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  • 1. vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6Lode VermeirenVMware BeLux © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • 2. VMware Cloud Management – What’s New in Q4 2012NEW vCenterOperations 5.6 Management Suite vCloud Automation Center IaaS PaaS DaaS vCloud Other Hyper- Service Service Hardware vCloud Director & Connector Providers Providers visors vCenter ITOperations Business Mgmt Software Software vFabric Mgmt Defined Defined Application Networking & Storage & Security Availability Mgmt vSphere vCloud Suite NEW vFabric Application Director 5.02
  • 3. vCloud Suite vCloud Suite Q4 2012 Update vCloud Automation Center 5.1 (formerly Dynamic Ops) vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.1 vCloud Suite 5.1 vFabric Application Director New way to easily 5.0 for Provisioning purchase and license vCenter Operations these offerings via a Management Suite 5.6 single SKU vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 vCloud Connector 2.0 Advanced vCloud Director 5.1 vSphere 5.13
  • 4. vCenter Operations 5.6 Management Suite Key New Capabilities4
  • 5. Automated Operations Management for Hybrid Cloud Enabling Customers to proactively ensure quality of service, operational efficiency and continuous compliance vCenter Operations Management Suite5
  • 6. The Role of Operations Management Ensure and Restore Optimize for Service Levels Efficiency and Cost Slow performance Utilization / forecast ! Problem Maintenance Rollback change Config issue Orchestrate changes Reclaim capacity Reactive Proactive6
  • 7. VMware’s Approach to Cloud Operations Management vCenter Operations Management Suite 1 2 3 Patented Analytics Integrated Approach Designed for Cloud Self-Learning Performance Data Health Model Dynamic Thresholds Capacity Consumption Open and extensible Smart Alerts Configuration Changes Evolutionary Approach vSphere Server, Storage, OS, DB, App vCenter Server Network Monitoring Monitoring7
  • 8. Vc Ops vSphere UI – Unified Dashboard !  Launching Pad •  Click to Drill down !  Focused on problems •  Click to drill into details! •  Almost everything is clickable !  Main Themes •  Health •  Risk •  Efficiency !  New Concepts •  Faults •  Weekly Stress Profile •  Reclaimable Waste •  Density8
  • 9. vC Ops vSphere UI – Two Different Users Operations Short and Long Term Capacity•  Immediate •  Forward problems Looking•  What is •  Are there happening areas that I right now? should be•  What do I concerned need to pay about from a attention to? capacity perspective? •  Have I deployed my VI in the most efficient manner? 9
  • 10. vC Ops Default UI – Major and Minor Badges •  High level UnderstandingMajor x 3 •  Calculated from scores of Minor Badges •  SpecificsMinor x 8 •  Guidance10
  • 11. vCenter Ops: Visibility & Management Across Multiple Clouds Gain Cross-Cloud Visibility VMs •  Visibility into and management running in Overall of a heterogeneous, hybrid AWS health status software defined datacenter for all clouds •  Drill down for root cause analysis of performance A vCloud A vCloud Director- issues Director private based public cloud •  Capacity monitoring/planning cloud and waste reclamation Overall health status for applications running in all clouds Drill Down to Identify Performance Issues Drill down for root cause analysis and solution Click to get guest details11
  • 12. vCenter Ops: Cross-Cloud Config and Compliance Governance Govern, Automate and Enforce Compliance in the Cloud •  Compliance - governance, automation and enforcement across clouds • For each cloud: create separate machine groups, configure Track Compliance compliance templates, collect results for each cloud data for every machine and remediate compliance breaches Configure separate •  One click remediation of compliance template configuration changes that for each cloud adversely affect performance Correlate Config Changes to Performance and Remediate Monitor Compliance Correlate changes with health scores Drill down and remediate in Configuration Manager Right click to remediate NDANote: Certain Features such as the Compliance Badge, Intelligent Groups and Policies will be available in Q4 2012 12
  • 13. Key New Features in vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 Intelligent Operations Groups Application and OS-level Monitoring •  Manage your infrastructure aligned with the •  Monitor physical hardware resources, business: by application, line of business or tag Windows and Linux, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, IIS, .NET and Oracle databases with •  Flexible Group Policies allow prioritized vFabric Hyperic now included with select management of business critical applications editions of the vCenter Operations Suite and production vs non-production workloads Actionable Recommendations Compliance Dashboard Views •  Get insight and guidance to better understand •  Track compliance with configuration standards, performance issues and how to remediate them IT policies and regulatory requirements from the based on VMware best practices vCenter Operations dashboard Automated Workflows •  Associate automated workflows created in vCenter Orchestrator with vCenter Operations alerts13
  • 14. Intelligent Operations Groups Overview !  Organize IT operations by line of business, production workload or configuration type !  Create group policies to prioritize alerts, thresholds and group membership !  Automatically discover application components Screenshot(s) and/or and dependencies and monitor them diagram !  View health, risk and efficiency at the group and component level Benefits !  Align Infrastructure Operations with business teams and priorities14
  • 15. Application and OS-level Monitoring Overview !  Monitor physical hardware resources, OS and business critical applications from Microsoft and Oracle with vFabric Hyperic, now included in the vCenter Operations Management Suite !  Automatically correlate infrastructure and application performance and health Screenshot(s) and/or !  Proactively identify abnormal behavior and diagram performance bottlenecks Benefits !  Gain comprehensive visibility into virtual and physical infrastructure, OS and applications performance !  Monitor and manage infrastructure and applications with a single solution across virtual, physical and multi-cloud environments15
  • 16. Compliance Badge Overview !  Monitor compliance of configurations for critical standards from within the operations management console !  Assess risk of violations by level of severity !  Take action on non-compliant items by launching Configuration Manager in-context Benefits !  Provide increased visibility into the compliance posture of the infrastructure !  Enhanced ‘Risk’ score calculation that takes into account both Capacity and Compliance information16
  • 17. Chargeback Manager – Enhancements Overview !  Improved Platform support !  Deeper integration with vCloud Director !  Included with vCenter Operations Management Suite !  Connectors to ITBM cost model push real usage data for planning Benefits !  Meter usage of your private cloud !  Know and publish the true costs of running cloud17
  • 18. vCenter Operations Manager Foundation Overview Launch to !  vCenter Operations Manager included in all vC Ops editions of vSphere at NO CHARGE !  Provides performance and health management of vSphere hosts and virtual machines !  Fully integrated with the new vSphere 5.1 client Benefits !  Simplified management of vSphere !  Easy on-ramp to automated operations management concepts delivered by the full Suite Health details18
  • 19. vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 Packaging Highlights19
  • 20. vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 Editions Automated)) VC)Ops)5.6)Suite) Opera-ons) Management) Enterprise) Opera-ng) OSBlevel)Change,)Patch) Systems)and) &)Config)Management) Applica-ons) App,)DB)&)Middleware)) (Mul-BCloud)) Monitoring) VC)Ops)5.6)Suite) Storage)Adapters)for) EMC)Symmetrix)&) Advanced) NetApp) App)Discovery)and) App)Discovery)and) Virtual)and) Dependency) Dependency) Physical) OS)Resource)) OS)Resource)) Infrastructure) Monitoring) Monitoring) Cost)Metering) Cost)Metering) VC)Ops)5.6)Suite) vSphere)Change)&) vSphere)Change)&) Configura-on)Mgmt) Configura-on)Mgmt) Standard) Opera-ons)Dashboards) Opera-ons)Dashboards) Opera-ons)Dashboards) VC)Ops)Manager) vSphere) Capacity)Op-miza-on) Capacity)Op-miza-on) Capacity)Op-miza-on) Founda-on) vSphere)Health)) vSphere)Health)) vSphere)Health)) vSphere)Health)) and)Performance) and)Performance) and)Performance) and)Performance) vSphere)) vSphere)Standard) vCloud)Suite) vCloud)Suite) Included)with) (All)Edi-ons)) with)Ops)Mgmt) Advanced) Enterprise) ABlaBcarte)Price) No)charge)20