How to Write an Argument


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Everyone should know how to write a good argument. Whether you're doing your homework or composing a cover letter, it always pays to be convincing. This slide show will show you how to write a solid argument and have fun doing it!

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How to Write an Argument

  1. 1. Writing an Argument
  2. 2. The PlanHow to write an argumentGetting people to listen to your sideWriting academicallyCitations, bibliography, etc.Easier than it soundsDoing researchAKA the fun part
  3. 3. What is an argument?
  4. 4. ArgumentA reason or set of reasons given with the aim ofpersuading others that an action or idea is rightor wrong.Definition of argument in Oxford English Dictionaries.(2013). Oxford Dictionaries Online. Oxford University:Oxford University Press. Retrieved from
  5. 5. ArgumentThoughtful and reasoned outBased on factsCitable sources whose ownpositions are based onresearchArguments are made of research!
  6. 6. OpinionA view or judgment formed about something,not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.Definition of opinion in Oxford English Dictionaries. (2013).Oxford Dictionaries Online. Oxford University: OxfordUniversity Press. Retrieved from
  7. 7. OpinionBased on your feelings and beliefsBackground, personal bias, etc.No sources other than your brainMakes people stop listening to you
  8. 8. Building an argumentFind a bunch of existing positionsAKA “do research”Present themRepresent multiple sides!Use them to make your own pointYour point will be:ReasonedRationalBased on the research
  9. 9. The Electric CarSide 1:Research suggests that companies will needto increase the electric cars range and lower itscost before it becomes a good option for drivers.(Rajashekara, 1994).
  10. 10. The Electric CarSide 2:But Kirsch (2000) shows that the electric carhas emerged again and again in history tocompete with gasoline engines.
  11. 11. The Electric CarYour position:Based on these facts, its clear that there is acontinuing strong interest in the electric car. Theelectric car is a good investment for companiesdespite the challenges.
  12. 12. AdvantagesPersuasiveYouve thought about the issue from multiple anglesAddresses other points of viewMakes it easier to address criticismMakes people respect youBecause youre smart!
  13. 13. Citations and Bibliography
  14. 14. Why?Show your professor where yougot your informationThen they can see what anawesome researcher you are!Validate your factsGive creditConventionEveryone uses the same style
  15. 15. APA CitationKirsch (2000) makes the case that theelectric car will succeed because it hassucceeded in the past.ORThe electric car has succeeded in the pastand will succeed again in the future. (Kirsch,2000)
  16. 16. ResearchTime!
  17. 17. APA BibliographyKirsch, D.A. (2000). The Electric car and theburden of history. Rutgers, VT: RutgersUniversity Press.Rajashekara, K. (1994). History of ElectricVehicles in General Motors. IEEEtransactions on Industry Applications, 30(4). Retrieved from
  18. 18. Your ResearchYour Paper
  19. 19. Your ResourcesLibrariansDatabasesGet them through the library!Good ol fashioned printBooksMagazinesMicrofichePlease refer to your handouts for some ideas!
  20. 20. About the Internet...GoogleWeb page popularity contestNo accounting for qualityNot your friendWikipediaAnyone can editChanges constantlyNot your friend