Fast Track - Windows 8 Apps


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Last week, I presented a 3 hour session on Windows 8 App Developement at Wipro Technologies, Hyderabad. Here are the slides of the session.

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Fast Track - Windows 8 Apps

  1. Fast TrackWindows 8 Modern App -Ankit Kashyap (Programmer Analyst)
  2. AgendaWhat you can expect in this session Meet the aliens in the town Aila! Hello World!! Over to Store Picture Abhi baki Let’s Code hai…
  3. Guess the song!
  4. Windows Reimagined • Metro Modern UI • (Live) tiles! • Where is the start button • Touch CentricMeet the aliens in the town
  5. Windows Reimagined • Charms to charm! • Off to Cloud • Welcome to ARM - RT • Windows StoreMeet the aliens in the town
  6. Windows Reimagined • Surface • Is it Home Premium or Ultimate • Dream towards Windows EcosystemMeet the aliens in the town
  7. Let’s spend few minutes with Win8Meet the aliens in the town
  8. Programming Model • VS 2012 • .NET 4.5 • Async and await • More Languages, More fun!Aila! Hello World!!
  9. Programming Model for Windows 8 Windows Store Apps Desktop App View XAML HTML / CSS Controller C C# Model JavaScript HTML C C++ VB JavaScrip t C++ WinRT APIs System Services Communication Devices & DirectX & Media & Data Printing Application Model Internet Explorer Win32 Kernel Windows Kernel ServicesAila! Hello World!! Source:
  10. App Life cycleAila! Hello World!! Source:
  11. App Life cycle Apps are notified when they have been resumedAila! Hello World!! Source:
  12. Windows Store App APIs User Interface HTML5/CSS XAML DirectX Controls Data Binding SVG Tiles Input Accessibility Printing Devices Communications & Data Portabl Sensor Geolocation NFC Contracts Local & Cloud Storage Web e s Notifications Streams Media PlayT Visual Backgroun Networkin Playback Capture XML SMS o Effects d Transfer g Fundamentals Application Memory Authenticatio Cryptograph Globalizatio Threading/Timers Services Management n y nAila! Hello World!! Source:
  13. UI & Code behind XAML & C#Aila! Hello World!!
  14. Understanding the templateAila! Hello World!!
  15. Let’s say “Hello world”Aila! Hello World!!
  16. More templateAila! Hello World!!
  17. App ideaLet’s Code
  18. Welcome to store • Why store? • Developer license • Revenue models – Free, Trial & Paid • MS earningsOver to Store
  19. Let’s upload it! • Preparing App Manifest • Logos • WACK • Creating AppXOver to Store
  20. Let’s upload it! • Reserving an App name • General Store Guidelines – Privacy Policies • Uploading AppX • What happens after submissionOver to Store
  21. Developer Dashboard • Downloads • Usage Report • How the data helpsOver to Store
  22. And before we wrap up! QueriesPicture abhi baki hai!
  23. Wanna meet next time??Picture abhi baki hai!
  24. Thanks for your time and attention @ankitwww