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I love to make slide presentation for process writing for my students. Here is one of them.I have bunch of those of different types of essays. This is an accident report (essay).Well, you may find some minor mistakes as English is not my native language. For teachers, you are encouraged to use in your classroom without changing the name of the author. Thanks!

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Accident Report - essay

  1. 1. Accident report (essay) By: Anna Isha Jul 2013
  2. 2. A road accident  You were walking along a busy main road in the centre of town near the market. Suddenly, somebody ran out into the road and this caused an accident. You were very close to the scene of the accident, and you were able to help the victims. Afterwards, the police asked you to write a report saying as clearly as possible.
  3. 3. Details that you may include:  How the accident happened  The exact time and location  Description of the vehicle  What you did after the accident  Whose fault you think it was
  4. 4. Details :  1. registration /plate number of the vehicles  2. feeling of shock  3. what were you doing  4. who ran into the accident  5. things that you wanted to do but unable to do  6. about the victim’s condition
  5. 5. Phrases:            -ran backwards towards - avoided of …. -skidded -lost of his driving control/ in uncontrolled condition/steering wheel Didn’t fasten his seat belt/buckled up When the lorry took over the other car The driver seemed unaware /oblivious of the presence of the pedestrian -crashed with …/bumped into…/ Collide with… Unintentionally/accidentally hit the person in the face Victims? - plunged into a muddy ditch/gorge/puddle/ -collapsed/passed out before … became unconscious/
  6. 6. The helper/observer I ran with supersonic speed ran as fast as a hare  As of a lightning speed, I dashed to the rescue  I ran with all my might  I galloped as fast as my feet took me
  7. 7. Victims: -pieces of flesh scattered on the road Intestines swelling out of the abdominal part Wounded/ minor injury/major injury Screamed hysterically Twisted on his ankle/sprained on his knee His leg got amputated by the crane Cut into halves Dragged by the lorry for more than … metres Bruised(lebam) on his face, swollen Being sandwiched between a lorry and a backhoe Dazed terribly after escaping from the car’s window Tumbling (berguling) Blood was squirting out of the opening cut Extracting the protruding spokes/metal bar/rod from the man’s chest Blood trickling down his thigh
  8. 8. The vehicles:            A tremendous crash/then the disaster struck…. -the car dented terribly Suddenly the bus engine went dead and it jolted violently(the victims were thrown off balance) A car swerved into my path Blaring horns A loud explosion rocked the nearby house A loud blast followed by a commotion(suasana kelam kabut) on the streets the bus lurched to one side and the next moment the passengers were clinging desperately on their seats -the impact of collision hurled us flying into the air(terlambung ke udara) As if I felt my body is launched to the space by a giant jolt The bus/car etc tilted from side to side on the bumpy ride. (terumbang-ambing …di jln berbonggol2)
  9. 9. feelings              Congested with anxiety and fear Catching my nerves Trembling my feet Shivering my body Startling incident Filled/evaporated with a sudden sorrow Deep inside he’s swallowing a great sorrow Terrified with … Traumatised with.. A worse fate befell the victims as he had to undergo …… Regained his consciousness With excruciating pain/ pain was so piercing That was the time when he caught his last breath/kicked his bucket Ear-piercing scream/
  10. 10. SCARE: Frightening /Terrifying/Scary moment Stratling/ fearsome/fearful
  12. 12. AFTER-INCIDENT             The fire gutted the entire body of the vehicle The fire engulfed /the wild fire Fire had eaten almost half part of the .. Fire had swallowed up…. The raging/blazing/flamming fire The pickering fire had grabbed her apparel I engaged in a heroic battle over the flamming blaze The firemen were busy splashing jet of water until the fire subdued. The smouldering car/building/Kancil car estimated loss of …RM… Cordoned off by the police Cone hurdle to obstruct the traffic flow
  13. 13. Example of short essay (not the best one) with multiple slapstick effect in the accident   The sun peeked behind those fluffy clouds and sprayed its golden silhouttee on those rooftops of the city dwellers as I stepped out of my house to Kesington road. I was taking along that busy main road in the centre of London nearby the market, as I saw a blind specky old man with a stick was walking alone at the market. Suddenly he rushed backward avoiding a group of workers holding a giant mirror heading to the opposite shop. The Chevrolet metallic blue car driver unintentionally lost his steering wheel’s control and seemed unaware of the presence of him, hit him and left him alone scouring for a pair of his dark rayban glasses on the road. Intended to help the blind man, a lanky guy rushed to offer his help. Dragging the blind man, to a safer road shoulder, made him relieved a few second, thus he dashed to pick the glasses . However, there was a lorry in another way speeding and taking over a car in front, oblivion of the helper by the road, thus plunging the helper into a muddy ditch and dragging the blind man for more than 2 feet length lying him on the greenery grass. Screeching breaks and wails broke the silence. The blind man was moaning in anguish of his twisted ankle and back ache while the helper was yelling to the top of his voice of his breaking femur and those stinky splash. The situation got worse and complicated . It was originally a doubled hit and run incident. The car which was being taken over by the lorry collided with the lorry’s back bumper and the following car bumped into its boot. To aggravate the situation about 10 metres away, the same lorry crashed into the electric pole as the driver was turning around while driving and lost his foresight. It occurred in a split of a second and I was dumbfounded , speechless in aweful awe.
  14. 14. Copyright® AnnaIsha2013 Anybody is allowed to use especially in the classroom but nobody can reproduce or change without the consent of the author. Thank you. Have a nice day.