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Pres gb Pres gb Presentation Transcript

  • May 10th 2010
  • Our role within ACCOR To reinforce Accor image regarding services amongst other companies and organizations To improve Accor approaches in the following domains : Marketing, Management and Organization of Services Changes of behaviors in management and customer relations ACCOR R & D unit for Services2 3 septembre 2010
  • Nos racines… et nos ailes…1983 2002 2004 2006 2009Creation of l’Académie Accor L’Académie Accor Creation of a dedicated Académie Accor Services Académie du Serviceby Paul Dubrule sales its know how daughter company becomes Académie du Service joins ACCOR HOSPITALITY& Gérard Pélisson externally 2000 2002 2005 2007 2008 L’Académie Accor opens Coaching of the strategic Study/Survey on SNCF Launching of the Launching of to external companies transformation of France – Service Project service project of Contract 2012 Loisirs by Académie the DAS First roll out of a worldwide 2009 program (Luxury) 2005 Training “New agency La Poste Management Forum concept” since 2004 « Changing within and by action» 2007 Launching of project “Assurément Manager” 2003 2006 Service Project Vinci Park 2009 Académies in Accor in 2009 : Service Project Launching of • 16 Académies worldwide Renault PER4 2008 Service University • 200 consultants Launching of program • 150 000 trainees 2003 2006 “Customer Orientation” • 50 external companies Study / Design of TGV Est a Company University for SNCF Sales Area Essilor Laboratories 2009 across the world Service Laboratory for “Ligne H” 3 septembre 2010
  • Our Missions Our Service Missions Our promise Create and initiate your innovative service project thanks Share 40 years of to our expertise in : experience in Service Marketing Service Management and Service Management Service Marketing Service Organization Help you transform Service into a Develop teaching methods : service behaviors and their SUSTAINABLE activity coaching by managers Guide your transformation toward a service culture. Notre vocation Promote Service activities and its actors4 3 septembre 2010
  • Our propositions Consultancy for carrying out Service projects Marketing, Management, Organization Changes of service behaviors and their management Creation of a Company University Skills development : Reference Training : Service Marketing Service Management Service Sales Service Organization Tailor made Projects Master degree in Service Marketing SERVICE Lab activities : Benchmark R & D Project Clubs Study trips Conferences Publications Service Challenges (project) : Service “Bernaches”5 3 septembre 2010
  • Our guiding principles To give priority to dialogue and sharing in any situation with goodwill and rigor. To offer and value tailor made, simple and operational solutions (easily applicable). To provoke curiosity, desire and pleasure to learn. To encourage sharing of experience amongst service actors. To pass on our experiences and methods To develop and transmit service engineering To experiment new service behaviors and their management To broadcast our knowledge to our members and to capitalize on the diversity experiences To promote Service Management ethics To facilitate meetings of people with a common research/interest about Services To help research developments within the service world6 3 septembre 2010
  • The heart of our approach Service Behavioural Customer Relation Referential trainings Management Define and share the Develop behaviours that Strengthen the quality ofappropriate service delivery facilitate encounter with services offered in a conditions customers sustainable way3 septembre 2010
  • ServiCiel© Our ServiCiel© helps clarifying all components of a service project : To specify the service strategy of an organization To pilot the service project in a sustainable way and keeping a global view. To integrate new elements in a coherent way and when requested by the business and the service project. Référentiel de Service8 3 septembre 2010
  • ServiCiel© Object : VISION and MEANING of the job and of its changes / transformations Strategic AMBITION Management Referential : Managerial behaviors, management Service referential rituals, piloting of service behaviors Service Promise of the teams Roles and team missions HR Management : recruitment, Service Postures evaluation, wages… Service offer Segmentation Customers’ Paths Values Operational Analyzing according to… Project : Subjects : • Expected results • customers • Performance •employees criteria • environment / institution Organization • Space • Piloting9 3 septembre 2010
  • Services ReferentialHow to associate brand values andservice behaviors? Customer oriented values Service PromiseWrite a Service Referential in order to consolidate Service Missionand create a spine to your service approach Employees’ action(We create it with Managing board, operational guidesteams... In a transverse way) Customer Segmentation Customers’ Paths Rituals & Surprises Commitment 3 septembre 2010
  • The Compass of Customer RelationsHow can you change the gaze of the teams on theservice they give ?How can you trigger learning situations implyingencounter attitudes towards customers ? ENCOUNTER Mutual and qualifying recognitionThe Compass helps identifying preferredservice behaviours. WITHDRAWAL NATURAL Turning down Deliver a serviceIt helps choosing an encounter behaviour commitment but without adaptingas defined by the Brand Referential Dropping out to the customer Service Posture AVOIDANCE Hiding behind rules and procedures 3 septembre 2010
  • Actor’s StudioHow can you stage and lead teams to master key situations ofcustomer relations?Cinema and theatre metaphor helps developping behavioural skills of teams in contactwith customers - Managers become directors of their point of sales. - Contact teams are trained to understand the key service situations of their job, they enjoy improvising using their experience with their own customers 3 septembre 2010
  • GPS© «Générateur de Performance de Service» Generator of Service PerformancePiloting and helping employees to adapt their behaviourswith customers according to company expectations and ina sustainable way - Using the Service Referential, the GPS© helps first level managers to debrief service situations that they observed in a professional way. It helps discussing the encounter attitude in an objective way. - Together with a piloting protocol, it facilitates the management of customer relationship and makes it more efficient 3 septembre 2010
  • Measuring the quality of serviceHow can you use measure as a lever for improvingquality of service? - Measuring the satisfaction of customers during "critical moments”. - Adopting devices and periodicity of measures that can also be levers for a permanent improvement of service quality 3 septembre 2010
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and performance of the change process Example of a Service University No1 – Feeding Motivation Teaching methods based on experience and pleasure; an attractive university ; we give sense to management’s role No1 Feeding Motivation No4 – Measuring the impact No 2 - Learning What is the impact of the University ? No4 Assessing and validating People ? Organization? No2 Measuring knowledge aquired Learning impact No3 Transfering No3 – Transfering Professional application of knowledge aquired, with management’s help15 3 septembre 2010
  • ConferencesHow can you give a "service orientation" to your company ?How can you deliver the principles and key concepts of aservice culture? - Conferences - Facilitation in managing board meetings - Facilitations in Conventions - Benchmark research - Organisation and facilitation of Learning Expedition in the US, UK and in North Europe - Certificates in Management/Marketing of Service activities (Partnership with the IMDS “Institute de Management et de Dynamic de services” of GEM “Grenoble Ecole de Management” ) 3 septembre 2010