Waste management


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  • Waste management

    1. 1. mga bagay na itinatapon at kadalasangitinuturing na wala ng pakinabang
    2. 2. Paraan o proseso ngpagrekober, pagrecycle opaggamit muli ng resources
    3. 3. householdagriculture Sources commerce and of waste industry institutions
    4. 4. Kinds of WasteLiquid SolidWaste Waste
    5. 5. Biodegradable Non-biodegradable madaling nabubulok matagal bago mabulok balat ng prutas at gulay plastic papel at kahoy bote, styrofoam at lata
    6. 6. Non-Hazardous hazardous hindi ligtas ligtas nakapagdudulot hindi ng sakit sa tao o nakapagdudulot ng pinsala sa grabeng pinsala sa kapaligiran kapaligiran
    7. 7.  health problems, spread of diseases degradation of the (coastal and marine) environment increase in temperature or change in climate
    8. 8. • Sa Metro Manila nagmumula ang ¼ ng solid waste na itinatapon bawat araw sa bansa (2011, DENR).• tinatayang 736, 083 tonelada ng basura ang kinokolekta taontaon• Halos kalahati ng mga ito ay biodegradable kabilang na ang mga sobrang pagkain na itinatapon lang.
    9. 9. Garbage • Hiwa-hiwalay na Basura sa BarangaySegragation ProgramEco-friendly • Green Infrastructure Buildings Program Waste • Simot Basura saCollection Barangay
    10. 10. Legal Basis 1. Section 17 of the Local Government Code mandates LGUs to provide an efficient and effective solid waste collection and disposal system under a comprehensive environmental management program. 2. Section 10 of Republic Act 9003, otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 stipulates that segregation and collection of solid waste shall be conducted at the barangay level. 3. City Ordinance No. SP-1707, S-2006, requires the segregation at source of all households, institutional, industrial and commercial wastes and/or garbage into wet or biodegradable, and dry or non- biodegradable, pursuant to RA 9003.
    11. 11.  donate or exchange old or excess materials that may be beneficial to others educate other students or youth like you on sustainable environment/living and waste management minimize unnecessary consumption
    12. 12.  use alternative to non-biodegradable products initiate projects or conduct outreach programs on waste management
    13. 13. Ang inyong programa ay maaring tumalakay oumaksyon sa: o waste reduction o segregation at source o recycling o efficient collection o proper disposal
    14. 14. householdagriculture Sources commerce and of waste industry institutions
    15. 15. householdagriculture Sources commerce and of waste industry institutions
    16. 16. householdagriculture Sources commerce and of waste industry institutions
    17. 17. householdagriculture Sources commerce and of waste industry institutions
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