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Waiting for godot p Waiting for godot p Presentation Transcript

  • THEME: HOPE- Reflected by the word “waiting”- Important but uncertain- Reflects less action- Hopeless destiny of human race- They wonder if they are waiting in the correct spot or ifit is even the correct day
  • SUB THEMES• Friendship / Companionship• Dependency• Choices• Suffering
  • FRIENDSHIP / COMPANIONSHIP• Vladimir and Estragon are happy tobe apart but they choose to betogether• They do argue along the waiting butthat keeps them as each others’companions• Vladimir acts as the storyteller andreminder for Estragon
  • DEPENDENCY• The role as compliment to each other- Despite they might be happy if theyhappened to be apart, they have ratherbe together along the waiting• Estragon depends on Vladimir- Estragon does not remember what hashappened the previous day
  • • Lucky depends on Pozzo- Lucky tries to be as obedient as possible so that Pozzo wouldnot leave him• Vladimir and Estragon depend on Godot- They decide to hang themselves if Godot still does not comeDEPENDENCY
  • CHOICES• Vladimir and Estragoncould be happyfollowing their ownways but they chooseto be with each other -They need each other’scompanion to pass thetime• Estragon choosescarrot instead of turnip
  • • They have ever wanted to hangthemselves but they decide not to- They afraid that their attempt mightfail; only one of them would die• They can give up waiting but the donot- They are hoping and waiting forGodotCHOICES
  • SUFFERING• Constant and fundamental part of human existence• Every character suffers:-- Vladimir and Estragon wait for Godot, having to go throughmany conflicts to fill the waiting time- They suffer from lack of certainty- Lucky and Pozzo
  • • Drives men to find companionship- Estragon wants to quit waiting but Vladimir insists that theymust wait for Godot; together• Causes others to abuse their companions- Pozzo wants to be free by planning to leave Lucky- Lucky has to show his obedience in order to remain servinghis master, PozzoSUFFERING