Email marketing best practices summarized


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Comm100 provides you with summarized email marketing best practices from all aspects you'll want to improve in your email campaign.

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Email marketing best practices summarized

  1. 1. Email Marketing Best Practices SummarizedThroughout this ebook, weve provided you with best practices summaries for all areas of emailmarketing. Here weve compiled them for your easy reference. Email Marketing Best Practices: Sales Conversion EmailsAs a general rule, a good sales email should practice all the best practices for subject lines, html designand contents. Comm100 provides you with a detailed checklist of all the best practices you need foryour sales conversion emails. Email Marketing Best Practices: Drive Clicks to Page Impressions from EmailsAt the end of the day, youll need your readers to click-through and complete the revenue-generatingtransaction. Comm100 tells you the key best practices that youll need to keep in mind in order tosuccessfully accomplish that goal. Email Marketing Best Practices: Customer Retention & Winback EmailsCustomer retention and win-back emails will have a number of similar best practices to other emails.However, Comm100 tells you how to take particular note of changes in content, offer, and subject linepractices. Email Marketing Best Practices: Key Content Tips for Creating Email ContentAt the heart of it all, the email that you send is content that you want your readers to care about.Comm100 offers you some best practices for creating either information-based or promotion-relatedcontent for your emails. Email Marketing Best Practices: Email Landing PageIn a great number of cases, a good landing page can make the difference between a successful emailcampaign and a sub-par email campaign. Comm100 tells you the basic best practices to optimize yourlanding page. Email Marketing Best Practices: Encouraging Existing Customers to Join YourEmail ListWhen building your email database, previous and existing customers often present the lowest hangingfruit and the easiest opportunity. Comm100 covers the best practices here for recruiting existingcustomers to your email. 1
  2. 2. Email Marketing Best Practices: Designing an Email Sign Up BoxA well done email sign-up box can easily turn your slow and tedious email list growth into healthy emaillist growth Comm100 offers you the best practices of designing an email sign-up box. Email Marketing Best Practices for Testing EmailsIn order to create a successful email campaign, your marketing email has to be tested from all aspectsraging from an obvious subject line to some hidden email graphics. Comm100 summarizes all the testingbest practices for you. 10 Email Marketing Best Practices to Design EmailsCreating and designing the email template, content and its landing page can be a challenge. Comm100provides you with a quick summary of the ten most important best practices to consider when designingan email template. 2