Real Gurus of Customer centricity: Anisha Motwani


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Service Brands are not built through mass media but the 3Ps of Service Marketing. Read on to learn more..

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Real Gurus of Customer centricity: Anisha Motwani

  1. 1. The real Gurus of Customer Centricity
  2. 2. The real Gurus of Customer Road Side Cobbler Knows his customers one on one - all based on trust (probably runs a frequent buyer program)
  3. 3. The real Gurus of Customer Neighborhood Tobacconist Has unique customer ids, credit ratings, special offers, discount de home delivers and runs long term relationship programs with top en customers - all manually
  4. 4. The real Gurus of Customer Around the Corner Laundry Service Highly evolved one to one marketing techniques - Knows how to crease your trousers in that special way, picks up and home delivers - has a credit facility and what’s more gets his kid to clean your car for free !!
  5. 5. The real Gurus of CRM Neighborhood Grocer Runs the most efficient CRM program - Has more refined customer knowledge than some of our sophisticated data vendors
  6. 6. Consider the following…
  7. 7. Why do we love our favorite bookstore? A  Largest collection of books  The best rates in town  The most convenient location in town  The best advertising amongst all B  People know me there, even remember my name  Go the extra mile to help me find my book  Go the extra mile to help me get my book  They understand my taste, and make good recommendations too!  The best service in town OR
  8. 8. Why do we hate airlines more? Is it because… A  Their planes are awfully old?  They have lesser legroom?  The lounge area looks pathetic?  The seats are very uncomfortable? B  It delayed / cancelled flights?  The staff behaved rudely with us?  They lost our baggage?  They had to be reminded 3 times before they got our coffee / suits?  They refused to redeem our loyalty points? (We love them for these same set of reasons, when we get a favorable response) OR
  9. 9. Truth about Brands in a Service Economy “Consumers aren’t loyal to the company that provides the service, they are loyal to the people who provide them the service.”
  10. 10. It’s so true about finance brands They are all service brands - Intangible products, lots of and continuous consumer interactions
  11. 11. To what extent would our impressions of finance brands be impacted by… …TV Advertising? …Print Advertising? …Radio Advertising? …Direct Mailers? …Easy-to-remember toll-free numbers?
  12. 12. To what extent would our impressions of finance brands be impacted by… …The telemarketer pestering us? …The insurance advisor who we meet? …The person on the helpline? …The customer care officer who went the extra mile? …The timely reminders on mail / SMS?
  13. 13. There’s more to finance brands than brand communication
  14. 14. Because it’s all about people: people delivering the service and people consuming the service
  15. 15. Delivering to Customer
  16. 16. The 3 additional P’s of customer centricity for service brands  People  How are the employees, sales, after-sales and customer service staff of your company handling your company brand?  Process  How are the rules, procedures and systems of your company handling your brand?  Physical Evidence  How is the physical evidence (your forms, account statements, etc.) of your service handling your brand?
  17. 17. People  Does the staff know and feel the difference in their service versus the competition?  Does the staff believe in customer centricity and its values?  Is the staff empowered to customize and deliver the service to its different customers?
  18. 18. Even the telemarketer who mispronounces a customer’s name, contributes to quality of service delivered Ditto for the customer service representative, who says he does not have the authority to modify the database information
  19. 19. Process  Does the process allow for customization?  Is it customer-friendly?  Is it employee-friendly?  Is it in sync with the overall brand promise?  Is there a service recovery process / plan?
  20. 20. Is the process a hurdle or an enabler of the brand’s promise of ‘fast service’? Or is the company policy coming in the way of flexibility in options enjoyed by the customer for paying premium?
  21. 21. Physical Evidence  Do the application / claim forms make life easy or difficult for the customer?  Are the account statements and documents easy to understand?  How many asterisks are there next to the brand’s promise?