May 2011 - Marketing Roundtable - Sam Fine


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How to leverage business team relationships, conserve marketing costs and build your brand through co-operative marketing and alliances.

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  • Intro panelMention handoutsAfter we adjourn, the Optical Society of America is hosting a keynote address on The Light Industry by Dr. Robert Breault - also at Ann Arbor SPARKCentral: Bob Breault will also be talking about Co-Marketing and Co-Branding - as applies to industry trade groups in general - and a local Photonics Cluster in particular.OSA has thoughtfully extended an invitation for Marketing Roundtable participants to stick around. Strolling dinner.
  • Many terms and variations in partnershipsHandshake to a complex long-term allianceWith brands, customers, and so on
  • • promotional alliances with strategic partners to generate greater demand, awareness and value.
  • More specifically, there are all these options… and more…to enhance your business
  • Pure Michign/40 hotels
  • Endless opportunities…Think about possible matches for YOUR biz
  • Lots of ways to make it workHere are six keys from one of the many “how-to” books out there
  • Almost always Win Win(Go to panel and hold this slide on screen)
  • Show right after Q&ALet David intro and segue into next session
  • May 2011 - Marketing Roundtable - Sam Fine

    1. 1. Moderator <br />Sam Fine, Intermedia <br />Panel<br />Julie Guest Alloway, Blazing Copy <br />Ron Hingst, PR Services<br />Joost Allard, Allinnova<br />MC<br />David Bloom, Factotem<br />SPARK Marketing Roundtable Co-Marketing and Co-Branding<br />
    2. 2.  <br />Cobranding<br />Comarketing<br />Cross-marketing<br />Collaboration<br />Coopetition <br />
    3. 3. Two or more businesses combine resources to attract more customers.<br />Find larger business opportunities through partnering. <br />Target the same customer but sell different products or services.<br />Basics<br />
    4. 4. Leveraging Team Relationships<br />Cobranding—an alliance that builds on established identities<br />Comarketing—target broader market through partner’s separate distribution channels<br />Cross-marketing—share in partner’s marketing outlets for promotions<br />Collaboration (and Cooperation)—working together to achieve significant goals<br />Coopetition—share common costs and benefits while competing (e.g. GM + Toyota = GEO/Corolla)<br />
    5. 5. Classic Examples<br />Domino’s Pizza/Coca Cola<br />Apple/Nike (iPod promos)<br />Omega Watches & Aston Martin/James Bond films (product placement)<br />Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village<br />Historically<br />Double Feature Movies<br />A & B Side 78 & 45 RPM Records<br />
    6. 6. A&W Restaurants/Long John Silver’s<br />Taco Bell/KFC<br />Wendy's/Tim Horton's<br />DuaI Brandingin Retail Foods <br /><ul><li>Superior strategic positioning
    7. 7. Heightened visibility
    8. 8. Reduced costs
    9. 9. Faster growth
    10. 10. Broader market penetration
    11. 11. Greater competitive advantage</li></li></ul><li>Limousine Service/Wedding Photographer <br />Fitness Center/Health Foods<br />IT Hardware Distributor/Software Consultant<br />Architect/Construction Contractor<br />Public Relations Firm/Advertising Agency<br />Financial Planner/Accountant <br />Truck Driving School/Community College<br />Other Businesses<br />
    12. 12. Keys to Success<br />Identify/incorporate shared projects and objectives <br />Frequent communications<br />Communicate program and brand messages<br />Treat each another as equals<br />Share control and accountability<br />Communicate what is and is not being accomplished<br />The Collaboration Challenge … James E. Austin<br />
    13. 13. Able to compete against major competitors by teaming with other small businesses.<br />Gain strong relationships with other businesses who provide expertise in areas that complement yours.<br />Partners find work for each other.<br />Some Benefits<br />It’s all about Strategic Alliances…<br />Find a partner!<br />
    14. 14. Wait…DON’T LEAVE!<br />COMARKETING DOUBLE FEATURE<br />Stay for Tonight’s Bonus Presentation<br />The Light Industry<br />Ann Arbor Optical Society of America <br />National Speaker Robert Breault explores Cluster Economics, as applies to Photonics and other local industries<br />