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Awards and Conferences Brochure by Evolve Events

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Awards & Conferences Brochure

  1. 1. The creaTive is The place where no one else has ever been. You have To leave The ciTY of Your comforT and go inTo The wilderness of Your inTuiTion. whaT You’ll discover will be wonderful. AlAn AldA
  2. 2. our clienTs’ award shows exciTe, enTice, TransporT, envelope, sTimulaTe, promoTe and, mosT imporTanTlY, make Their audience smile.
  3. 3. we marrY world class producTion faciliTies and managemenT wiTh excepTional imaginaTion, creaTiviTY and TheaTrical flair To make This happen. our creaTiviTY flows bY means of amazing seT, lighTing and audio design complemenTed bY uplifTing enTerTainmenT, and compleTed bY our famous sTaTe of The arT moving graphics and film work.
  4. 4. co nj ectu r e A n d sA m su ng gn us m as d n a er utce jn oc
  5. 5. our evenT producer will be wiTh You from Your sTarTing orders unTil Your finishing line. TheY are experienced in concepTualising and managing The logisTical conTenT of The evenT, and inTerpreT- ing Your brief inTo a mulTi-media live evenT ThaT You and audience will love.
  6. 6. equipmenT we have, barriers we don’T. while holding an enormous sTock of The highesT sTandard av equipmenT we also design and build a huge range of seTs in-house To ensure Your evenT is bespoke. our producTion kiT conTinues To grow and wiTh iTs developmenT our capaciTY To deliver our exacTing sTandards To Your awards, however large or small The budgeT, expands.
  7. 7. t I M M u s l a B ol g M B I I B m g lo BA l su m mIt
  8. 8. You will see a reTurn on innovaTion. we puT our hearT and soul inTo Your producTion To ensure creaTiviTY and budgeT are besT uTilised To surpass Your objecTives and puT on a show for Your audience. we are currenTlY working on various awards presenTaTions, some of which will be Televised, and all of which have been speciallY designed To maximise our clienTs’ invesTmenT.
  9. 9. experienced buT sTill evolving. we are forTunaTe To work alongside clienTs insisTing on The highesT creaTive and innovaTive ouTpuT producing exciTing awards and conference shows for companies including 19 enTerTainmenT, incisive media, hacheTTe filipacchi, cenTaur, red bull, ibm, samsung, guardian, nokia and macquarie bank. while This parTner lisT reflecTs our sTrengThs and passion we know ThaT To keep Them and You happY we have To conTinuallY evolve, bringing You The nexT big Thing in awards. whaT fun This job is.
  10. 10. I nsI d e soA P AWA r ds
  11. 11. ‘once again, You did us proud lasT nighT wiTh anoTher amazing awards producTion. i Think we surpassed everYone’s expecTaTions Tenfold.’ fiona paTerson, evenTs operaTions direcTor, incisive media
  12. 12. I n cIsIV e m edI A AWA r ds X 70 0 0 0 7 X S D R A W A A I D E M E V I S I C N I
  13. 13. E M E H T s 0 8 E C I T S U J F O S T R U O C L AY O R Y R A S R E V I N N A H T 0 2 K S I R rIs K 20tH A n nI V ersA rY roYA l co u rts o F j ustIce 8 0 s tH em e
  14. 14. ‘ Thank You verY much for an excellenT producTion – i can’T faulT iT in anYwaY. The waY Your Team calmlY dealT wiTh mY scripT and lasT minuTe changes was greaT and The room and sTage looked verY glam and professional – i have had loTs of complimenTs from dinner guesTs.’ harrieT noakes, hedge fund review awards
  15. 15. e m e H t r a c s ’ 0 3 91 t e s d n u F se g d e H H edg es Fu n d s et 193 0 ’s cA r tH em e
  16. 16. L L A H E C NE R WA L E N I Z A GA M E TO U Q N U u n Quote m Ag A ZI n e l AW ren ce H A ll
  17. 17. ‘a huge Thank You for Your conTribuTion To The success of lasT nighT. i sTill wonder aT The scale of The achievemenT: all Those rehearsals, an awards show and a TalenT conTesT – and iT ran wiThouT anY major hiTches, on Time and wiThin a verY TighT budgeT. iT was a greaT Team efforT and i am proud To have been parT of ThaT Team, working wiTh a reallY professional producTion companY.’ david worsfold, group ediTorial services direcTor, incisive media
  18. 18. s d r awa 51 15 AWA r ds
  19. 19. n o KI A co n Fer en ce eCNerefNoC aikoN
  20. 20. ‘i would like To Thank You for all Your hard work and help during The lead up and on The evening of The corporaTe adviser awards. The seT and graphics looked amazing and everYThing wenT verY smooThlY on The daY Thanks To You.’ sTaceY dYzarT, evenT coordinaTor, cenTaur
  21. 21. E S U O H R O N E V S O R G R O S I V D A E TA R O P R O C co r Po r Ate A dVIso r g rosV eno r Ho us e
  22. 22. ‘creaTiviTY is The evolve hallmark’ lord saaTchi leT us inspire You. call garY peTers on 020 7610 2808 email address and websiTe: