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  • 1. Standard and Formatting toolbar Courtesy of IV – Gold Reporter
  • 2. Standard Toolbar  The Standard Toolbar gives the user access to file operations, printing, movement of data blocks, the undo system, and to some of the powerful tools like the function creator and the graphing system.
  • 3.  New: Creates a new normal page or a new web site.  Open: Opens a file or site.  Save: To save a web page.  Find: Find text in a document.  Publish site: Publishes your site on the web.  Toggle Pane: Displays the Folder list. If clicked again, it will be hidden.  Print: To print a certain file.  Preview in Browser: To preview a web page in a browser.
  • 4.  Spell Check: To check/correct the spelling of the misspelled word.  Cut: Cut the selection from the document then put it on the desired location.  Copy: Copy the selection from the document then put it on the desired location.  Paste:  Format Painter: Copy formatting to one place then apply it to another.  Undo: To undo an action.  Redo: To redo or repeat an action.
  • 5.  Web Component: Inserts web components such as hover buttons and hit counters.  Insert Table: Inserts a table  Insert Layer: Inserts a layer.  Insert Picture From File: Inserts a picture from a selected file.  Drawing: Displays the Drawing toolbar.  Insert Hyperlink: Creates a hyperlink  Refresh: Refreshes the open web page.
  • 6.  Stop: Stops a command while it is processing.  Show All: Displays each line and paragraph break made on a page.  Show Layer Anchors: Displays layer anchors.  Help: Opens the Microsoft Office FrontPage Help.
  • 7. Formatting toolbar  The Formatting toolbar provides many of the most common options for formatting selected text, such as font, font size, font weight, alignment, and color.  The Font and Font Size boxes show the font and size of the current text including values that are set by a cascading style sheet (CSS).