Animetrics Webinar: How Law Enforcement is Closing Cases with Face Biometric Technology


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Animetrics Webinar - How Law Enforcement is Closing Cases with Face Biometric Technology
Learn how Pennsylvania police are identifying suspects and furthering investigations with facial recognition and ForensicaGPS, Animetrics’ new facial identity biometric solution

This informative webinar from the face recognition experts at Animetrics is about new facial recognition and facial identity biometric solutions for law enforcement. Learn how police and forensic analysts in Pennsylvania are using new advanced investigative 2D-3D facial recognition and facial identity analytic tools in their casework to more quickly and accurately ID criminal suspects caught on photo or video surveillance.

This presentation outlines the use case for facial identity biometrics in law enforcement, diving deep into ForensicaGPS, Animetrics’ new investigative 2D-3D facial identity analysis and comparison solution, which is part of the Pennsylvania Justice Network’s award-winning face biometric program.

ForensicaGPS is a powerful new facial biometric tool for local, state and federal law enforcement that enables police to swiftly and accurately identify criminal suspects, even from a low-resolution photo or video surveillance. Its advanced facial forensic tools enable law enforcement to analyze and compare multiple images for faster, more precise identification of suspects.

ForensicaGPS translates 2D facial images from a digital photo or video frame into a 3D image via Animetrics’ patented 3D face-reco technology. ForensicaGPS’s unique facial creation and image quality enhancement tool converts photos and video frames of a person’s face into “ID ready” images including facial pose correction. This makes it easier for victims to identify suspects or for law enforcement to compare the images against mug shots within correction facilities and criminal databases or facial recognition systems.

It is available for a free trial at

Headquartered in Conway, N.H., Animetrics is a leading developer of advanced face recognition applications and face identity management solutions, which are driving market acceptance of next generation facial biometrics in government, homeland security and law enforcement. Animetrics’ patented technology features FACEngine®, the advanced facial recognition engine behind all of Animetrics’ facial biometric solutions. Learn more at

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Animetrics Webinar: How Law Enforcement is Closing Cases with Face Biometric Technology

  1. 1. Webinar: How Law Enforcement is ClosingCases with Face Biometric Technology
  2. 2. Introduction Webinar: How Law Enforcement is Closing Cases with Face Biometric Technology How Pennsylvania police are identifying suspects and furthering investigations with facial recognition and ForensicaGPS, Animetrics’ new facial identity biometric solution Hosts• Paul Schuepp, Animetrics, President and CEO• Sean Doucette, Animetrics, Systems Engineer
  3. 3. Animetrics Key Info • Headquartered in Conway, NH • Dr. Michael I. Miller – Chairman, Chief Scientist & Founder; About Director Center for Imaging Science, Johns Hopkins • Paul Schuepp – CEO/President Focus • Advanced facial recognition biometrics for military, DOD intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement • “Lights Out Face” – Facial identity management solutionsSolutions and 3D facial recognition applications • “Investigative face” – Forensic facial biometric solutions • Patented 2D to 3D face recognitionTechnology • Facial identity management cloud solution - web (FR) services architecture & cloud database
  4. 4. Investigative Face: Defined• Facial Identification (FI) – The manual examination of the differences and similarities between facial images to determine if they represent different or same person• Facial Recognition (FR) – The automated searching of a facial image in a computer database, resulting in a group of facial images ranked or scored by computer evaluated similarity• Image-based Recognition – The automated searching of features (ears, hands, blemishes, and scars, marks and tatoos, in a computer database. - FBI
  5. 5. Investigative Face: Use Cases• Identifying subjects, fugitives, missing persons and person’s of interest by using FR systems – Law enforcement (LE) and govt sources (DMV) – Open sources – Images in seized systems – video recorder or camera (evidence)• Tracking subjects to and from critical events (Homeland security – 9/11 etc)• Automatic surveillance at lookout locations• Verifying mug shots against National Criminal Information (NCIC) records -FBI
  6. 6. Rapid Growth of Video & Photo Face Biometric Evidence AvailableCapturing facebiometric data is notthe problem – beingable to use it for fastand accurate identityresolution is!
  7. 7. Facial Imagery Objective: Control the Uncontrolled• For Visualization• For Accuracy inComputerized FaceRecognition Systems(“Lights out”)ISO/IEC 19794-5 Standard Guidelines
  8. 8. Facial Imagery Objective: Control the UncontrolledOver 45% of faces seen by witnesses and …”Lights Out” face reco solutions strugglevictims are NOT FRONTAL FACIAL VIEWS… to resolve identity of these images
  9. 9. For Frontal Controlled Facial Imagery Facial Imagery Objective: Control the UncontrolledFace Recognition ID Rates have improved
  10. 10. Animetrics PerspectiveFR System are Good and Getting Better But…• Unable to consistently verify/match to courtroom standards• Effective w/ “controlled facial imagery” but not w/ uncontrolled• Law enforcement (LE) and Intelligence community (IC) rarely deal with controlled dataThere is a Need for New Investigative Face Biometric Tools• Allows LE/IC to interpret uncontrolled facial images – off pose or low resolution – consistently w/more precision – Make uncontrolled data “ID ready” and admissible in FR systems – Feature robust forensic analysis and visualization tools – Provide manual and visual Face Identification (FI) - matching and comparison
  11. 11. Investigative Face Biometrics Application Requirements Face Identification Facial Forensic Analysis Face Recognition Cloud Based Facial Collection, Search & Resolution
  12. 12. Animetrics’ Investigative Face Solutions ForensicaGPS FaceR Identity Management, FIMS & FaceR MobileID
  13. 13. ForensicaGPS • Investigative Face Biometric Solution for Law Facts Enforcement, Homeland Security, Intelligence CommunityPartners • Enables identity resolution of facial images in video or• BI2 Technologies (US Sheriffs) photo surveillance – Translates low resolution or uncontrolled facial images• Dataworks Plus (US Police & Prisons) from 2D to 3D renderings• UMC Switzerland – Visualization and normalization tools make images “ID• UNIDAS Germany Ready” for manual comparison or enrollment in FR systems – Comparative tools deliver detailed 2D and 3D facial analysis enhancing the speed and accuracy of criminalDeployments investigations• Initial limited release of ForensicaGPS in US, Europe and Middle East• Zurich Forensic Police Department (Switzerland) and police departments in Saudi Arabia. Qatar and UAE• Deployed by PA law enforcement as part of state-wide web-based FR system ForensicaGPS 3D mesh exposed showing accuracy in facial geometry
  14. 14. Sean Doucette – ForensicaGPSLive Demonstration
  15. 15. Case Study: Real Life Proof… Pose Normalization Works!!Before No Match Found After Matches Found !!
  16. 16. Deployed Partners: ForensicaGPS
  17. 17. Case Study: PA JNET PA Office of Attorney General• AG sent image to JNET of individual sitting on bench in urban area.• With JNET FR, office was able to crop the photo• Used ForensicaGPS 3D tools & pose correction create a face forward pose and make “FR ID ready”• Image was searched w/JNET FR system confirmed hit was in the top five of one of the result scans
  18. 18. Case Study: PA JNET US Postal Agents• The US Postal Inspectors suspected individuals of sending and receiving drugs in mail.• undercover agent took picture of individual suspected of receiving drugs.• Agent used JNET system w/ ForensicaGPS & its 3D analysis , nomralization to:”make ID ready”• Image successfullly enrolled and searched in JNET FR system• Agent able to identify the suspect from results
  19. 19. Deployed Partners - ForensicaGPS
  20. 20. Summary: ForensicaGPSBreakthrough 2D to-3D facial Face Visualization& Normalizationforensic analysis tool enabling • Edit, enhance the photograph or video frame of a difficult facial image for further analysis andidentity resolution of processingphotographic evidence from • Transforms 2D facial image and creates a fullface-video surveillance footage 3D model for normalization and visualization w/pose correction• Takes images, improves resolution and • Features embedded GPS – a built in global creates full 3D facial models for positioning system of the face – correlating all complete visualization of the subject’s 2D (x,y) positions to their corresponding 3D facial structure, geometry and texture (x,y,z) positions• Provides controls that allow metric • A pre-process to doing facial search w/FaceR analysis with face similarity scoring Identity Management or criminal database search to achieve results• Up to five images of each subject can be • Faces out of pose range on most 2D FR compared to the other subject facial systems can now be identified with the use of images ForensicaGPS• Helps investigator make uncontrolled images ID ready Comparative & Matching • Comparative tools enable analysis and comparison of multiple images. • Comparative tools deliver detailed 2D and 3D facial analysis
  21. 21. Download ForensicaGPS Trial Now! Call us for more Call us.. information.. (603) 447 5600 603-447-5600 Ext 2041 Headquarters Washington DC Office 53 Technology Lane 9175 Guilford Road, Suite 218 Conway, New Hampshire 03818 Columbia, Maryland 21046 Phone - (603) 447-5600 ext. 2041 Email: