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Riello Group to energy for life

Riello Group to energy for life



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RIELLO group RIELLO group Presentation Transcript

  • Di: Ferrati Andrea, Fozzato Anna, Tegazzini Martina!
  • HISTORY 1922 : Pilade Riello founded OFR (Officine Fratelli Riello - Riello brothers' workshops), starting his industrial enterprise with a historical product: the burner. 1980: Riello developed the Group's presence on the international markets thanks to the establishment of a new production site in North America. The sponsorship of Formula One increase the brand awareness and reputation. 2001: The Group invests in East Europe by establishing a new industrial plant in Poland for the production of wall-hung boilers. 2004: Ettore Riello with the sisters buys out the whole Group so that the Carlyle Group exits the shareholding group in October 2004. Ettore, Lucia and Roberta Riello become the only owners of the Riello Group 2007-2011: The Group consolidates its position in the market thanks to its Merge & Acquisition activities: it reached an agreement with the Baxi Group for the acquisition of a plant in France and of Fontecal SpA (heat exchangers and high efficiency wall-hung boilers). Riello also started up a plant in China.
  • RIELLO’S AIM Transforming nature’s natural energy into power which fuels life, in every condition and expression: this is the main aim of the Group. A three-fold commitment: supporting mankind and their needs,assisting nature to continue its origin as a source of wellbeing, confirming the identity of a Company which operates to give value to the future. _ Respecting and protecting people _ Customer care _ Excellence and innovation _ Protecting the environment _ Belonging to and identifying with the Group _ Trust and integrity All these values are equally important so that the Company continues to be considered a leader, not only for what it does as a business enterprise but above all for what it can convey.
  • VALUES OF INDUSTRY The world-wide leader in the production of burners and one of the major European players offering products and services in the heating and air-conditioning market. Riello Group takes pride in its 9 production sites, provides employment for 2,200 people, owns 4 permanent organizations abroad, has a commercial network comprising 13 International Companies and has customers in over 60 countries. Riello Group is firmly focused on product innovation, through its own Centers of Excellence as well as Combustion, Boiler and Cogeneration Research Centers. While continually paying attention to energy saving and the impact on the environment, Riello Group has for some time now focused its attention on cogeneration and the use of renewable energies, in particular solar panels. In fact, today the company offers state-of-theart technologies for the most sophisticated heating and airconditioning systems, where it is working to set new standards in terms of efficiency, reduction of energy consumption and protection of the environment. Riello Group offers reliable, solid, long-lasting technology but also customized service where competence, trust and ability are factors of excellence.
  • SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES Riello Group offers systems and technology for the heating and air-conditioning of all environments. The company Mission is to optimize comfort where people live and work, by proposing projects and solutions able to create the perfect harmony of climate, thanks to the integrated systems and services which are always more focused on the impact on the environment. The Group offers a wide range of products: from large powerful burners for the production of heat in commercial and industrial applications to the smaller burners for residential applications; from wall-hung and floor-standing boilers to water heaters, air-conditioners, system accessories, to solar heating, photo-voltaic, geo-thermal and cogeneration. The sudden change of the competitive scenario, driven by the rapid evolution of environmental regulations, led the Group to launch a series of new products on the market. For this reason, Riello invests heavily in Research and Development. Today, approximately 157 people work in the research laboratories and their target is to create new products which are able to raise the standards of energy efficiency at the same time reducing polluting emissions. Over the 80 years of activity, Riello Group has acquired know-how and experience and continues to operate with the enthusiasm of being a leader and creator of innovation, offering both technological excellence of products as well as top quality service.
  • INNOVATION Heating technology is going through a phase of great changes. Greater attention is being placed on energy saving and protecting the environment. The Company top management has fully recognized the importance of these new challenges and opportunities deriving from a management system able to guarantee sustainable development. Riello’s strategy for energy saving is materialized in the more efficient use of fossil fuels, as well as the wider use of renewable energies which allow the emission of monoxide and nitrogen in the atmosphere to be reduced. Choices have been made considering the Group’s intention to enter markets with a high content of technological innovation and environmental sustainability, thus considerably increasing the levels of competitiveness. Within the field of new technology the Company has identified new directions for development for which it has planned to invest strongly in resources. In particular, the Group innovation activities are aimed at the following technology: _ solar cooling _ heat pumps _ micro-cogeneration
  • AWARDS The sign that Riello Group is working in the right direction for the environment can be seen from the numerous certificates for the environment and the prestigious institutional awards. In the competition “More energy efficiency and sustainable mobility” published by the Department of Economic Development and better known as “Industry 2015”, Riello came first out of thirty projects with the project PIACE “Piattaforma intelligente, Integrata e Adattativa di microCogenerazione ad elevate Efficienza per usi residenziali” (translated: integrated and adaptive intelligent platform of high efficiency micro-cogeneration for residential use). The project, the result of a close collaboration with the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council) and the world of Italian Universities, was to develop the prototype of a high efficiency internal combustion gas micro-cogenerator for residential applications, based on a electric power of 1.5 kW, as well as generating, in parallel, energy from renewable sources. It is a pilot plant, outstandingly efficient from the point of view of energy, able to self-produce heat and electricity simultaneously, avoiding the dispersion of transport from the power stations and freeing itself of the dependence on energy produced centrally. Thanks to this technology, depending on the applications, a saving of primary energy can be estimated at between 10% and 30% (and therefore lower CO2 emissions) compared to a solution with high efficiency condensing boilers. This Partnership, thanks to the specific competences and ability, will have considerable scientific and industrial returns on both a regional and national level.