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Beyond CSR & Sustainability


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Presentation to the Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa meeting in Durban, May 8th 2014

Presentation to the Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa meeting in Durban, May 8th 2014

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  • Thank you Birgit for your kind and encouraging comments.
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  • Thanks once again for sharing this presentation, Anna! Another most relevant and motivating presentation of yours that captures the underpinnings of a need for a value shift within travel and tourism, and beyond.

    I fully agree that it is important for all stakeholders to see the big picture and to take a view beyond ideas based purely on economic models that promote consumerism where human interactions and connectivity to our environment appear to serve purely functional means of economic benefit and self satisfaction. As you point out, Anna, culture is everything and includes a sense of purpose. The notion of collective purpose among those from different cultures is no doubt the challenge in our aspirations for sustainability.

    A quote from William Shakespeare captures this well:
    “The world is a stage filled with actors and actresses, but they come from different cultures and they need to coordinate their scripts and actions in order to accomplish their collective purpose.”

    Unfortunately, as Ron highlights there is still a pervasiveness of attitudes and actions defying the need for a value shift and change without collective purpose in mind. However, the evidence of growing consciousness and changing mindsets supported by the continuous global promotion of mutual care is encouraging.

    Your commitment and contributions, Anna, are inspiring. Thank you!
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  • Spot on as always Anna - so sorry I wasn't there to hear you speak
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  • Thanks, Anna. First, many thanks for sharing this presentation!

    The one thing that bothers me about certification is the lack of transparency from the organizations. Meetings are held behind closed doors, almost never with livestreaming video or means for remote participants to engage. The programs themselves have little feedback from locals or visitors outside of quantitative surveys. While you see something new emerging, I see more business as usual.
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  • It took 40 years to grow tourism to 400 million international trips -1990
    It took another 22 years to hit the 1 billion milestone = we would have been at that milestone in 2010 if an inconvenient truth of the financial kind hadn’t happened
    And the UNWTO are now confidently forecasting or is it projecting another 400 million to occur over the next 8 years
  • Mass tourism copied the same production – consumption model that KPMG say is unsustainable
    It is, therefore, subject to its same excesses and intrinsic weaknesses.
    It’s turned travelers and guests into consumers, tourists or, worse, market segments.
    It’s turned places into products and exotic experiences into safe packages that can be rated and compared by algorithm.
    Instead of obsessing about fulfillment, it fixates on efficiency, automation and standardization and then competes on price not value. Just think about it – we’ve taken a highly diverse complex planet that’s 13.5 billion years old with life forms that have taken 3.8 billion years to evolve and carved it up into products we now sell at bargain basement prices. Does that make sense? Does it make you proud?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Beyond CSR and Sustainability or why be responsible/sustainable? Anna Pollock, Founder, Conscious Travel  Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa 3rd  Annual Conference May 8th 2014
    • 2. Why is Change Necessary?
    • 3. “Business As Usual” Won’t Work! “population growth, exploitation of natural resources, climate change and other factors are putting the world on a development trajectory that is not sustainable…if we fail to alter our patterns of production and consumption, things will begin to go badly wrong”
    • 4. Costs and Risks to Increase “ The resources on which businesses rely will become more difficult to access and more costly. There will be an increasing strain on infrastructure and natural systems as patterns of economic growth and wealth change. Physical assets and supply chains will be affected by the unpredictable results of a warming world”
    • 5. Opportunities Also Exist “the bold, the visionary and the innovative recognise that what is good for people and the planet will also be good for the long- term bottom line and shareholder value… competitive advantage can be carved out of emerging risk.”
    • 6. • 50 sources of risk • All connected in ways we don’t fully understand • Could converge into “the perfect storm” • Use of the term “resilience” is on the rise
    • 7. Change Drivers
    • 8. Sixth Mass Extinction Losing a language every two weeks
    • 9. Wealth Concentration
    • 10. Debt
    • 11. Huge breakthroughs in science and technology More knowledge Connectivity……
    • 12. people and things Potentially everyone and everything is connected to everyone, all the time, from anywhere
    • 13. Digital Connectivity: Facebook Connections
    • 14. Analogue Connectivity: Airline Connections
    • 15. More knowledge Travelling further and faster So that ….. Change is accelerating in pace Power shifting from companies to people
    • 16. The Present Paradox Wealth is concentrating; knowledge and power are dispersing... Connectivity leads to instability and volatility………….???????????????
    • 17. The Pentagon’s Analysis
    • 18. + + =
    • 19. The NEW Consumer 21
    • 20. New Consumers still want MORE, but they are defining that differently. Now they seek more meaning, more deeply felt connections, more substance, more control, a greater sense of purpose and assuming more responsibility. 22 In Africa’s source markets
    • 21. Why the term “Conscious”?
    • 22. The Conscious Consumer Report, 2009, BBMG 24
    • 23. 25 •66% of consumers would prefer to buy products from companies that give back to society •62% would prefer to work for such companies •59% would prefer to invest in such companies •46% would be willing to pay extra for products and services from these companies DOING GOOD IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS: 2012
    • 24. 26 What Does a Conscious Traveller look like? • Curious • Seeks Immersive experiences • Local, authentic providers • Off beaten track • Niche • Information Hungry • Mindful – most of the time • Open to transformation • Highly connected • Can be slowed down • Willing to pay if needs met
    • 25. Tourism Evidence 27
    • 26. 28 People don’t grow, they develop
    • 27. 29
    • 28. Connectivity + Content •= Transparency •= Importance of Reputation •= Need for Innovation •= Need for Talent •= Need for Integrity Companies are Valued Differently Now 30
    • 29. The Humanisation of Business Culture is everything Culture is the sum of your values, beliefs, behaviours and sense of PURPOSE
    • 30. 32 Purpose Must Precede Profit Purpose + Passion = Performance & Profit
    • 32. CONSCIOUS CAPITALISTS •Whole Foods •Southwest Airlines •Zappos •The Container Store •Google •Amazon •Joie de Vivre T = Trust A = Authenticity C = Caring T = Transparency I = Integrity L = Learning E = Empowerment
    • 33. Sustainable Brands – Beyond CSR • NOT: how do we comply BUT • How do we make money and grow profit by making the world a better place? • How do we identify with the key issues of the day and become a valued agent for change? • How we in tourismleverage their influence to accelerate sustainability? 35
    • 34. How Do We Change our Mindset?
    • 35. Mainstream Tourism on the other hand..
    • 36. Now Suffering the long-term effects • Volatility • DIMINISHING RETURNS • Lower net benefit accruing to the host community • Not all tourists are the same • Unchecked tourism can do more harm than good? • Not all tourism is desirable • Choices have to be made 90% + of demand factors outside of the control of anyone in tourism 39
    • 37. Has Mass Tourism Outlived its Usefulness?
    • 38. Why Be Responsible? 1. Save money 2. Attract conscious, mindful travellers who will spend more, stay longer, travel further 3. Protect your reputation today; “licence to operate tomorrow” 42
    • 39. • Save Money • Reputation today; “licence to operate tomorrow” 43 Why Be Responsible?
    • 40. 44
    • 41. 45
    • 42. Why Be Responsible? 1. Save money 2. Attract conscious, mindful travellers who will spend more, stay longer, travel further 3. Protect your reputation today; “licence to operate tomorrow” 4. Employee recruitment, retention and engagement 5. Guest engagement, referral, returns & raves 6. Resource protection – nature and culture 7. Improve performance, vitality, resilience 46
    • 43. When you want to build a ship, you don’t start collecting wood, cutting planks and distributing work, but waken in the heart of people, a longing for the great and endless sea. Antoine St Expury 47 Why not be more than responsible?
    • 44. You never change things by fighting existing reality, You change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete Buckminter Fuller 48 Why not build something better?
    • 45. PURPOSE Why not help our guests see the world & each other differently? As kin responsible for the health of
    • 46. Because tourism is not an Industry It’s an Ecosystem 50
    • 47. What might a better tourism look like? 51
    • 48. Why not… move our guests from numbness to aliveness from indifference to empathy? Rediscover some meaning & purpose to their lives? 52 have our guests experience wonder?
    • 49. can “read the love letters sent by the wind and the rain, the snow and the moon” Why not – help our guests fall in love with life and Mother Earth so that they too 53
    • 50. 54 One generation to shift the relationship between Humans and Mother Earth:   •From Ignorance to Curiosity •From Superiority to Respect •From Mean-spiritedness to Gratitude •From Extraction to Regeneration •From Indifference to Activism •From Disdain to Love
    • 51. 55 Africa can help bring us back to our own true nature Africa can bring us back home Isn’t that reason enough?
    • 52. 56 Conscious Travel not more but better Better for more • A model • A learning program • A network