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Presentation to Victoria Tourism Industry Conference, Geelong, July 2014

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  • No region or ector makes sufficient profit so will pass on to customers
    US$40 trillion neeeded to upgrade global infrastructure – no governments have that cash – more debt higher costs
  • No region or sector makes sufficient profit so will pass on to customers
    US$40 trillion neeeded to upgrade global infrastructure – no governments have that cash – more debt higher costs
  • No region or ector makes sufficient profit so will pass on to customers
    US$40 trillion neeeded to upgrade global infrastructure – no governments have that cash – more debt higher costs
  • No region or ector makes sufficient profit so will pass on to customers
    US$40 trillion neeeded to upgrade global infrastructure – no governments have that cash – more debt higher costs
  • Mass tourism copied the same production – consumption model that KPMG say is unsustainable

    It is, therefore, subject to its same excesses and intrinsic weaknesses.

    It’s turned travelers and guests into consumers, tourists or, worse, market segments.

    It’s turned places into products and exotic experiences into safe packages that can be rated and compared by algorithm.

    Instead of obsessing about fulfillment, it fixates on efficiency, automation and standardization and then competes on price not value. Just think about it – we’ve taken a highly diverse complex planet that’s 13.5 billion years old with life forms that have taken 3.8 billion years to evolve and carved it up into products we now sell at bargain basement prices. Does that make sense? Does it make you proud?
  • Why Wake Up? We have to wake up from the trance we’re in and become aware of our present and precarious position.

    The word conscious means awake, aware and and alert – it means making mindful, informed decisions NOT being willfully blind because the truth is too inconvenient.

    Our indigenous brothers and sisters – from all corners of the planet – are quite insistent that we have to see our world and our role in it differently.

    In every case, a change in seeing must precede a change in being, which must precede in doing. Many scientists, most cosmologists, some economists and many deep thinkers are all saying the same thing – we have the means to restore that relationship with planet earth but, until there is a major shift in consciousness (perception and will), those means won’t be deployed in time.

    Jeremy Rifkin, one the top advisors to the EU on its energy policy and author The Third Industrial Revolution, says we have one generation in which to shift human consciousness.
  • Vtic5 game changing long

    1. 1. How the Game is Changing Through Conscious Travel building a better tourism for more for The Victoria Tourism Industry Council Anna Pollock, Founder, Conscious Travel July, 2014
    2. 2. My Purpose Today What do we mean by Game Changing? What Game are we Playing Today? Why Might it Have to Change? How is Conscious Travel a Game Changer?
    3. 3. What do we mean by Game Changer? “Whether the chase is won or lost in tennis. Nobody can know until the ball is run” John Gower 1400 received a pension in form of an annual allowance of wine. Henry 1V
    4. 4. Is it changing the way the game is played?
    5. 5. Changing the way the game is played?
    6. 6. Is Game Changing…. Changing the way the Game is played Equipment Dress code and style Performance Rules Court, lines and net or Changing the Purpose of the Game?
    7. 7. Changing the Game of TOURISM Change the way the Game is played Rules – low cost airlines Performance – yield management, automation, self service Equipment – propellors, jet engines, aerofoils, navigation, high speed trains, cruise ships, kiosk Pricing, marketing– online bookings, OTAs, social media, loyalty programs Disruptive competition - Airbnb “Exogenous conditions” – currencies, hazards, terrorism DELOITTE 2015 SUSTAINABILITY AS GAME CHANGER
    8. 8. Changing the Game of TOURISM
    10. 10. Changing the Game of TOURISM Current Purpose is to Grow….. More visitors, More trips, More pax, More revenue, taxes Higher occupancy, Higher ADR, revenue More GDP More jobs
    11. 11. CURRENT TOURISM GOAL Growth by and for whom? Who benefits? • Destinations – need tax revenues and investment in amenities, infrastructure. Need to cover costs, manage reputation • Developers – need new spaces to develop! • Tourism multinationals – publicly owned need to grow to satisfy their market, ROI, quarterly results, valuation • Most SME’s in tourism (99%) are into survival! • Cope with volatility, boom and bust, rising costs • Satisfy Customers who want more for less each year • More regulation, New technology • And grow value – net profit per unit of transaction
    12. 12. THE GLOBAL CONUNDRUM We believe our economy has to grow More people; Higher expectations; Debt (interest)
    13. 13. THE GLOBAL CONUNDRUM We need resources to support that growth They’re becoming scarcer more costly to extract
    14. 14. THE GLOBAL CONUNDRUM We need resources to support that growth They’re becoming scarcer more costly to extract We’ll have to pay for externalities Cost of “Externalities” • US $7.3 trillion • 13% of GDP • Greenhouse gas 38% • Water 25% • Land use 24% • Air pollution (7%) • Other pollution (5%) • Waste (1%)
    15. 15. THE GLOBAL CONUNDRUM Businesses not preparing adequately
    16. 16. THE GLOBAL CONUNDRUM Businesses not preparing adequately
    17. 17. THE GLOBAL CONUNDRUM We’re living beyond our means
    18. 18. THE GLOBAL CONUNDRUM Heading towards a brick wall called “Limits”
    19. 19. THE GLOBAL CONUNDRUM The more we grow, the more wealth is concentrated http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/06/the-pitchforks-are-coming-for-us-plutocrats- 108014.html#.U745S1bMqzC
    20. 20. THE GLOBAL CONUNDRUM There’s no correlation between GDP growth and well being
    22. 22. Source: Kate Raworth, Doughnut Economics
    23. 23. “This report shows the world on a development trajectory that is not sustainable. If we fail to alter our patterns of production and consumption, things will go badly wrong.” 10 mega-forces, all connected in ways we don’t fully understand. ACKNOWLEDGING THE PROBLEM
    24. 24. The Earth’s environmental system is simultaneously coming under increasing stress. Future simultaneous shocks to both systems could trigger the “perfect global storm”, with potentially insurmountable consequences. 50 risk sources, all connected in ways we don’t fully understand TOP 4 • Wealth Disparity • Debt • Financial Instability • Global Governance
    25. 25. THE 1% ARE WORRIED
    26. 26. CAPITALISM MIGHT BE FLAWED “Capitalism does millions of things better than the alternatives. However, it is totally ill-equipped to deal with a small handful of issues. Unfortunately they are issues that are absolutely central to our long-term well being and even survival” Jeremy Grantham, co-founder GMO
    27. 27. CAPITALISM MIGHT BE FLAWED “Communism collapsed because it dedn’t allow prices to tell the economic truth Capitalism will collapse because it doesn’t allow prices to show the ecological truth” Oystein Dahle, former VP Exxon Mobil
    28. 28. THE GAME IS CHANGING Capitalism Re-thinking Itself Sustainable Economy, Renewing Capitalism, Conscious Capitalism, Corporation 2020, Sustainable Capitalism, Responsible Capitalism, Clean Capitalism, The Responsible Economy, Capitalism as if the Planet Matters, Creative Capitalism, Compassionate Capitalism, Just Capitalism, Regenerative Capitalism Spiritual Capital, Tomorrow’s Company, Breakthrough Capitalism, Sir
    32. 32. The Tourism Story
    33. 33. The Promise, The Goal
    34. 34. This is how the world really works
    35. 35. Where on this curve are we?
    36. 36. The Result • Growth in volume but more: • Volatility • DIMINISHING RETURNS • Lower Spending per capita • Growing congestion • Mountains of waste • Resident backlash 90% + of demand factors outside of the control of anyone in tourism
    37. 37. The Island Where Tourist Garbage is Stored in the Maldives Source: Daily Mail The Queue to Climb Everest Source: Guardian • see: Can Tourism Change its Operating Model? How will we handle congestion? How will we handle waste? How will we handle emissions? How will we manage our thirst for water and land? How will avoid residents’ backlash? Protest Sign Erected by Young Balinese Source: ABC They Paved Paradise How will we protect vulnerable people and cultures? Can we really handle another 600 million in just 12 more years?
    38. 38. THE Game Change is about Breakdown or breakthrough
    39. 39. How do we cross the chasm?
    40. 40. How do we breakthrough? How does Conscious Travel change the game? Back to Purpose
    42. 42. Conscious Travel a Game Changer because 1. We’re changing the purpose of travel – from simply growing (getting bigger) to FLOURISHING (becoming better) 2. Changing our story, narrative, lens, our paradigm regarding: • what it means to be human and alive • our relationship with Nature 3. Shifting our role from passive hosts to active change agents 4. Enlivening, re-vitalising our communities.
    43. 43. 1. Reframe growth as FLOURISHING
    44. 44. 2. Reframe growth as FLOURISHING
    45. 45. INSPIRATION
    46. 46. FLOURISHING MEANS A shift from: • more to better • quantity to quality • exclusive – benefitting a few - to inclusive with benefits being more evenly shared over time, space and between all stakeholders • Low to higher NET benefit in quantifiable AND non- quantifiable ways It’s about experiencing what it’s like to be • Fully alive • Experiencing Seligman’s PERMA + • Radiating vitality, energy, optimism • Adaptable, creative, resilient together • Hopeful, expansive not fearful and constricted • Peak Performance – “in the flow”
    47. 47. THE end game Destinations Guests Tourism Enterpreneurs/manager-owners Employees Suppliers Investors
    48. 48. 2. Changing our awareness
    49. 49. 2. Changing our minds, our mindsets
    50. 50. “We have one generation in which to shift human consciousness” Jeremy Rifkin
    51. 51. “The deepest crises experienced by any society are those moments of change when the story becomes inadequate for meeting the survival demands of a present situation.”
    52. 52. 3. Re-framing what it means to be human A cog in a machine?
    53. 53. 2. Re-framing what it means to be human Shaped by the box we’ve been assigned to?
    54. 54. 2. Re-framing what it means to be human A member of a living community
    55. 55. 2. Re-framing what it means to be human A free member of a dynamic, living community Having Being Homo Economicus Homo Sapiens, Sapiens Separate Connected “I”, Competitive, taking “We” Cooperative, collaborative, giving Scarcity, Hoarding Abundance, Sharing, Gift Machine Organism Extrinsic values, utility Intrinsic values Acquiring, complicated Experiening, evolving, complex Conforming Authentic Static Dynamic
    56. 56. 4. Re-framing our Relationship with Nature
    57. 57. "The tree which moves some to tears of joy is, in the eyes of others, only a green thing which stands in the way, Some see Nature all ridicule and deformity, and some scarce see Nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself. As a man is, so he sees." William Blake Change the way we see
    58. 58. Means all life and all nature flourishing too
    59. 59. 62 When you want to build a ship, you don’t start collecting wood, cutting planks and distributing work, but waken in the heart of people, a longing for the great and endless sea. Antoine St Expury Appeals to all of us – minds, hearts, body and soul
    60. 60. can “read the love letters sent by the wind and the rain, the snow and the moon” Our Purpose – to help our guests fall in love with life and Mother Earth and so that they too 63
    61. 61. The real purpose of tourism To have them fall in love again with life To move our guests from numbness to aliveness from indifference to empathy 64 To have our guests experience wonder
    62. 62. Tourism has a special role to play Finding & connecting
    63. 63. 4. Fulfill Tourism’s promise as a Force for GOOD • Connect • Heal • Restore, Regenerate • Transform • Cross-Pollinate • Community Change Agents
    64. 64. 4. Through New Organization Forms Not-for-profit Social Enterprise Travel Philanthropy Voluntourism Immersive Travel
    65. 65. 5. Emerging & embedded in Community “To build a popular environmentalism, we need to restore in people pride of place”
    66. 66. The Conscious Travel Vision A model A Collaborative Learning Platform A global network of learning communities
    67. 67. The Model
    68. 68. The Tourism Ecosystem 72
    70. 70. PURPO SE PURPOS E • The Why? • From growth to thriving, flourishing • Enliven • Enlighten • Engage • Enrich • HIGHER NET BENEFIT • Not more, but better and better for more! 74
    71. 71. PEOPLE PURPOSE • THE ENCOUNTER • Guest meets Host • Involves all senses • Affects the whole person – body, mind, heart and soul • Caring passionate hosts create happy, transformed guests • Engagement • Culture • Leadership PEOPLE 75
    72. 72. The Encounter is CRITICAL! What factors influence choice of hotel? 76
    73. 73. • Both parties must flourish and thrive • Flourishing is more than a transaction • Occurs when: • Happy, fulfilled guests • Refer others • Return • Rave • Happy fulfilled hosts enthusiastically encourage & enable their guest to explore more, stay longer, value more and care more Great Encounters! 77
    74. 74. PURPOSE • Places are NOT commodities • Each has its own unique essence or spirit • Unique mix of geography, history, people • Can’t be outsourced • Places are COMMUNITIES • Identity • Celebrate Revere PEOPLE PLACE PLACE 78
    75. 75. If we are going to take care of Mother Earth, we must learn to love her. 79
    76. 76. PURPOSE • SLOW down • LOCAL • Small • Experience don’t do • Wonder & awe PEOPLE PLACE PACE PROXIMIT Y PACE PROXIMIT Y 80
    77. 77. PURPOSE • Conservation • Stewardship • Regeneration • Minimum Harm • Protect and revitalise cultures • Respect residents • Nurture Conscious travelers PEOPLE PLACE PROTECTION PACE PROXIMIT Y PROTECTION 81
    78. 78. PURPOSE • Attracting the right visitor • Support not sell • All business is social • Need for Digital Literacy • It’s the ENCOUNTER remember? • Rave, Refer, Return PEOPLE PLACE PROTECTION PACE PROXIMIT Y PULL PULL 82
    79. 79. PURPOSE • We manage what we measure • Measure what matters! • Not volume but net benefit – community health & well-being • Customer delight ---- • R3 NPS • Smaller footprint • Sense of welcome & enthusiasm from hosts PEOPLE PLACE PROTECTION PACE PROXIMIT Y PERFORMAN CE PULL PERFORMAN CE 83
    81. 81. Assumptions 1. The task at hand is to re-connect and align with Life itself - Harmony with Nature; 2. Re-think our collective goals: from growth to flourishing; 3. Hosts to become active change agents; 4. Tourism enterprises will flourish by digging deep into purpose; 5. The model will change because human values are changing; and 6. Change starts and ends in
    82. 82. Imagine...... a network of host communities each exploring how to deliver net benefits from tourism, a good living for people, and transformative experiences for guests each in their own way? 86
    83. 83. In the same way that cells combine to form different organs of the body, so will the collective output of these cells combine to create a new organic, ecological form of tourism - one that is environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling www.conscious.travel www.slideshare.net/AnnaP That’s game changing!