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Wk1 Overview

  1. 1. Multiplatform Module 58213 Research and Practice
  2. 2. About meBackgroundCrime Playsanna@dogmoneyworld.com
  3. 3. About youIntros- Name- Why you are doing communications- What you want to achieve- Are you working on anything or have any ideasyou plan to work on
  4. 4. Outline- Wk 1 Overview- Wk 2 UX and Design- Wk 3 Project Management and Documentation- Wk 4 Pitch Practice- Wk 5 Assessment Presentation
  5. 5. A quick noteThe assessment will be getting in groups of 2-3- a proposal document- a proof of concept- a live pitch of the project
  6. 6. What is multiplatform?- Transmedia - a buzzed out word- Telling stories across multiple platforms- Consider how can I tell my story most effectively,then employ those platforms
  7. 7. What is multiplatform?Storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to a viewer/user/players understanding of the story world.—Henry Jenkins, 2006
  8. 8. Bring it back to the story- Storytelling is how we understand our world- It is a very exciting and privileged position- Tell a story in everything you do
  9. 9. Bring it back to the storyWe are lonesome animals. We spend all of our lifetrying to be less lonesome. One of our ancientmethods is to tell a story begging the listener tosay-and to feel- ‘Yes, that is the way it is, or at leastthat is the way I feel it.’ You’re not as alone as youthought.—John Steinbeck
  10. 10. Why?- Stories can get lost- Lost in the real world. Project management,practicalities, budgets, client demands- Transmedia is NOT Marketing- Storytelling is one of the best ways to put ideasout into the world.
  11. 11. Transmedia is NOT marketing Sterling’s Gold - boring quotes from the TV series, not new memoirs. You don’t want to risk disappointing the community of fans. “If Roger Sterling’s book sucks”, this damages the whole property. Book not consistent with Mad Men series
  12. 12. Although...Marketing may be used as transmedia, to enrichthe story world.Transmedia techniques are used for brands, withvarying degrees of success.The key to this success is authenticity of the storyto the brand.Sterlings quotes = not authentic to Mad Men
  13. 13. iPhone App to test your drink stirring skills.
  14. 14. Personalisation
  15. 15. User is co-creator of narrativeTransmedia is not just how we consume content -it’s how we create the story of our lives.
  16. 16. User is co-creator of narrativeIncreasingly, I realized that I could not merely tellhis story. Rather, I would have to tell my storyabout him.—Ronald Steel
  17. 17. Non-linear andmultidimensional
  18. 18. Everyone is a storytellerBecause storytelling, and visual storytelling, wasput in the hands of everybody, and we have all nowbecome storytellers.—Levar Burton
  19. 19. Everyone is a storyteller- Many digital platforms means democratisation ofstorytelling- Anyone can tell a story, on any different platform- Storytelling is not restricted to the privileged few
  20. 20. Everyone is a storytellerThe Internet is allowing us to get back to whatsreally more natural, which is that storytelling is ashared thing. Its our natural way to be communal.—Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  21. 21. Player generatedaccounts. Charactersliving and breathing.No cost to AMC. BUT -how true to characterare they?
  22. 22. The platforms Twitter Song Comments Youtube Spotify Podcast CD Film Tablets Radio Album DVD Facebook iPad Website Forums News BooksTumblr eBook Blog AR Zine Flyer Virtual Worlds MerchandiseFacebook Games Magazine Console Games Mobile Game TV PC Games Article
  23. 23. Why use different platforms?- Can offer an individualised experience -information about the audience to tailor the story tothem- Personal devices- Interactivity- 2 way conversation
  24. 24. But don’t go crazy- Consider the story first - and then choose theplatforms which are most useful to tell it across- Don’t feel like you need to include every platform
  25. 25. Know your tools Web Mobile Tablets Games Social Virtual “Legacy”- Podcast - Mobile - Games - PC Games - Twitter - 2nd Life - Film- Website Apps - Apps - Console - Facebook - Comments - Story- Blog - Mobile - Media for - Facebook - Facebook - Forums - Article- Tumblr Games consuming Games Games - AR - Song- News - AR on Tablets - Comments - Zine- Spotify - Mobisodes - 2nd Screen - Forums - Album - - Magazine Educational - TV platforms - Radio - Tumblr - Books - News - DVD - CD - Merch*Only a few of the platforms available
  26. 26. Platform map- Consider what platforms you can tell your storyfrom- Map out which are going to be most relevant- Consider how you tell the story differently on eachdevice
  27. 27. Interactivity and control- Remote control Passive influences onOur most passive interactivity content: - Selection of next step Device; Day and Time; LocationFast forward, pause and (anonymous)rewind (linear control) - Chose your own adventure - Selection of Point of View (POV) - Ability to influence story line/create characters - Inclusion of ‘self’ and our world as part of the storyline - Full participation of ourselves as ‘stars’ of the show
  28. 28. Interactivity and control- Selection of next step (anonymous)- Chose your own adventure- Selection of Point of View (POV)- Ability to influence story line/create characters- Inclusion of ‘self’ and our world as part of the storyline- Full participation of ourselves as ‘stars’ of the show
  29. 29. Crime Plays- Crime Plays is a locative social mobile game,which puts a crime-based story world in the palm ofyour hand- Achieved early stage funding of $180,000 throughNSW Government’s Interactive Media Fund- In production since April 2012
  36. 36. Fictional/ story websites Live / Twitter crime experiential feed elementsOnline and CRIME PLAYS in-game SMART-PHONE Facebookwebisodes APP Brand User relationships generated and location play leverage Online hub
  37. 37. Market Opportunity AU• 8.8 million smartphone users in Australia, projections to reach 12.2 million by end of 2013.• 1.65 million within the target market of 18-29.• 65% of that audience are active gamers.• That’s 1.2 million within our target market domestically1. http://blog.marginmedia.com.au/Our-Blog/bid/81865/Smartphone-Use-in-Australia-The-Advantage-for-Marketers2. http://www.slideshare.net/dynamicclarity/global-australian-smartphone-and-apple-ios-statistics-in-june-20113. http://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/documents/SA_publications/Rpt_AudiencePack.pdf
  38. 38. Customers and Revenue• The Crime Plays target audience is males, 18-34.• Crime Plays will be freemium1. In-app purchases will make up the bulk of the revenue, with players able to buy weapons, armour and items to help them progress through the game.• The story arc is delivered over a 12 episodes per season, which will take approx. 8-12 weeks to complete• Sponsorship1. 50% of 25 top-grossing games are free, with 50% of revenue from the top grossing apps coming from in-apppurchases. http://networkedblogs.com/l723B
  39. 39. TeamAnna Bay James Boyce Claire EvansCEO Creative Director CMO
  40. 40. Team Chris Lawson Melody Wang Technical iOS Developer Director
  41. 41. Where we are going• In December 2012 soft-launch a beta Chapter 1• In January 2013 we’ll raise Series A funding• In April 2013 we’ll launch the remaining Season 1 content and market the game heavily worldwide
  42. 42. Crime Plays• Crime Plays is a disruptive mobile solution which creates an immersive, game world.• Uses your location to fully customise your experience and create truly immersive game play.• Crime Plays will introduce mobile players to story- driven gameplay in an immersive way, engaging the players emotions, senses and morals.
  43. 43. Storyworlds
  44. 44. My Placehttp://www.abc.net.au/abc3/myplace/credits.htm TV SeriesBook Online World
  45. 45. Mischief and adventure abound in MyPlace, the story of 13 children, all with atalent for some kind of trouble. They livein the one place, over 120 years, 1888 to2008. Each hiding up the very same figtree, each with a story to tell.
  46. 46. Pottermore
  47. 47. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnwLUGJlH5Q Text
  48. 48. Keep it easyBarriers to entryDon’t spoil the magic
  49. 49. Reality
  50. 50. Jamie Oliver
  51. 51. Consider your goalsWhat are you trying to achieveHow can you tell that story in the best way?Can you get the audience involved?
  52. 52. Thanks!