Build Your Brand Like Bieber


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For you who want to be a powerful influencer in your area of expertise, I have put together 18 life lessons learned from Justin Bieber. Check out this guide on how to build a personal brand like Bieber.

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Build Your Brand Like Bieber

  1. 1. Build YourBrand Like Bieber
  2. 2. JustinBieber got a personal brand that rocks.
  3. 3. Hes one ofthe mostinfluentialpeople in hisniche..
  4. 4. Klout92
  5. 5. He reaches thosehe aim to reachand they listen,reply and pay itforward.
  6. 6. Want to be a powerful influencer in your area of expertise?
  7. 7. Followthese 18life lessons.
  8. 8. 1. Createepic stuff.
  9. 9. Make sure your work is so good that people talk about it.
  10. 10. Over deliver, always keepdeadlines, be more innovativethan anyone else in your niche.
  11. 11. Create magic.
  12. 12. 2. Develop your personal brandconstantly.
  13. 13. Constantly do things that adds value to your brand.
  14. 14. A personal brand needs constant monitoring, re-work and invention to stay strong.
  15. 15. Don’t fall into the trap of being fat and happy. Instead: stay lean and mean!
  16. 16. 3. Don’tlose sight oftruefriends.
  17. 17. Be aware of ditching your oldfriends for people who are useful for your career.
  18. 18. Make sure to keep those who are your true friends.
  19. 19. When you are famous, true friends are the only ones whowill tell you the truth when you need it.
  20. 20. See them as your life compass, your anchor to the ground.
  21. 21. 4. Promoteyourself whilegiving cred tothose who helpedyou.
  22. 22. Promote yourself, but say thanks and give cred.
  23. 23. 5. Give love to those who support you.
  24. 24. Just like Lady Gaga calls herfans Little Monsters, Justin Bieber calls his Beliebers.
  25. 25. You don’t need a name for your fan club, but show them some love now and then.
  26. 26. If theyre good at supporting you, they sure deserve it.
  27. 27. 6. Don’t beafraidbeing anunderdog.
  28. 28. There will always be people who don’t believe in you. Don’t letthem stop you from showing your excellence.
  29. 29. Do what you intended to do andlet your accomplishments shine.
  30. 30. Convince the non-believers andwin them over with your great work.
  31. 31. 7. Be friendly to yourcompetitors.
  32. 32. You can accomplish even more if you work together with like-minded people, and if you help each other out.
  33. 33. Success is about sharing.
  34. 34. No-one will ever know aboutyour expertise if you hide it from them.
  35. 35. Communicate your skills and take lead on your topic.
  36. 36. 8.Educateyourself!
  37. 37. Practice! Dig as deep as you can into the topic you like to be influential in.
  38. 38. Success takes hard work and don’t come over night.
  39. 39. 9.Take a break.
  40. 40. Even Justin Bieber takes a day off sometimes.
  41. 41. Recharge when you really needto and get yourself some new energy.
  42. 42. Do something completelydifferent to rejoice yourself again.
  43. 43. 10.Nevergive up.
  44. 44. Continue. Persist. Keep ongoing. Stay. Remain. Proceed.
  45. 45. And, when you are tired andwant to leave: Carry on a little more.
  46. 46. 11. Liveand breathe your personal brand.
  47. 47. Be the one you want to be. Want to be the one you are.
  48. 48. To be able to envision yourpersonal brand, it can’t be a gap between who you are and the personal brand you nurture.
  49. 49. Make sure you and your brandare the same. If not, re-evaluate and re-create.
  50. 50. 12. Believein yourself.
  51. 51. Whatever an outcome of a newchallenge will be – believe you’re a winner.
  52. 52. It doesn’t matter if you succeedor not this time, because you will eventually. Don’t lose sight ofsuccess, it’s just in front of you.
  53. 53. Celebrate what you have as well as what you will get.
  54. 54. 13. Don’ttakeyourselftooseriously.
  55. 55. Really successful people can bereally cool about themselves.
  56. 56. You’re professional, influentialand serious about it, but there’sno need for you to be unnecessary grave in manner.
  57. 57. 14. Find people whosupport you.
  58. 58. Everyone needs support to get the energy to continue.
  59. 59. If those closest to you don’tunderstand what you are doingor trying to achieve; find others who do.
  60. 60. Online friends with shared interests are easy to find andonline communities are often very encouraging and cheering.
  61. 61. 15. Explorenew ideas.
  62. 62. Test your ideas. See if they fly and don’t ditch them justbecause they seem insane at the beginning.
  63. 63. To break new ground you have to think differently than others.
  64. 64. 16. Act like a boyscout.
  65. 65. Make people trust you bydelivering all the time. Be prepared and be ready.
  66. 66. 17. Gooffline toget thingsdone.
  67. 67. Don’t let the social media stream distract you when you need to work.
  68. 68. Get away from the Internet from time to time.
  69. 69. You’re not a slave in the digitalworld. The digital world is here to serve you and to entertain you.
  70. 70. 18. En-courageothers.
  71. 71. Be a mentor.Share your wisdom.
  72. 72. Use your power and influence to help others succeed like you.
  73. 73. by Anna RydneCommunicate [your] Skills @CoSkills Photo credits:
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