policies, Procedures, Flexibility, Organisational development We don’t have the power Tags: Employment Law, Employment rights, Managers rights Too hot to handle Tags: Employment Law, Staff uniforms, Dress code, Diversity, Niqab, Muslim women, Sex discrimination, Religious discrimination, Diversity Open and shut Tags: Employment Law, Investigation, Reasonable investigation, Reasonableness in the circumstances, Decision making, British Home Stores v Burchell, Iceland Frozen Food v Jones, Discrimination, Harassment, Theft, Suspicion of theft, Lateness The past is no guide to future performance Tags: Employment Law, Change management, Performance management, Cooperation, Investigation support, Prevention, Discrimination, GrievanceDiscuss HR Page 7
  • 8. Sheena McLullich Sheena began her career in Training & Development before moving to a generalist HR position in 1998. Since then she has held senior HR roles for several SMEs in a wide range of industries. A Fellow of the CIPD and Member of the US SHRM, she has a keen interest in Employee Development, specifically in coaching and supporting managers to enable them to get the best from their people. She was appointed asDirector of People for SPA Future Thinking in September 2011.Email | LinkedIn | WebsitePosts: Getting to know you Tags: HR The token woman Tags: Sexual discrimination, HR, Boardroom management The home working debate Tags: Work practices Leaving on a jet plane Tags: HR, Business Travel, Commuting, Flexitime Too close for comfort Tags: Employment law, HR Finance and HR – a pivotal relationship? Tags: Communication, Finance, HRDiscuss HR Page 8
  • 9. Dorothy Nesbit Dorothy Nesbit, Leadership Coach, unleashes innate leadership potential through powerful, compassionate and authentic relationships. Blog | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | WebsitePosts: Starting the HR year as we mean to go on Tags: HR, Leadership Real conversations - talking in ways that work Tags: Emotional intelligence, Communication The home working debate Tags: Work practices To what extent is it really OK to be human in the workplace? Tags: Emotional intelligence Accountability: Are we getting it right? Tags: Leadership, Emotional intelligence When emotions rise high in the work place Tags: Emotional intelligence, Communication Asking the right questions as the year draws to a close Tags: Emotional intelligenceDiscuss HR Page 9
  • 10. Susan Popoola Susan has established a successful career as an HR Consultant, specialising in HR Transformation and Talent Management across the Private, Public & Voluntary sectors. Susan serves as a Partnership Governor for The Hazeley School where she chairs the Innovation and Partnership Committee. She also serves as a Young Enterprise judge and a Business Ambassador for Countec Education Business Partnership. She is also the published author of Touching the Heart of MiltonKeynes: A Social Perspective and the soon to be published book: Consequences: Diverse to MosaicBritain.Blog | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | WebsitePosts: A lost generation? Tags: NEETs, Unemployment, Learning & developmentDiscuss HR Page 10
  • 11. GuestsThroughout the course of the year we have welcomed a range of guest writers, all of whom areexperts within their specialised field of HR. How to use the maverick in your organisation (Judith Germain) Tags: Leadership, Mavericks HR from the non-HR stakeholder: from the sublime to the ridiculous (Greg Kilminster) Tags: Finance, HR, Commercial input Help! I’m leaving the public sector (Wendy Mason) Tags: Recruitment, Job seeking, Changing career How HR can help (Mark Ions) Tags: Recruitment agencies, Recruitment practices, Interview process, Talent management Do we expect too much from our line managers? (Janice Caplan) Tags: Talent management, Leadership, Development A graduate’s first job: who benefits most? (Paul Goring) Tags: Graduate recruitment, Learning & development, Coaching, Intern Being or not being commercially aware (Wendy Mason) Tags: Public sector, Private sector, Commercial acumen, Sectorism Backshoring and insourcing - the new black? (Mark Greenhouse) Tags: Outsourcing, OffshoringDiscuss HR Page 11