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Presentation C&P

  1. 1. COUDERQ&PARTNERSPRESENTATIONLet yourself concentrate on your core business
  2. 2. CONTENT Our Company Our Services Agency services Strategic consulting & research Valuation Technical services Property & Project Management Special services Market Research H1 +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286 1
  3. 3. OUR COMPANY«COUDERQ & PARTNERS UKRAINE» is widely acknowledged and reputable for its quality of services on UkrainianReal Estate Market since 1996 when it was established as a branch of Couderq & Partners Poland.Our extensive experience and profound knowledge of Ukrainian Real Estate Market are fundamental elements for themost effective and flexible decisions. High level of expertise combined with proficiency of Our Team enable us to provideto our Clients the widest range of real estate consulting services.Our services include but are not limited to:• Agent services• Strategic consulting & research• Valuation• Technical services• Property & Project Management• Special servicesWe aim to forge long-standing relationships with Our Clients by providing a quality service on an individual basis.This approach allows us to introduce to you our remarkable list of satisfied Clients:Compaq Corp., Air-France, Mars Corp., Raychem GmbH, AMP, Tyco Electronics, Oracle, Hexagon, Motorola,Marsh McLennon, Robertson & Blums, Colin’s, Calyon, Индекс банк, Marco Farma, Amway, Укрсиббанк, Sela,Imprair, Asstra Logistics, Schneider Electric, Renaissance Capital Bank, Praktiker, Dorma, HIT Gmbh, IPO Bank,Elopak Int, Advent Int, Speak up, London & Regional, Lordship, Medicus, Novartis, UTG, Italian Embassy, Asters,Perry Construction, Украинская Страховая Группа, Sela, Liggett-Ducat, FM Logistic, Chiltern, Danone,Kuhne&Nagel, Wienerberger, OKI Europe, LVMH (Seldiko), Smeg, Alcatel, Vik Oil, Energos, Шевченко,Дидьковский и партнеры, ТМ «Щедрый Дар», Гарант Авто (Generally Garant), Sanitech-Kolo, Renault Ukraine,Yadran, Crédit Agricole, Moet et Hennessy Ukraine, AJS Ukraine, ALD Automotive, Nissan Ukraine, MazarsUkraine, among +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286
  4. 4. CONTENT Our Company Our Services Agency services Strategic consulting & research Valuation Technical services Property & Project Management Special services Market Research H1 +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286 3
  5. 5. AGENCY SERVICESWe provide a comprehensive range of agency services for commercial, industrial For further informationand retail properties as well as for residential properties and land plots. High level please contact Elena Suhovaof proficiency and flexible approach of our brokerage professionals accompanying +380394933286with customized market research help to provide our clients with the best strategyfor their real estate needs.• Landlord representation- Creation of property presentation- Property positioning with following target marketing to prospective clients- Leasing negotiations- Post-leasing services including property & facility management outsourcing• Tenant representation-Full range of relocation services including developing of the relocation/consolidationstrategy, property selection, cost analysis, technical inspection of the premises, post-occupancy services etc.-Lease negotiations/renegotiations, lease renewals, lease restructuring etc.• Retail- Landlord/owner representation services including agency leasing, investment sales,valuation, asset master planning- Tenant/buyer representation services including developing of the distribution centers blueprint, site selection, contract negotiations, acquisitions/leasing etc.• Industrial- Landlord/owner representation services including master-planning, cost analysis,construction project management, property marketing, lease/sale negotiations, post-occupancy services etc.- Tenant representation services including Site & land acquisition & disposition, costanalysis, lease/sale negotiations etc.Land plots- Sales & acquisitions, marketing, consulting & valuation, technical expertise, allotment etc.Residential- Agency services for local property as well as for property in +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286
  6. 6. STRATEGIC CONSULTING, RESEARCH & VALUATIONWe offer the full spectrum of consulting & research services For further informationfrom point express analysis to complex master planning on the please contact Anna Smirnovaedge of real estate, financial and business strategic consulting. +380952730433Our approach is based on careful examination of the Clients’business processes, production requirements and financialobjectives and, as a result, ensures successful development ofthe consequent real estate strategy. The unique combination ofmarket expertise and analytical vision reflects in quantifiableand feasible solutions that optimize costs and increaseprofitability for our Clients.Our consulting, research & valuation services include:• Highest & Best Use Study for land plots, site, property• Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis• Feasibility study with consideration of the economic and legalimpacts• Concept development for future and ongoing projects• Master planning from the stage of concept to the fullimplementation• Customized Market Research• Valuation for buy/sell negotiations, internal decision making,investment purposes +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286
  7. 7. PROPERTY & FACILITY MANAGEMENT We work with owners and tenants to develop and implement For further information solutions that enhance value and increase efficiency of their please contact Anna Mokropova property. Our professional managers aim to maximize asset value +380952730555 by improving operations, attracting and retaining tenants, reducing operating costs, minimizing expenses and increasing income. Our Property & Facility Management services include: •Consulting: - Estimation & optimization of the Property Maintenance Cost - Technical audit of the building & premises • Property management: - Management & optimization of lease agreements - Financial reporting & cost optimization - Contractor management (insurance agents, suppliers, security services, constructors etc.) •Facility management: - Organization of technical support: preventative & routine maintenance, supply of spare parts, troubleshooting, etc. - Rodent control & disinfection - Organization of cleaning services Other +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286
  8. 8. PROJECT MANAGEMENT & TECHNICAL SERVICES Our Project Management Team is experienced in representing For further information Clients’ interests on all the stages of construction, please contact Igor Kokorin reconstruction or renovation projects. Our project managers +380681247447 ensure effective but not superfluous Client’s involvement by transparent and scheduled reporting. Careful approach to master-planning allows to reduce associated risks and to maximize return on investment. Immediate reaction on ongoing implications and successful experience of project implementation guarantee on-time & on-budget project delivery with required quality of works. We propose the following list of the services: • Creation of the Concept • Preparation of Project budgets, schedules and construction calculations • Master Planning & recommendations of the best option • Design & Construction tendering • Construction & fit-out project management from the stage of the concept development to the receipt of occupancy certificate • Finance management & reporting • Construction audit • Technical audit of the premises • Dimensional drawings • Development of the layout options for different purposes (lease, relocation, extension, costs optimization etc.) +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286
  9. 9. GLOBAL OUTSOURCINGSpecial servicesOutsourcing of Property & Facility Managementwill improve your efficiency, reduce your costsand allow you to concentrate on core business.You and your property will be taken care of at themost efficient way.Our services include but are not limited to:Consulting:• Estimation & optimization of the PropertyMaintenance Cost• Technical audit of the building & premisesProperty management:• Management & optimization of lease agreements• Financial reporting & cost optimization• Contractor management (insurance agents,suppliers, security services, constructors etc.)Facility management:•Organization of technical support: preventive &routine maintenance, supply of spare parts,troubleshooting, etc.•Rodent control & disinfection•Organization of cleaning services:•Other +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286
  10. 10. TURNKEY RELOCATIONSpecial servicesMost relocations “stop” your businessactivity and cause as many trouble aspossible. Our new service is dedicatedto free you of relocation problems in themost effective and economical waymeeting and exceeding your needs.Our services include but are not limitedto:• Development and implementation of amove plan with schedule including detailedcalculations• Creation of layout options for prospectivepremises• Organization of repairing works (ifneeded) including cost calculations• Selection and coordination contractorsand vendors, including movers• Organization of furniture & equipmentstorage (if needed)• Coordination facility upgrades andmodifications, including telecom and ITinstallations• Contracting basic utilities and services• Organization of cleanup +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286
  11. 11. CONTENT Our Company Our Services Agent services Strategic consulting & research Valuation Technical services Property & Project Management Special services Market Research H2 +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286 10
  12. 12. KYIV COMMERCIAL PROPERTYKey Market Indicators H1 2012 • This summer Kyiv real estate market shows unexpected and Base Rental Rates, $/ sq.m. (net of VAT & Service Charge) unpredictable revival. The number of deals is extremely high for this period however large majority of them is connected Class A Class B Class C with relocation. Zone 1 (prime location) $35-45 $25-35 $18-23 • Rental rates for Class A and Class B office premises, located within Zone 1, remain stable; vacancy rates for this segment Zone 2 (within CBD) $25-38 $18-25 $13-20 of the market has demonstrated moderate increase as the number of relocations was unusually high for this period. Zone 3 (metro access) $20-25 $15-22 $14-20 • Rental rates for Zone 3 and Zone 4 have slight tendency to decrease mostly because of high vacancy in newly-built B Zone 4 (others) - $13-17 $13-15 and C- Class business centers. Newly-built B&C Class business centers located within zones 3 and 4 suffer from consequences of stagnation. The vacancy rate for this property is still very high (up to 100% for the most unsuccessful office schemes). When the average rental rates Vacancy rates, % for non-central location level to $18 per sq.m., newly-built Class B Business Centers located on the Left Bank are Class A Class B Class C forced to offer very favorable rates ($13-15 per sq.m.) • Rental rates for Zone 2 as well as vacancy rates of this Zone Zone 1 (prime location) 6% 11% 20% do not show significant fluctuations in comparison with H2 2011 Zone 2 (within CBD) 7% 15% 20% • Predictions for the H2 2012 are cautious mostly because of upcoming elections to Rada. Traditionally for Ukraine this Zone 3 (metro access) 13% 25% 24% event has considerable influence on real estate market. Most likely that business activity would gradually go down till Zone 4 (others) - 32% 32% the end of +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286
  13. 13. KYIV COMMERCIAL PROPERTYMap of zones Zone 1 (prime location) Zone 2 (within CBD) Zone 3 (metro access) Zone 4 (others) +38044 493 3286, +38044 493 5286 12