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  1. 1. Links KORISNI LINKOVI ZA NASTAVU BIOLOGIJE Teorija evolucije Ćelija Java Applets of Molecules @ Biologija škola mladih znastvenika VIEW MOLECULES IN 3-D... USING JMOL APPLET Biologija za 7. Razred Morska akvaristika option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=36&Itemid=61 24 tour of the basics tour of the basics WHAT IS DNA ? WHAT IS A PROTEIN ? Learn about the universal code of life. Learn about the molecules that make us who we are. Math and Physics Applets interactive explore BUILD A DNA MOLECULE Find out how the DNA code letters AGCT make a DNA molecule by building one yourself. PREUZETO SA STRANICE PREUZETO SA STRANICE Oscillations and Waves Signal Processing Ripple Tank (2-D Waves) Applet Fourier Series Applet Ripple tank simulation that demonstrates wave motion, Frequency analysis of periodic functions. interference, diffraction, refraction, Doppler effect, etc. 2-D Waves Applet Digital Filters Demonstration of wave motion in 2-D. Filters digital signals and plays the output on your speakers. 3-D Waves Applet Demonstration of wave motion in 3-D. Acoustics Coupled Oscillations Applet Loaded String Applet Demonstration of longitudinal wave motion in oscillators Simulation of wave motion of a string. connected by springs. Dispersion Applet Rectangular Membrane Waves Applet Dispersion and group velocity. Vibrational modes in a 2-d membrane. Circular Membrane Waves Applet Resonata - A Wave Machine Vibrational modes in a 2-d circular membrane (drum head). Bar Waves Applet Bending waves in a bar. Vowels Applet The acoustics of speech. Box Modes Applet Acoustic standing waves in a 3-d box. Acoustic Interference Applet Generates audio interference between your speakers. New Section 1 Page 1
  2. 2. PREUZETO SA STRANICE PREUZETO SA STRANICE Simulations Physics > Sound & Waves Biology Color Vision Wave Blackbody Spectrum Interference Optical Tweezers and Radio Waves & Balloons and Static Applications Electromagnetic Fields Electricity Eating & Curve Fitting Exercise Density Fourier: Making Wave on a String Waves Sound Natural Gene Machine: The Lac Selection Molecular Motors Operon Microwaves pH Scale Neuron Optical Tweezers and Applications Salts & Plinko Probability Solubility Reactions & Rates Stretching DNA Simplified MRI Sound Razno Physics Animations WavesWave on a String Optics Mechanics Thermodynamics Electricity Online kviz znanja PREUZETO SA STRANICE Simulations Physics New Section 1 Page 2
  3. 3. Alpha Decay Balloons & Buoyancy Balloons and Static Electricity Battery Voltage Battery-Resistor CircuitBand Structure Blackbody SpectrumBeta Decay Build an Atom Calculus GrapherBuoyancy Capacitor LabCharges and Fields Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC) Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual LabCircuit Construction Kit (DC Only) Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only), Virtual Lab Collision LabColor Vision Conductivity Davisson-Germer: Electron DiffractionDensity Double Wells and Covalent Bonds Electric Field Hockey Energy Skate Park Faradays Electromagnetic LabElectric Field of DreamsFaradays Law Forces and Motion Forces in 1 Dimension FrictionFourier: Making Waves Gas Properties Geometric OpticsGenerator Gravity Force Lab New Section 1 Page 3
  4. 4. Ladybug Motion 2DThe Greenhouse Effect John Travoltage Lunar LanderLadybug Revolution Lasers Masses & SpringsMagnet and Compass Magnets and ElectromagnetsMaze Game Microwaves Models of the Hydrogen Atom Motion in 2DMolecular Motors The Moving ManMy Solar System Neon Lights & Other Discharge Lamps Nuclear FissionOhms Law Pendulum Lab Optical Tweezers and ApplicationsPhotoelectric Effect Projectile Motion Quantum Bound StatesQuantum Tunneling and Wave Packets Quantum Wave Interference Radio Waves & Electromagnetic FieldsThe Ramp Ramp: Forces and Motion Reactions & RatesResistance in a Wire Reversible Reactions Rutherford Scattering Signal CircuitSemiconductors Simplified MRI Stern-Gerlach Experiment States of Matter New Section 1 Page 4
  5. 5. States of MatterSound TorqueStretching DNA Wave InterferenceWave on a String New Section 1 Page 5