Wrap up & way forward Anna Spenceley Jim Barborak Rita Casimiro


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This presentation by Anna Spenceley, Jim Barborak and Rita Casimiro was delivered at the 'Concessioning tourism opportunities in conservation areas and maximising rural development' workshop, held in Maputo between 19-22 March 2012 (Day 3, Session 10, Wrap up and way forward)

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Wrap up & way forward Anna Spenceley Jim Barborak Rita Casimiro

  1. 1. Objectives of the meeting Review best practices and challenges fromWrap up and way forward southern Africa Build capacity regionally on tourism concessions Strengthen networks and communication Anna Spenceley, Jim Barborak & between interested stakeholders Rita Casimiro 21 March 2012, Girassol Indy, Maputo USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo Achievements Outputs Documents to be delivered: Mozambican Concessions ManualDeeper understanding of Mozambique Workshop report – from this meetingframeworks Report reviewing concessions experiencesDissemination of Mozambique experiences Powerpoints on Slideshare (available globally online) External materials to be produced (through TAPAS group):Exchange of international experiences Expanded glossary, bibliography on concessionsCapacity building (of us!) IUCN Best Practice guidelines on sustainable tourism (2nd edition) PARKS special editionNetworking Events WCC (2012) World Wilderness Congress (2013) WPC (2014) USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo Way forward Way forward What is not yet determined for next steps:Mozambique manual – for private sector Dissemination: Incorporate comments and suggestions from Website? conference and participants (deadline 30 March) Publication? Finalize manual - working group tomorrow! Complementary manual for public sector? - number of participants? Training for stakeholders: Available in Portuguese and English Informing investors? Ownership: USAID SPEED project Training for public sector? All different government departments, provincial/local and PA agencies USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo
  2. 2. Where do we go from here? Other potential follow-up: Continue to populate the TNC concessions Technical assistance and exchange missions learning platform, investigate other platforms (USNPS, USFS) south-south across Africa and with Latin America Expand bibliography: (Brazil/Mozambique) laws, policies, tenders, PPTs, case studies all Linking work to major conservation conventions: linkable by URL: www.conserveonline.org CBD, World Heritage, Ramsar, Bonn Continue to improve online glossary of terms Incorporate materials and modules in major PA Training & outreach: training institutions: National and regional centers and universities and Design a brief PowerPoint training module African/global training Regional learning network / projects? Training of trainers Sessions at regional conservation, tourism, rural Pilot community projects/incubator development conferences? USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logoOther suggestions? USAID/SPEED logo Technoserve logo