Heroes vs the somebody - short story


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Heroes vs the somebody - short story

  3. 3. AUTHORKARIM RASLAN (HEROES) DANNY SANTIAGO (THE SOMEBODY)Karim Raslan Daniel Lewis JamesBorn in Perak, 1963 Born in Kansas City, 1911 (passes away in1988)The second child of Raslan Abdullah, thefounder of Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Bhdin 1960’sThe only son of a wealthy family fromKansas CityEducated in Malaysia and England(Cambridge), studying lawEducated in Yale, majoring in classicalGreekFather-Malay, Orang Kaya Besar,BangsawanMother-Welsh, EnglishBoth of his parents are EnglishA lawyer and a writer- columnist, politicalanalystTravelling salesman, worked in Hollywoodas assistant to Charlie Chaplin, volunteersocial worker
  4. 4. KARIM RASLAN DANNY SANTIAGOThe author of Ceritalah: Malaysia inTransition - which was described by NobelLaureate Sir V.S. Naipaul as "educated andelegant" - Heroes and Other Stories andJourneys Through Southeast Asia:Ceritalah 2.First novel- Famous All Over Town 1984received the Richard and Hinda RosenthalFoundation Award for fiction given by theAmerican Academy and Institute of Artsand Letters in 1984 and the PENPresidents Award in 1985 for the novel.Creates the character of “I” to portraysome of his ideas and views on what ishappening to the nationCreates the character of Chato based onother’s experience that he witnessedBeing very critical on political issues Being very critical on issues involvingHispanic communityAUTHOR
  5. 5. THEMEHEROES THE SOMEBODYFinding and admitting the truth about somethingDetermination to know and reveal thetruth about things happened in the past- Fariza has long pestered me to writeabout the past. (pg.30)- She used all her wiles and canniness toforce me into doing exactly what shewanted. (pg.32)Determination and braveness to admitthe truth about one self- I want you to know this is a big day inmy life because today I quit school andwent to work as a writer. (lines 2-3)- I write my gang name, Chato, whichmeans cat face, because I have a flatnose like a cat. It’s a Mexican wordbecause that’s what I am, a Mexican, andI’m not ashamed of it. (lines 6-8)
  6. 6. THEMEHEROES THE SOMEBODYBeing heroicBeing heroic in the eyes of the othersbecause of responsibilities and actionsdone for the nation- She knows I am a hero and is thereforeunafraid of the truth. (pg. 33)- Says he still admires you, respects you.(pg.36)- I had to be as loyal as the Sultan’sprivate Laksamana. (pg.35)- I was entrusted by the highestauthorities carrying messages of nationalimportance. (pg.35)Being heroic in his very own eyes; self-adoration- I’m telling you, I was pretty famous atthe Forney by the time I cut out, and fromthere I continued my travels till a newidea hit me. (lines 119-111)- It felt good to see myself writteneveryplace. (lines 172-173)- All I need is plenty of chalk and I’ll befamous wherever there’s a wall to writeon. (lines 245-246)
  7. 7. SETTINGHEROES THE SOMEBODYMalaysia- Petaling Jaya’s Section 5 (pg.22), thesame house since Fariza was a girl untilher mother has passed away (pg.24)- North Perak, on the way to Penang(pg.37)- Two miles outside Tapah (pg.39)United States of America- Eastside in old Los Angeles. (line 2)- Shamrock Street, the street where Chatoand his family live (lines 12-13)-Broadway and Bailey (line 240)-Boy’s Club (line 132)
  8. 8. SETTINGHEROES THE SOMEBODYMay 30th, 1969 (pg.37)- Race riots (pg.30)- Omar and “I” decided to leavebecause they were afraid that theChinese will kill them. (pg.46)- If the situation continued like this,we’d be in danger. (pg.45)There was no specific year mentionedin the text-Took place during the Mexican-American being oppressed anddiscriminated by the society- Then the S.P. Railroad bought up thewhole street, every house except myfather’s. (lines 55-56)
  9. 9. SETTINGHEROES THE SOMEBODY- The people of Malaysia – Malay,Chinese, India- A Malay family of three – I, Fariza,Naimah, Mariam – in which the membersare very closed to each other- People who carry the duty as civilservants (pg.260)-The Mexican-American communitywhom according to history were exiled toEast Los Angeles and have not beingtreated equally with the whites.- A Mexican-American family of manychildren but the members were not soclosed to each other (lines 48-50)- Group of teenagers who involve ingangs- Sierra Street gang, Chato deShamrock
  10. 10. LANGUAGE STYLEHEROES THE SOMEBODYThe dialogues and sentences are insertedwith Malay words-Ayah (pg. 22), cangkul (pg.29), parang(pg.46), onde-onde (pg.32)There are certain Spanish and Mexicanwords inserted.- Que cute! (line 46), Chato which meanscat face (lines 6-7), Chato de ShamrockUse of difficult words- Idyllic (pg.24), euphony (pg.25),cornucopia (pg.25), grotesque (pg.43)Use of simple words and sentences builtas if the author was talking to a friend-You know me (line 219)- I’m telling you (line 109)- That’s nothing, man, nothing (lines 242-243)
  11. 11. The Somebody HeroesResponsibility towards the nationChato doesn’t seem to be really careabout contributing something for hiscountry and his own people : ( line 25 )‘’I’’ or Ayah shows full commitmenttowards his job to serve the nation :(page 27 ,32 )Chato’s concern is only about hiswriting that will make him beingrecognized by the others: (line 55)I is responsible towards his task for thesake of the nationISSUES
  12. 12. The Somebody HeroesProudnessChato is the one who feels proudof himselfFariza is the one who adores and feelsproud of his fatherChato keeps on bragging about hiswriting on every places: (line 110and 210)Fariza has been told about the gooddeeds that his father has done:(page 31, 33)
  13. 13. THE SOMEBODY HEROESDIFFERENCES IN FAMILY UPBRINGINGFamily with less affection and love :(Line 20 )Filled with love from the whole familymembers : (page 22 )The way of upbringing practiced by thewestern familyEastern way of upbringing where familycomes firstThe situation of the family seemed to bequite disorganized and miserableWell organized family with comfortableaccommodation : (page 22)
  14. 14. THE SOMEBODY HEROESATTACHMENT TOWARDS THE OTHERSChato feels alone without his gang :(Line 65)“I ‘’ need somebody or companion inorder for him to lead his life and jobHe seems to lose focus in leading hisdays at the street without the gang :(Line 150)Regain the confidence from otherpeople support and help. :(page 28)
  15. 15. The Somebody HeroesBravery vs. CowardnessAble to survive alone around theterritory of the rival gang;(line 65)‘’ I ‘’ hides the truth from hisdaughter as his daughter might befrustrated once she knows the truthabout Nazrin .Goes everywhere even to the funeralhome to do his writing :(line 120)The way he reacted to Omar whentheir car hit a Chinese woman ontheir way to Perak. (Page 43,46 )
  16. 16. The somebody HeroesDISHONESTYCHATO IBoth of the main characters in the novels, Chato and I portrayedthe attitude as they were not as though as what is being seen byothers.Chato keeps on hiding as the rival gang, Siera is searching for him.He is the one who brags about he does not mind to be beaten upby them. (line 105 and 125)I in Heroes shows the true colour of himself especially after theincident with Nazrin which is totally different from the image thatpeople know him as a respected figure in his time.(page 46,47)CHARACTERS
  17. 17. The somebody HeroesHardly left the past behindCHATO Iboth of them have their own incident or things that happenedin the past which are not easily for then to forget.Ex : Chato had his own gang before, The Shamrock but all themembers have separated from each other due to few reasons.(line 65 and 150)The main character in Heroes, I still could not forget what wasactually happened towards Nazrin and he kept on thememories with him for few years before he writes it in thejournal.(page 27)
  18. 18. the somebody heroesRELATIONSHIP WITH THE FAMILYCHATO FARIZALess respect for the parents Respects the eldersFeeling of alienated in his own family thatis quite miserableThe phrase, ‘’he wants no part of him, "Idon’t care to look at her anymore” and “I’mchecking out of this dump!” refer to theintention of him to get out from his lifethere, in the family .Line 5 ,35 and 50)Get the full attention given by theparents and the comforts too.The way she always be there to visither father and also she never raisesher voice up to him.Page 22,27,28)
  19. 19. The somebody HeroesCHATO FARIZAPASSIONATE TOWARDS THEIR DREAMBoth of them have their own dream and keep on to the path to pursue their dreamswithout any hesitation or being affected by other people’s perceptionSteadfast to their dream :Chato wants to be somebody who is well known to the peopleFariza has passion in journalism and she is able to make her father let her pursue thedream