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A doyenne of local and international marketing, Ann has spent almost all of her impressive 26-year career in the fields of public
relations, research, trends analysis, event management and go-to-market strategics - with particular emphasis on the
property, leisure, bespoke luxury goods,publishing and financial sectors.”

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  1. 1. Ann Heystek Curriculum Vitae 2012Tuesday 24 July 12
  2. 2. PROFILE http://za.linkedin.com/in/annheystekTuesday 24 July 12
  3. 3. Chairman & Founder Water For Woman Foundation My objective is to bring awareness to the plight of women and children in rural areas throughout Africa, which will uplift and empower through education and funding initiatives that bring clean water to prevent life threatening water-borne diseases and to enable sustainable agriculture. 100 to 150 million people will be lifted out of hunger if women have access to vital resources such as water. The Water for Women Foundation is launching a global "Water Is Life" campaign that entails a road trip across South Africa to compile the "Journey of Woman to Water" photo journalism series. Comprising a book and E- Media promotion to assist with the fund raising to provide one million solar desalination panels to distressed women and children in rural areas. It is our hope that in raising this awareness governments across Africa will support our initiative to bring valuable technological expertise to our shores to enable the local manufacture and production of the solar panels, which will make them more affordable and therefore much more accessible to those in need.Tuesday 24 July 12
  4. 4. The Journey Of ‘Woman To Water’ Global CampaignTuesday 24 July 12
  5. 5. Inspired)By)The)Iconic)Essays)of)The)Passionate)Master)Photographer)) &)UNICEF)Special)Representa;ve)) A"PHOTOGRAPHIC"JOURNEY"ACROSS"" SEBASTIÃO)SALGADO) SOUTH"AFRICA"TO"DOCUMENT"THE"PLIGHT"" OF"RURAL"WOMEN"AND"CHILDREN"" ) So#that#we#never#strive#to#seek#solu1ons#to#their#plight# Sebas&ão)Salgado’s)Genesis:)A"body"of"work"that"is"not"judgmental"or"scolding," &"NEVER"FORGET…" but)rather)a)celebra&on)of)the)lands)beauty)and)the)cultures)that)inhabit)it.)" PHOTO%JOURNALISM%PRESENTED%TO%THE%WORLD%AS%A%VISION%BOTH% BEAUTIFUL,%YET%COUPLED%WITH%AN%UNDERLINED%WARNING.% %HOW%DO%WE%PREVENT%THE%LOSS,%CORRECT%THE%MISTAKES,%RETURNING%% THE%WORLD%TO%IT’S%PROPER%ORDER?%Tuesday 24 July 12
  6. 6. Founder & Director www.leadingafrica.com Celebrating 21 years in Africa and Out of Africa no borders, no boundaries, seamless creativity & capability... Leading Africa delivers both on & off-the-shelf solutions whilst developing and building internationally acclaimed brand equityTuesday 24 July 12
  7. 7. Work Experience “KZN Orchestra Campaign” QUIPPED IN SOUTH AFRICA AS THE “NOSTRADAMUS OF MARKETING” “A doyenne of local and international marketing, Ann has spent almost all of her impressive 26-year career in the fields of public relations, research, trends analysis, event management and go-to-market strategics - with particular emphasis on the property, leisure, bespoke luxury goods,publishing and financial sectors.” Robb Report USATuesday 24 July 12
  8. 8. Company Profile “The Sacred Treasure of A Golden Age” Athens, Greece Campaign Strategy & funding initiative concluded by Ann Leading Africa has an enviable portfolio of works encompassing finance, business, tourism, real estate, retail, luxury goods, leisure and hospitality, cuisine, publishing, the arts, conservation and philanthropy. Leading Africa provides a full suite of services enveloping all the essential specialist key lights that determine the successful conclusion of a project or brand. Incorporating a dynamic skills base, each project is assessed individually on evaluation and clear understanding of the client’s objectives, goals, time dynamics and risk profile.Tuesday 24 July 12
  9. 9. Nelson Mandela Square Project Strategic Funding InitiativeTuesday 24 July 12
  10. 10. THE ROYAL COUNCIL OF INGXOTHA INVITATION TO JACK NICKLAUS Concept Origination, Design & Appointment Strategy by Ann resulting in presentation in person to Jack Nicklaus, Florida, USATuesday 24 July 12
  11. 11. Her Royal Highness Princess Nandi Zulu Strategic Integration by Ann of the Zulu Royal Family with Humanitarian AIDS Trust Endeavors on behalf of the Zulu NationTuesday 24 July 12
  12. 12. Tuesday 24 July 12
  13. 13. Extensive Detail at www.leadingafrica.comTuesday 24 July 12
  14. 14. KZN Orchestra Campaign Profile of Companies Founded by AnnTuesday 24 July 12
  15. 15. Co-Founder & Marketing Director Heystek International & Cream Publishing January 1991 – 1999 (8 years) Today a leading edge financial services provider the company founded by Ann and Magnus Heystek was set up to educate and inform the man in the street about investment basics. The company is a household name in financial publishing, radio and television broadcasts and conferencing.Tuesday 24 July 12
  16. 16. CREAM PUBLISHING Holding Company for Magnus Heystek Investments & Heystek International. Co-Founded by Ann and Magnus Heystek in 1992, the company published an extensive array of best selling books related to personal finance and established an investment house, which held ZAR 3 billion of assets in under four years. The publishing house, trading as Worth Publishing and the rights to the financial titles and events, were acquired by Independent Newspapers in 1996. Magnus Heystek Investment House was sold to Citadel Investment Services in 1997. Under the custodianship of Ann Heystek and the company she founded, Cordev Marketing, undertook the creation of a ground breaking brand in personal finance, which established the Heystek name as a household icon in personal finance. Cordev Marketing continues operation today under the leadership of Ann’s sister, Winnie Kyriakides and is a focused development and marketing enterprise.Tuesday 24 July 12
  17. 17. CORDEV MARKETING Cordev (Pty) Limited established with Jeanne Bestbier Public Relations. Co-Founder and Managing Director 1984 to 1998.Tuesday 24 July 12
  18. 18. Client Profiles “Ann’s special skill, networking on the national and global stage, has earned her a sterling client base and blue-chip pool of associates, encompassing the top decision-makers in business and media. Moreover, Ann brings her writing, publishing and financial expertise, having produced several bestselling books on personal finance under the Worth Publishing banner. Ann is currently completing her PHD at the University of Metaphysical Science, California, USA.”Tuesday 24 July 12
  19. 19. The Blue Chip Client Portfolio Southern Life Independent Newspapers Office of the Premier – Tokyo Sexwale First National Bank Radio 702 South African Business Women of ABSA Bank South African Broadcast the Year Corporation Standard Bank Templeton Asset Management Sun International Liberty Life Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund World Leisure TMA Financial Services The Ireland Funds for Sir Tony ‘O Kerzner Group (Mauritius, Reilly Citadel Financial Services Bahamas) The Open Society Institute for the Deloitte & Touche PG Glass George Soros Foundation JCI Johannesburg Consolidated Murray & Roberts Alitalia Investments Murray & Roberts Housing Quantas Anglo American – Clem Sunter Wimpey Homes Port Authority Italy Tony Manning – Business Author Stocks & Stocks Ogilvy & Mather C.N.A. Central News Agency Stocks Leisure Hunt Lascaris Facts & Fiction book stores Pam Golding Properties FCB South Africa Nu Metro Cinemas Massmart VWV Productions Johannesburg Stock ExchangeTuesday 24 July 12
  21. 21. Events & FundRaisers The Star Investors Club Johannesburg Stock Exchange The Radio 702 Business Breakfast Annual International President’s Club Dinner With Nelson Mandela & -Exclusive guest profiles with Sir Thabo Mbeki John Templeton, Mark Mobius, Lord Rees-Mogg, -First public appearance of Nelson Mandela The Tiffany Party La Perla Fashion Show International and local politicians including Nelson Mandela, Cyril Profile of South African business Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale, leaders & entrepreneurs House of Guerlain Maria Ramos, FW De Klerk, Gill Marcus, Tony Leon, Trevor Manuel, Clem Sunter, Tony Profile of South African political Yves St Laurent Manning, etc. leaders Christian Dior The Star Business-to- Business • Nelson Mandela and Sir Tony ‘O Network Reilly Children’s Fundraiser Moët & Chandon Champagne -Change Management South Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund Africa Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne The Irish Children’s Fund -Small Business Development Corporation Change Management Forum South Mandela, Soros & Rupert Forum Africa (SA Government & business for Open Society to business initiative) -Clem Sunter - Exclusive Book Releases George Soros Open Society Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra Institute Annual Dinner -Tony Manning – Exclusive Book Releases Botanic Garden Concerts Leading South African and International Business Network The Radio 702 Women’s Forum KZN Philharmonic OrchestraTuesday 24 July 12
  22. 22. Book Titles, Events, Radio & Television FEATURES AND PUBLICATIONS RAINFALL South Africa Vital Statistics Its a relatively dry country, with an average annual rainfall of about 464mm. While the Western Cape gets most of its rainfall in winter, the rest of the elieve country is generally a summer-rainfall region. Official name: Republic of South Africa South Africas geography Capital: Pretoria Total land area: in south africa South Africa occupies the southern tip of Africa, its long coastline stretching ™ 1 219 912 square kilometres (471 011 more than 2 500km from the desert border with Namibia on the Atlantic square miles) coast southwards around the tip of Africa and then north to the border with Total coastline: incorporating subtropical Mozambique on the Indian Ocean. 2 798 kilometres The low-lying coastal zone is narrow for much of that distance, soon (1 739 miles) Volume 2 : Investor Perspectives compiled by giving way to a mountainous escarpment that separates it from the high Population (2006): JUNE 2007 inland plateau. In some places, notably the province of KwaZulu-Natal 47.4-million Editor Ann Heystek, Managing Director email address: ann@leadingafrica.com www.leadingafrica.com in the east, a greater distance separates the coast from the escarpment. Currency: The rand. R1 = 100 cents Although the country is classified as semi-arid, it has considerable variation Total GDP* (actual, 2005): in climate as well as topography. R1 539-billion NEWSLETTER The great inland Karoo plateau, where rocky hills and mountains rise from (US$227.7-billion) SECTIONS SOUTH sparsely populated scrubland, is very dry, and gets more so as it shades in the north-west towards the Kalahari desert. Extremely hot in summer, it can be icy in winter. Total GDP (purchasing power parity, 2005): US$540.8-billion Real GDP growth (2005): 5.1% AFRICA In contrast, the eastern coastline is lush and well watered, a stranger to Inflation (CPIX, 2005): frost. The southern coast, part of which is known as the Garden Route, is 3.9% rather less tropical but also green, as is the Cape of Good Hope - the latter Official languages: FAST FACTS ABOUT especially in winter. This south-western corner of the country has a Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, SOUTH AFRIC A Mediterranean climate, with wet winters and hot, dry summers. Its most Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda and famous climatic characteristic is its wind, which blows intermittently virtually Xitsonga all year round, either from the south-east or the north-west. Provinces: THE PEOPLE OF Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, SouthAfrica’s The eastern section of the Karoo does not extend as far north as the western KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, SOUTH AFRIC A part, giving way to the flat landscape of the Free State, which though still Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North Geography&Climate semi-arid receives somewhat more rain. North of the Vaal River the Highveld West, Western Cape is better watered and saved by its altitude (Johannesburg lies at 1 740m; its annual rainfall is 760mm) from subtropical extremes of heat. Winters are cold, though snow is rare. * Based on an average 2006 exchange THE 2010 WORLD CUP South Africa lies between 22 Further north and to the east, especially where a drop in altitude beyond the rate of R1 = US$6.76. and 35 degrees south, flanked on the west by the Atlantic escarpment gives the Lowveld its name, temperatures rise: the Tropic of Ocean and on the east by the Capricorn slices through the extreme north. This is also where one finds the SA OPEN F OR Indian Ocean, whose waters typical South African Bushveld of wildlife fame. BUSINESS meet at the countrys most southern tip, Cape Agulhas. Those looking for an opportunity to ski in winter head for the high Drakensberg mountains that form the eastern escarpment, but the coldest place in the The long coastline stretches 2 country is Sutherland in the western Roggeveld Mountains, with midwinter SA ECON OMIC 798 kilometres from a desert border in the north-west, down temperatures as low as -15ºbcC. The deep interior provides the hottest OVERVIEW the icy and treacherous temperatures: in 1948 the mercury hit 51.7ºbcC in the Northern Cape Kalahari Mean annual temperatures in South Africa Skeleton Coast to Cape near Upington. Agulhas, then up along rolling green hills and wide beaches By far South Africas biggest neighbour is the ocean - or two oceans, which fronting the warm Indian meet at the southwestern corner. Its territory includes Marion and Prince SA TOURISM WAVE Ocean, to a border with Edward Islands, nearly 2 000km from Cape Town in the Atlantic Ocean. subtropical Mozambique in the north east. The cold Benguela current sweeps up from the Antarctic along the Atlantic The low-lying coastal zone is coast, laden with plankton and providing rich fishing grounds. The east coast CONSERVATION narrow for much of that has the north-to-south Mozambique/Agulhas current to thank for its warm distance, soon giving way to waters. These two currents have a major effect on the countrys climate, the a mountainous escarpment ready evaporation of the eastern seas providing generous rainfall while the that separates it from the high inland plateau. In some places, Benguela current retains its moisture to cause desert conditions in the west. notably the province of KWAZULU N ATAL KwaZulu-Natal in the east, a Several small rivers run into the sea along the coastline, but none are navigable South Africa has seven major greater distance separates the and none provide useful natural harbours. The coastline itself, being fairly terrestrial biomes, or habitat types - coast from the escarpment. smooth, provides only one good natural harbour, at Saldanha Bay north of broad ecological life zones with Cape Town. A lack of fresh water prevented major development here. distinct environmental conditions and South Africa is famous for its Nevertheless, busy harbours now exist at Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East related sets of plant and animal life. INVES TIN G IN sunshine. A subtropical London, Durban and Richards Bay. location, moderated by ocean KZN South Africas major rivers and drainage regions on three sides of the country and the altitude of the interior plateau, account for the warm temperate conditions so typical of South Africa - and ST. LUCIA so popular with its foreign visitors. FORTUNE PROPERTY Thabo Mbeki’s successor Growing pains I still regard South Africa as a modern-day miracle, thanks to the inspirational With growth, however, comes growing leadership of Nelson Mandela and the leadership and management skills of his pains. It has been clear over the past successor, President Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki steps down in 2009 after 15 years as year that South Africa has outgrown its president and deputy president, and there is a great deal of debate about his infrastructure and its supply of skills. successor and the direction he will take the country. Booming car sales have exacerbated traffic jams. Demand for electricity The ruling ANC meets in December next year to select a new leader who, in the outpaces capacity. Infrastructural nature of things, would be expected to succeed to the presidency 18 months later. projects are running behind schedules, I have no doubt that South Africans will choose the right leader to oversee the next and government departments have phase of their development when the time comes. often not been efficient enough to spend DECEMBER 2006 their allocated budgets. Service delivery Already a rigorous and healthy debate is taking place about the countrys future, has faltered in many areas. Immigration and how to ensure that the excellent base built by the founding leaders for long- from the neighbouring (and poorer) term political stability and sound macroeconomic management survives. African countries, plus a major drift off the land and into the cities, has swelled Even without Mandela shanty towns despite the governments NEWSLETTER SECTIONS AFRICA’S South Africas exemplary transition to democracy was called a miracle because few outside observers thought it would work. Expectations were low and, even priority on building houses. The rising economic tide has lifted many boats, but too many remain mired in when the pessimists were proved wrong, there was a tendency to say that South MIRACLE Africa was lucky because it had Nelson Mandela, implying that without him things poverty. Unemployment remains would have been different. stubbornly at 25%, and is falling only very slowly. Poverty in the midst of R7BN FOR ’AFRIC A’S conspicuous wealth incubates crime. I love Nelson Mandela and would count myself among his greatest admirers, but RIVIERA’ he would be the first to do justice to all those others who made sacrifices for a just and democratic system. Mbekis government contains many highly talented and Yet when South Africans put their minds focused ministers: Trevor Manuel, for instance, has now been Finance Minister for to something, they usually succeed. V IRGIN MOBILE 10 years and is regarded by his peers as one of the best in the world. He is not Tourism, for instance, has been a great success: last year South Africa LANDS IN SA ’Keep believing the only one. comfortably accommodated a record 7.5 million visitors, the vast majority of SPIR IT AND HOPE IN in the new SA’ It is to take nothing away from Mandelas stature as one of the towering figures of our age to say that, among South Africans, he is no anomaly. To the contrary, whom went home glad they came. Before 1994, the number was less than he is the quintessential South African. That is why it is always a mistake to sell SA: OPRAH Sir Anthony OReilly South Africa short. 1 million. 24 October 2006 The achievements of the past dozen or so years have been remarkable by any FOREIGN INVEST ORS standard. As the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has said, South Africa today, Sir Anthony OReilly There seems suddenly to be a F LOC K T O JSE rash of commentators predicting with its robust economy, stable democracy and commitment to the rule of law, points the way to the African continent and the world as a "beacon of tolerance that the South African miracle is and mutual respect". This is not a miracle, but a testament to the calibre of the over. They point to what is SEEING AFR ICA IN A undoubtedly going to be a bumpy country and its leadership. succession when President Thabo NEW LIGHT Mbeki goes, citing anecdotal Patience rewarded evidence of a worsening crime situation in recent months. SA’S JOBLESS RATE AT It is important to remember how easy it would have been for the first post-apartheid government to throw macroeconomic sense to the wind in seeking to redress the SIX-YEAR LOW My reply is that those who believed in South Africa a decade and more imbalances left by apartheid. ago should not get cold feet now. Instead, the collective wisdom of the African National Congress as it settled into AFRIC A INVES TMENT When I became the first major office was that imbalances created over generations of white rule could not be HITS RECORD HIGH investor in the new South Africa fixed overnight and that the first order of business must be create the conditions back in 1993 with the purchase of for sustained economic growth - a tall order given the sclerotic state of the economy Argus Newspapers and the creation of Independent News and in 1994. SOUTH-SOUTH Media SA, I never thought it was Today, we are starting to see the payoff, with growth in the past year of more than INVES TMENT going to be an easy ride. 5%, a rapidly reducing budget deficit, a growing tax base, an emerging black middle BOOMIN G But I had fundamental faith in the class, a housing boom in areas such as Soweto and other former townships, and countrys leaders, its people and a steadily deepening social cohesion. their commitment to building a THABO MBEKI’S decent democratic system out of the ruins of apartheid. The AFR ICAN VISION A magnificent new view doomsday artists predicted we would quit when the going got tough, but 13 years later we are RECORD NUMBER OF Further investment information still there, our investment has been an excellent one, and I have never T OUR ISTS VISIT SA www.southafrica.info/doing_business/investment regretted a moment of it. Published Book Titles • Making Money Made Simple • World of Money • Retirement – The Amazing and Scary Truth • The 60 Minute Guide Collection (15 titles) Events • The Star Investors Club • The Argus Investors Club • The Natal Mercury Investors Club • The Annual Style Magazine Money Guide & Conference • The Annual Investor’s Conference (ABSA Bank) Radio & Television • Radio 702 Financially Speaking • SABC TV World of Money • Top Billing Features and publications • Moneytalk (Caxton) • Renaissance (Naspers) • Style Magazine (Caxton) • Independent Newspapers • Cream Publishing • Worth Publishing • Robb Report (Curtco Media) • Believe In South Africa Newsletter • Property Fortune Newsletter Coffee Table Information Memorandums • Thanda Royal Zulu • Jack Nicklaus Invitation • Tiger Woods Invitation • Oprah Invitation • Royal Council Jewelry Edition • Olympia Greece • Olympia Style Book • Destiny Africa • etcTuesday 24 July 12
  23. 23. References Dear Ann, I have now known and worked with you since Dear Ann and David,This was a great pleasure, a great 1995, and have never had anything other than the greatest surprise and a great excitement. It is a fantastic job and I of admiration for your energy, skills, innovation and really want to thank you for all the hard work and efforts integrity. We first worked together on an event which that you put into it. Congratulations!!! I am really thankful involved a dinner for the then President of South Africa, for a superb and excellent job. I am really looking forward Nelson Mandela, and SirAnthony O’Reilly, Chairman of in cooperating with you in the very near future for other Independent News & Media and of the HJ Heinz jobs to come. With my warmest thanks, John Papapolitis Corporation, in Johannesburg. There were 500 people & Papalotis Law Firm, Athens & Founder SA present, including many of the biggest businessmen in Olympia Resorts. South Africa as well as from overseas. It all worked out brilliantly. After that, in my capacity then as Chief Executive of Independent News & Media, you acted as I have known and worked with Ann Heystek on numerous consultant and adviser on a number of ventures for the projects over the last 10 years including Boschendal “The company, including a number of promotional events, all of Estate” founded in 1685 in the Cape. I acquired which you handled superbly. We also had a joint publishing Boschendal 6 years ago and have spent in excess of USD company, which you ran with great professionalism. Your 100 million on its acquisition and development. I am still reputation in the circles you have worked with is very high, one of the largest shareholders in this project and whilst I and deservedly so. I know personally some of your clients was the CEO of this company utilized Leading Africa to who have the highest regard for you and their experience help commercialize the development at Boschendal, which has been very good. I have never, since I have known you, they did very successfully. Ann is Group Managing heard anyone say anything other than positive things about Director of Leading Africa and will be a great asset to any you. Ivan Fallon. Chief Executive, Independent country in Europe if she is working on commercializing News & Media UK. any developments in Europe. Clive B Venning Chairman and CEO, Acquest International.Tuesday 24 July 12
  24. 24. Further References “Over the past three years I have had the pleasure of working “Visionary and Inspiring, Ann is a consummate professional, alongside Ann Heystek of Leading Africa. During my expertly skilled, globally networked and highly accomplished in employment with Knight Frank LLP based in London Ann her speciality fields. It was a privilege and pleasure to learn so appointed us as consultants with to regard to the Thanda Royal much from her at Leading Africa.” May 7, 2012. Naomi Reserve project in South Africa. Ann is not only a delightful lady Estment Co-Owner at OV&P Studios but also an exceptionally hard working, diligent and trustworthy individual. I shall continue to work with Ann in the future as “I have worked with Ann Heystek for many years. Ann is a very opportunity arises.” Sarah May Brown Vice President productive person, a dedicated team-player - her ideas, skills, Advisory Investment Boutique LLC creativity and understanding of dependencies make any project easy to work with. Ann is customer orientated, proactive and self- “The marketing and presentation materials presented by Ann motivated. I truly enjoy working with her on the various projects Heystek and David Dodds at Leading Africa are of the best I we take on.” May 5, 2012. Dominique Menoud - CEO have seen in the world. Truly one of a kind, authentic and Corporate Consulta Transylvania. original..” Bill Curtis Curtco Media (Robb Report) “Ann is an enthusiastic, attention detailed individual who is “Ann Heystek, Group Managing Director of There Is Only One committed to making a difference. She is professional and (Pty)Ltd t/a Leading Africa is a key partner with Northcourse personable in her approach. It was a pleasure to have worked Leisure Real Estate Solutions and I have complete trust and with her.” May 8, 2012 Lynda Bleazard - CEO at Walter confidence in her.” Claude Attala, Global Managing Sisulu Pediatric Cardiac Foundation. Director “I have come to know Ann as the consummate professional in the “Connected, committed and convincing, Ann brings a huge business of creating packaging and marketing the very best degree of warmth and professionalism to all she does, whether in luxury real estate in Africa and elsewhere. If you have a signature marketing a six-star resort development or bringing water to project and you need the best campaign and results, look no underprivileged children. A joy to work with.” May 5, 2012 further.” May 4, 2012. John Allen, Nkomazi Wilderness ANDREW YC LOH CONSULTANT, CNSG Project.Tuesday 24 July 12
  25. 25. contact Cell 082 445 2179 Tel +27 44 384 1325 Fax +27 44 384 0014 THERE IS ONLY ONE PROJECTS (Pty) LTD t/a LEADING AFRICA™    Studio Des Arts Maritime Ocean Residence 8 Maritime Close  Pezula Golf Estate & Private Reserve PO Box 866 Knysna South Africa 6570 VAT : 485 020 9083   Co Reg: 2003/026306/07 Website & Associate Links: - http://www.leadingafrica.com/ http://www.corporateconsulta.com/ http://biomasspartners.com/ http://www.dovebiotech.com/ http://www.doveminingusa.com/ http://sterlingtonresources.com/ http://www.fcubed.com.au/ SKYPE Address: Leading Africa, South Africa Linkedin : http://za.linkedin.com/in/annheystekTuesday 24 July 12