Fast Track introduction to ASP.NET MVC
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Fast Track introduction to ASP.NET MVC



Fast Track introduction to ASP.NET MVC

Fast Track introduction to ASP.NET MVC



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    Fast Track introduction to ASP.NET MVC Fast Track introduction to ASP.NET MVC Presentation Transcript

    • *Source: We will start in few minutes…
    • Fast track introduction to ASP.NET MVC -Ankit Kashyap (Analyst Programmer)
    • About Me • Proud Wiproite from last 6 yrs. • Works as Analyst Programmer for Wipro MS-AppC team • Web developer (+ Azure, SQL/EF; Windows Store and xamarin/android) • @ankitwww
    • This session • Prerequisites:  A little prior knowledge of ASP.NET Web form  C#  Software – Visual Studio 2012/2013 express edition • Slides Available @ • Content level – Beginners • Demo based!! Slides for your notes.
    • Agenda • The MVC Pattern • ASP.NET MVC vs Web Form • ASP.NET MVC Routing • Controllers and Actions • Razor Views • HTML Helpers and Partial Views • Unit Testing • General Tips and best practices
    • I love ASPX! Seriously?? • Let’s do a demo! • Make a ASP.NET Web form solution • ASPX vs the real web page
    • ASP.NET Web forms • Abstract away the web! • Focus on Server side processing • Code behind and Server control • Table => GridView • Click events replaces “Post” operation • Originally design from/for late 90s technologies • Now web standards have strengthened • Client side programming on the rise
    • ASP.NET MVC – Design goals • Does not replace web forms! An alternative… • Still runs on ASP.NET • All awesomeness still available – modules, handlers, master pages, session state, Caching, auth. • Embrace the web • No illusions of state – No Page lifecycle • Clean HTML and clean URLs • Separation of concerns!!! – You will love it! • Testable – Big win
    • MVC pattern
    • How it serves Requests? • Controller contains Action methods • Every Action method can return a View (and raw json and other formats)
    • MVC Routing • Routing is the magic component! • Directs incoming requests to an MVC Controller • Defines routes during application startup • Map URLs to control action with parameters • System.Web.Routing Binary – Part of ASP.NET
    • Controller • Heart of MVC • Contains public method called as Actions • Method invokes by ASP.NET once routing decides the proper path • Returns an ActionResult – Tells the framework what to do next
    • View • Strongly typed! • How we intermingled C# and HTML? • Razor view engine – converts C# into actual HMTL @ Server
    • Demo Time!!!
    • Model • Contains business/domain logic • Doesn’t bother about presentation of Data • May (or may not) contains database access logic • Server side validation for Business logic Demo: Creating a model from POCO classes
    • HTML Helper & ViewBag • Quick, clean and short way • Helpers available for frequently used html elements • ViewBag contains Key-Value dictionary pairs. • Can be passed from Action to View
    • Partial Views Quick Demo
    • Layout and _ViewStart • Layout views are “master pages” • _ViewStart.cshtml – Code inside this view executes before every view renders
    • Further Resources • • Tutorials - • View-Controller-step-by-step-in
    • That’s all!! @ankitwww introduction-to-aspnet-mvc