The Many Types of Chandeliers


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The Many Types of Chandeliers

  1. 1. The Many Types of Chandeliers
  2. 2. With Asher 12 Light Chandelier with Amber Crystal Accents, the Renaissance lookseems inviting and pretty. The curves and swirls of the ironwork at the stem andright through to the arms gives a traditional style, whist the amber crystal dropletsgive a sense of elegance. The faux amber dripped candles are the perfectfinishing touch.
  3. 3. The timeless peace! High quality crystals, classic candelabra form with chromefinish. This beautiful light fixture will fit in almost any decor and will bring a littletouch of glamor to any room of your house.
  4. 4. This stunning Annalisa 9 Light Flower Chandelier features nine faux candles. Thecandles and the frame are finished in beautiful deep rust, whilst around thebranch like arms of the chandelier and along the stem are several pretty handblown glass flowers with amber glass crystal like droplets.
  5. 5. What are crystal chandeliers you ask? Well, to answer your question, a crystalchandelier is a specific type of chandelier that is based on crystals and glass.
  6. 6. This stunning Annalisa 3 Light Mini Flower Chandelier features three fauxcandles. This is a beautiful chandelier, which will fit in beautifully to manystyles of decor.
  7. 7. Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms that are especially designed for newlyweds areequipped with crystal chandeliers that do not emit much light? There are two reasons forthat.
  8. 8. This Spence 5 Light White Chandelier with Lime Crystals features an elegantcurved canopy, which makes up the stem of the chandelier.
  9. 9. Elk Lighting was founded in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1983 by three industryexperts, Adolf Ebenstein, Jonathan Lesko, and Russell King. Since thecompanys inception, a commitment has been made to deliverinnovative, quality product with designer appeal and conscientious value.
  10. 10. Amber glass center column adds a modern touch to this traditional style. Hand-cut crystal glass emits soft brilliance and exceptional clarity. Four layers ofcolor create the unique Burnt Sienna finish. A chandelier creates a stylish focalpoint‚  Ã ‚  . Creates a soft glow for task lighting.
  11. 11. Yes, in fact, there are two types of the typical crystal chandelier. The two types are largeand small/mini. These are not as much types as they are sizes. Also, these types havedifferent sizes in which they are available in.
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