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Simon walker barnes & noble

  1. 1. A Thriving NewDigital BusinessThe Developer Opportunity with Barnes & Noble
  2. 2. The eReading Revolution is Here2
  3. 3. We Know Readers3
  4. 4. Barnes & Noble – 2M+ 1,300+ RetailWorld’s Largest Unique Titles Sold Outlets in 50 States Bookstore Each Year4
  5. 5. We Know Digital5
  6. 6. Newsstand eBooks Kids Picture Apps Books Most Advanced Digital Reading Platform6
  7. 7. Market Opportunity is Exploding Q4 ‘10 Q4 ‘11 Tablet Market is 2.5x Larger,Year over Year • Android grew 3.4x vs iOS grew 2.1x Apple iOS Android Microsoft Others Source: Engadget, 01/26/2012 from data by Strategy Analytics
  8. 8. Rave Reviews! “Readers’ Choice for “Pure, instant tactile joy” “Best e-ink reader.” eBook Readers” Gizmodo, 11/17/11 CNET, 6/1/2011 PC Magazine 2011 “Great design and fast performance” Fortune 20118
  9. 9. A Winning Platform “ …more than 14% of voters said they would buy the NOOK from Barnes & Noble. Only 5.6% of voters said they would buy Amazons Kindle Fire. ” - February 24th, 20129
  10. 10. Passionate Voracious Prolific Social10
  11. 11. Hello I’m “ Reading for me is about pure “ enjoyment, escaping 38 Years Old & feeling inspired 1-2 “ Books Purchased per Month Technology “ should be simple It just has to “work”11
  12. 12. Let’s Talk about “…apps are the company’s fastest-growing content area…entertainment, movies, games, kids.” Barnes & Noble CEO, William Lynch, Feb 21, 201212
  13. 13. Showing You theMoneyTop-selling Apps “Working with the B&N Nook Developer Team has been a wonderful experience and amazing income opportunity.”grossing over Darren Murtha, CEO - Murtha Design Inc. “Sales have been very good compared to other stores. A lot of$100K within first 30 other stores we get buried in hundreds of thousands of apps, many of them poorly built.....” Keith Pichelman, Co-founder and CEO, Concrete Software, Inc.days and over $1M “We found a real business partner in Barnes & Noble….As a publisher, our partners get their apps noticed, sales exceed expectations and oursince launch customers are delighted.” Brett Gough, CEO - Toy Studio “The Nook and the BN store have been a huge blessing to our small indieApps Sales 4-10x studio. We have our games on all the major app stores, but the sales on the Nook account for around 50% of our total revenue. It would be tremendously difficult to keep making games if we didnt have the revenue from the BN sales.”over other app stores Brock Henderson, Partner – Elevate Entertainment13
  14. 14. Curated High Quality App Experience 5-star Reviews Epicurious Oregon Trail “I love all the great recipes… “One of the best games this is the best app I have!!!. on my nook.” Plants vs. Zombies It’s a Small World “Keep up these new game releases. “This is so cute! Our grandchildren B&N you’re doing an awesome job.” will absolutely love this.” The Lorax Pocket Express “Very good book! I like the colors “All I could ask for at and how interactive it is.” my fingers tips!” Word With Friends QuickOffice Pro “Great fun and play at your “Best app I’ve downloaded so far.” own pace!”14
  15. 15. “ Here’s what I use my tablets for: Reading e-books, watching Netflix and Hulu Plus videos; listening to music; playing some games; and lightweight Web browsing and writing. That’s it. Guess what? For my purposes, I use my Nook Tablet about nine times “ as often as I do my iPads. Steven J.Vaughan-Nichols 2/24/12 Source: with-a-good-inexpensive-android-tablet/10544?tag=content%3bselector-blogs15
  16. 16. Types of Apps Education Kids Learning & Development Communications Productivity Media Games Food and Wine Health and Fitness Shopping Fashion Home and Garden Travel16
  17. 17. Types of Apps Education Kids Learning & Development Communications Productivity Media Games Food and Wine Health and Fitness Shopping Fashion Home and Garden Travel17
  18. 18. We Are All about Family and Kids Barnes & Noble is No.1 in Kids 38% of picture book market 37% of juvenile category 95% of US moms age 18-45 live within 15 minutes of a B&N 87K in-store events18
  19. 19. Deploy Your Market and Sell to Apps Quickly with Our Tools and Resources Benefits Millions of Customers19
  20. 20. Unmatched Our Doors are Visibility and Exposure Open to You20
  21. 21. App Video on In-store Signage21
  22. 22. “ Cross-promotions can help app developers gain exposure in an extremely crowded app market. They can encourage Barnes & Noble customers to buy NOOK tablets and regularly return to the stores to receive bonuses inside apps or to ” buy goods related to the software.22
  23. 23. Your App Here23
  24. 24. Let’s Change the Future of Reading Together Get Coding: Get Social: @NOOKDeveloper @simon_a_walker24