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Brand report card

  1. 1. Brand Report Card Harvard Business Review Brand Calling Brand Analysis Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  2. 2. Creating a Strong Brand  Understand the real desire of your customer  Understand the value of the consumer  Study why a customer buys your product  Does your brand appeal the consumer? Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  3. 3. Being Always Relevant  Understand as a user the imagery of your brand  Feel and read the imagination of your brand in consumption by the consumer  What does your brand personify an what feeling consumers extract  seek the relationship that the company wants to build with the consumers Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  4. 4. Pricing Strategy Factors • The perception of the consumers • Accurate blend of the product quality • The value created for the consumers • It should not affect the brand- building activities. Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  5. 5. Brand Positioning • The correct vision and the relevant message • Standing the competition and maintaining points of parity • Being different from your competitors and building the point of differenceAnkita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  6. 6. Consistency • Studying the two ‘C’ factors in business – Continuity – Change • Staying appropriate according to the striking balance • Avoid conflicting messagesAnkita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  7. 7. Brand Portfolio • Marketing of different brands creating different values under the umbrella brand • Synchronizing the communication of the different sub brands to the grace of the core brand • Promote the associations of the various sub brands Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  8. 8. Connecting the Coordinates • The identity elements • The mix of these elements to enhance the value and awareness • Appreciating all the relation of the marketing activities • Best use of the media tools Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  9. 9. What your brand means • Understand the totality of your brand image • Understand the like and dislikes of the consumers • The associations people draw • What your product stands for the consumer Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  10. 10. Support of your Brand • The uniqueness • The in-depth understanding of your brand • The strong recall values of the brand • The theme of the communication should be maintained Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  11. 11. Monitoring • Brand audit • Brand equity as a concept • Implementation of the brand strategies • Brand equity report Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
  12. 12. Thank You! Appreciate your Time and Attention! Ankita Derasaria, MICA EDC 09
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