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  1. 1. IÉSEG  School  of  Management   Lille,  France  
  2. 2. About LILLE Inside an autob usEasy to get to anywhere (bus+metro+walk)  University Town, full of students and vibrantyoung people  Old-looking, but very modern4th largest city in FranceMany students can speak English yet itsstill a struggle to converse with others if youcant speak FrenchGood location in Europe!   1 hour to Paris, 1.5 hours to London, 30mins to Brussels (via train)   Many forms of intercity/intercountry Christmas in Lille!transpo available: Trains, Buses, etc.  
  3. 3. About IÉSEG 300! Awoo! Awoo!“Conférence  des  Grandes  Écoles;”  functionsunder Université Catholique de Lille, thelargest Catholic university in FranceComposition: 5 buildings, 2 dorms Our cute campusMany international students (around 300in the fall semester of over 40nationalities,  including other Filipinos fromLa Salle, and China, Canada, and USA)!  Classes consist of a balance of Frenchand international students so you are sureto meet a diverse group of people!   Filipino dinner
  4. 4. Academics and Student Life Typical Schedul e French orals!Intensive (1 class/week, 8h30-12h45 daily)  Extensive (similar to ADMU, 3 hours per week)  Not as rigorous but the approach is much morepractical  Lots of options for classes that are very specificand specialized  Focus: group works (case work, reports, simulationof real world practices)  Very few requirements since each 2 ECTS (or 1unit) class is only about 18 hours long  Well-experienced teachers from all over the world  Class population: 12-80 students   Tiramisu-making in French class
  5. 5. Chateau de ChaAcademics and Student Life mbord Welcome DinnerClub International: they preparesocial and cultural trips & events suchas: - buddy nights - weekly get-togethers - international parties - independence day celebrations - movie nights - day and weekend trips - language cafés   Language Café (D ec)Not much opportunities for orgs/clubs/extra-curricular activities Their logo
  6. 6. Academics and Student Life Asso Inter’ Iéseg: https://www.facebook.com/ClubInterIeseg http://twitter.com/clubinterieseg
  7. 7. Life in Lille Mexican Independence Day 2011Active night life LASER TAGMany leisure activities such as bowling,laser tag, etc.  Plenty of restaurants of different cuisines  Culture is close to that of the Belgians yetstill very French!  Relatively safe (but there is still a need to becautious, occasional theft and brawls still doexist)  Braderie, the city-wide "tiangge" takes placearound the first weekend of September andmay even coincide with the carnival!   At Blois, France
  8. 8. Life in Lille At Tita Juliet’sLille Titas! (Tita Juliet, Tita Myrna, AteSheila, etc)- very, very nice andaccommodating people who will makeyou feel the Philippines in France!  You can possible get a part-time job(baby sitting, tutoring, etc) but it isdifficult if you cant speak French.  Pace of life is slower and more relaxedthan what a lot of us are used to.Weather: colder and wetter than mostparts of France. Lille Titas
  9. 9. Life in Lille Dog Sandwiches everywhere we go!Must try: Dog Sandwiches (Bresil) Gaufres au Chocolat (Nutella) Beers (Leffe, Desperados, Triple Karmeliet, etc.) Le Must (kebab) La grignotte (pizza near Iéseg) Mezzo di Pasta That Chinese takeout along Rue Meurein (Riz aux crevettes) Macarons (Paul) Escargots Moules et frites (Aux Moules) Frites from La Boîte à Sandwichs Wazemmes chicken Flunch (unlimited sides) El Riyadh La Chicoreeh AEU Cafeteria (3 euros) Nomnomnom…
  10. 10. Life in Lille Le Rendez-vousMust try: Partying (casual attire) Clubs (Network, Smile, Latina) Houses Costumes International dinners International nights Le Rendez-vous, etc. Shopping during Braderie Shopping when it’s not Braderie Jardin Vauban Le Furet du Nord Filipino dinner
  11. 11. ExpensesRent: 255-535 (AEU dorms), 405-750 (IESEG dorms), 300++ (forprivate flats/apartments with roommates)  Food:   Groceries: 15-20 euros for 2 weeks of food, necessities Restaurant: Kebabs & other cheap meals for 6-8 euros   Finer food would cost 10 euros++   AEU cafeteria: 3 euros [inclusive of meal, 2 side dishes (you can get seconds!), 2 viands of dessert/appetizers/drinks]  Transportation: 1,40 euros/trip (but the city is VERY walkable)  Printing and photocopying: 0,13 (B/W), 0,25 (colored)Average monthly expense (basic cost of living, doesnt includetraveling): 500 to 700 euros  
  12. 12. Tips•  Shopping –  Euralille, Wazemmes, Vieux Lille•  Grocery Shopping –  Carrefour in Euralille (biggest) –  Other Carrefour branches –  Match Cooking class –  Wazemmes•  Banking Issues –  HSBC, bank transfer –  Societe Generale, BNP Paribas•  OFII –  You apply for the rights of a French resident –  Do not miss your appointment!•  Accommodations –  AEU Dorms –  Flats Le Rendez-vous•  Travel plans –  Eurail Rico, the Canadian
  13. 13. Tips•  Do not forget: Welcome Dinner –  Meds –  Food (if you want) –  Sewing kit –  Nail cutter –  Adaptors –  Souvenirs from the Philippines –  Extension cords –  Photos (2x2, passport) –  Watch –  At least 2 phones International Dinners –  Chargers –  Photocopies of everything –  Rubber shoes Night-out
  14. 14. Tips House Parties!•  Try to learn French.•  Don’t be cliquish!•  Don’t be a mob!•  Hang out with the other international students!•  Hang out with the French students!•  Party! Party! Party!•  Be very practical. International Love•  Keep in touch with your families!•  Plan ahead!•  Travel.•  Get to know Lille!•  EXPERIENCE. on Night Life Lond
  15. 15. Helpful LinksDaily diary: http://inabinaineurope.blogspot.com/Movies: http://www.allocine.fr/seance/salle_gen_csalle=P0086.htmlTrains: http://www.voyages-sncf.com/, http://www.ter-sncf.com/Local bus schedules: http://transpole.fr/Hostels: http://www.hostelbookers.com/,http://www.hostelworld.com/, http://www.hotel-bb.com/,http://www.hihostels.com/Cheap airlines: http://www.ryanair.com/en,http://www.easyjet.com/EN, http://wizzair.com/,http://www.vueling.com/EN/Cheap car rides: http://www.covoiturage.fr/ Look, it’s Fr. Ben!
  16. 16. Life outside Lille
  17. 17. Life outside Lille
  18. 18. Life outside Lille
  19. 19. Life outside Lille