Session 5 the pitch


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This is the 5th session in the course "Entrepreneurship Management" and this covers, simply put, "The Pitch"

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Session 5 the pitch

  1. 1. Anilesh Seth Ideator, Co Founder & CEO, KROW Strategic Advisor to the Qatalys Group of Companies Mentor at the KYRON incubator Visiting Faculty at CMR IT Exec MBA program Ex-CEO/MD: LGSI, Qatalys & Supervalu India
  2. 2. Session objectives 1. To understand the importance and elements of a pitch deck 2. Internalize the learning by reviewing sample decks
  3. 3. The importance of a pitch deck…. • A pitch deck is expected by a prospective investor (if you are seeking funding) or by your boss/stakeholders (if you are an intrapreneur) • You would have asked for time; once this is given, this is your golden opportunity to get your audience to agree to take the next steps
  4. 4. The elements of a pitch deck…… • Follow the 10/20/30 rule (from Guy Kawasaki) – 10 slides – 20 minutes – 30 point font
  5. 5. The elements of a pitch deck…… 1. Title 2. Problem 3. Solution 4. Business model 5. Underlying magic 6. Marketing and sales 7. Competition 8. Management team 9. Financial projections and key metrics 10. Current status, accomplishments thus far, timeline and use of funds Remember – there is no rigidity. There is ample scope to be creative; modify to suit your style and approach.
  6. 6. The elements of a pitch deck Slide Content Comments Title -Org name -Your name/title -Contact info Enables the audience to know what to expect. Good opening line: “This is my company and this is what we do” Problem -What pain point are you addressing? -Avoid talking about consulting studies about the future Solution -How are you solving the problem -What is your value proposition -No need to get carried away with your own technical creativity : focus on how you are solving the problem
  7. 7. The elements of a pitch deck Slide Content Comments Business model -How will you make money? -Who pays? -How do you distribute? -Gross margins? -Unique models are scary -Great to introduce some customers you may already have Underlying magic -Explain the technology or secret sauce behind your offering -Less text -More diagrams Marketing and sales -How will you reach your customers -Your go-to-market strategy needs to be convincing
  8. 8. The elements of a pitch deck Slide Content Comments Competition -Good idea to have as much of competition covered here as possible -Focus on why you are good and not why the competition is bad Management team -Key players – include advisors and investors if any -If you have a “hole” that’s ok -Need to demonstrate awareness of this “hole” Financial projections and key metrics -3 to 5 year forecast -key metrics -Bottom ups forecast Current status, accomplishments, timeline, use of funds -Status -What does near term look like -Use of money -Highlight positive movement/traction -Close with a call to action
  9. 9. Examples of great pitch decks
  10. 10. The elevator pitch! • It is a brief persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in your product or idea • It should not last longer than a short elevator ride, say 20 to 30 seconds • Applies to all kinds of scenarios from pitching your start up to pitching to your CEO to even pitching your candidature • Go through several versions of it……..rehearse it………fine tune it
  11. 11. Elements of the elevator pitch… • What is your goal? • Explain what you do • Communicate your USP • Engage with a question PRACTICE!! Its got to sound natural (not like a formula!) Pay attention to your body language as well!
  12. 12. Example of an elevator pitch My company develops mobile apps to train staff remotely We tailor the content to specific roles like “sales”, “new recruits” 95% of our customers feel this is more productive and cost-effective So how does your organization handle training of sales staff and other roles?
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