May 2011 - Marketing Roundtable - Sam Fine

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How to leverage business team relationships, conserve marketing costs and build your brand through co-operative marketing and alliances. …

How to leverage business team relationships, conserve marketing costs and build your brand through co-operative marketing and alliances.

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  • Intro panelMention handoutsAfter we adjourn, the Optical Society of America is hosting a keynote address on The Light Industry by Dr. Robert Breault - also at Ann Arbor SPARKCentral: Bob Breault will also be talking about Co-Marketing and Co-Branding - as applies to industry trade groups in general - and a local Photonics Cluster in particular.OSA has thoughtfully extended an invitation for Marketing Roundtable participants to stick around. Strolling dinner.
  • Many terms and variations in partnershipsHandshake to a complex long-term allianceWith brands, customers, and so on
  • • promotional alliances with strategic partners to generate greater demand, awareness and value.
  • More specifically, there are all these options… and more…to enhance your business
  • Pure Michign/40 hotels
  • Endless opportunities…Think about possible matches for YOUR biz
  • Lots of ways to make it workHere are six keys from one of the many “how-to” books out there
  • Almost always Win Win(Go to panel and hold this slide on screen)
  • Show right after Q&ALet David intro and segue into next session


  • 1. Moderator
    Sam Fine, Intermedia
    Julie Guest Alloway, Blazing Copy
    Ron Hingst, PR Services
    Joost Allard, Allinnova
    David Bloom, Factotem
    SPARK Marketing Roundtable Co-Marketing and Co-Branding
  • 2.  
  • 3. Two or more businesses combine resources to attract more customers.
    Find larger business opportunities through partnering.
    Target the same customer but sell different products or services.
  • 4. Leveraging Team Relationships
    Cobranding—an alliance that builds on established identities
    Comarketing—target broader market through partner’s separate distribution channels
    Cross-marketing—share in partner’s marketing outlets for promotions
    Collaboration (and Cooperation)—working together to achieve significant goals
    Coopetition—share common costs and benefits while competing (e.g. GM + Toyota = GEO/Corolla)
  • 5. Classic Examples
    Domino’s Pizza/Coca Cola
    Apple/Nike (iPod promos)
    Omega Watches & Aston Martin/James Bond films (product placement)
    Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village
    Double Feature Movies
    A & B Side 78 & 45 RPM Records
  • 6. A&W Restaurants/Long John Silver’s
    Taco Bell/KFC
    Wendy's/Tim Horton's
    DuaI Brandingin Retail Foods
    • Superior strategic positioning
    • 7. Heightened visibility
    • 8. Reduced costs
    • 9. Faster growth
    • 10. Broader market penetration
    • 11. Greater competitive advantage
  • Limousine Service/Wedding Photographer
    Fitness Center/Health Foods
    IT Hardware Distributor/Software Consultant
    Architect/Construction Contractor
    Public Relations Firm/Advertising Agency
    Financial Planner/Accountant
    Truck Driving School/Community College
    Other Businesses
  • 12. Keys to Success
    Identify/incorporate shared projects and objectives
    Frequent communications
    Communicate program and brand messages
    Treat each another as equals
    Share control and accountability
    Communicate what is and is not being accomplished
    The Collaboration Challenge … James E. Austin
  • 13. Able to compete against major competitors by teaming with other small businesses.
    Gain strong relationships with other businesses who provide expertise in areas that complement yours.
    Partners find work for each other.
    Some Benefits
    It’s all about Strategic Alliances…
    Find a partner!
  • 14. Wait…DON’T LEAVE!
    Stay for Tonight’s Bonus Presentation
    The Light Industry
    Ann Arbor Optical Society of America
    National Speaker Robert Breault explores Cluster Economics, as applies to Photonics and other local industries