Women’s world fashion show


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Women’s world fashion show

  2. 2.  The Women’s World Fashion Week Style Lounge is a multi-day branded entertainmentenvironment providing activities and opportunities for fashion designers and sponsors to comeface-to-face with the principal tastemakers, celebrities, musical talent, media and consumersduring Women’s World Fashion Week. Activities at the lounge will include:WOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGEOverview• Top designer fashion shows, designer after-parties and publicity events.• Press conferences, private cocktail parties for sponsors, designers andcelebrities.• Live performances by top musical talent & DJ’s.• Gift bags and other consumer-facing opportunities.• Media coverage of sponsors in ________ newspaper and their correspondingwebsites, online promotions, and supporting PR campaigns.SRIRASTU MEDIA
  3. 3.  Date : Location : Timings :WOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGESTYLE LOUNGE EVENTSCHEDULEDESIGNERFASHION SHOWS The Style Lounge offers a turnkey solution for designers with all-inclusive front-of-houseproduction elements, including opportunity to install custom décor, visuals and installations. Sponsors and designers will have guaranteed media and press through in-book, magazines andthe Style Lounge press and promotion efforts.SRIRASTU MEDIA
  4. 4. WOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGE Raised runway extending to 60 feet. Customized fashion installation. Spacious backstage hair, makeup & styling room. Wardrobe room and backstage quick-change area. Signage & branding on stage backdrop, flats and step & repeat wall. Seating for approximately 200-350 guests. Front and back of house security and check-in staff/coordinator provided. Full front-of house check-in staffing available at incremental cost. Participating designers need to supply models to execute their fashion program at theStyle Lounge.Unique conversions of Pavilion can include:SRIRASTU MEDIA
  5. 5.  Venue Layout  Mock up of runway and seating for StyleLoungeWOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGESRIRASTU MEDIA
  6. 6. WOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGEDESIGNERAFTER-PARTYEVENTS Designers who show at the Style Lounge will also have rights to book Style Nightclub, inthe evening and host after-party events (subject to availability). This option is also available to other top designers wishing to host their after-party at thelounge and take advantage of the production, media and cost-efficiency benefitsassociated with the lounge/program. All events will be strictly invitation only.SRIRASTU MEDIA
  7. 7. Event Schedule Opportunities & Capacities: Fashion Show Morning – 9 AM: Capacity is approximately 200-350 seated Fashion Show Afternoon – 2 PM: Capacity is approximately 200-350 seated Fashion Show Evening – 7 PM: Capacity is approximately 200-350 seated Press & Hospitality - Daytime: in between shows at designated times, the Style Loungewill serve as a hospitality destination for press, models and celebrities. Events can befrom 1 - 2 hours long and host up to 150 invited media and VIPs. Designer After-Parties: 9 PM – Friday Midnight, Saturday and Sunday only: Onefashion show After-Party for Style Lounge designers and/or designers of fashion weekper night. Features open bar, food and opportunity for live music performances eachnight by top music talent or top DJs. Events will host up to 300+ people nightly.WOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGEEvent Schedule.SRIRASTU MEDIA
  8. 8.  Product exclusivity/pouring/sampling/demonstration rights Extensive visual branding through the use of animations, projection technologies, gobolights and standard collateral materials/signage throughout the venue Conversion bar areas and VIP rooms through soft goods, furniture and wall treatmentinstallations Branded merchandise including bar essentials and promotional items Custom-designed staff and consumer clothing/apparel for giveaway or offered at retail Gift Bag placement of promotional items Red carpet and step-and repeat at venue entrance each day & night Custom promotions, installations and visibility on-site created to match sponsor needsand goalsWOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGECORPORATE SPONSORSHIPSRIRASTU MEDIA
  9. 9.  Title Sponsor – INR : entire platform / all events & media. Available for 1 sponsorexclusively. Includes title naming rights to the event and right-of-first-refusal atsubsequent installations. Associate Sponsor – INR: entire platform / all events & media. Available on a per-category exclusivity basis. Single Day Event Sponsor – INR. Partnered with single designer for official designerevent or after-party.WOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGESPONSORSHIPOPTIONSIdeal for:• Product launches during Fashion Week• Ad campaign unveiling• Press conference for fashion media (daytime)• Celebrity-hosted eventsIndividual dedicated events may also be created and produced at the Style Lounge for asponsor or brand – details and pricing provided upon request.SRIRASTU MEDIA
  10. 10. Unique branding opportunities forsponsors will be made available through:- Side panel branding- Gobo projections- Video projections- Brand installations and product displaysWOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGESRIRASTU MEDIA
  11. 11. All Style Lounge events, designers, and sponsors are given extensive media promotion and coverage,through thefollowing:Pre-event Style Lounge promotional full-page ad in ___________________ Newspaper.Photo and press inclusion in ______ Newspaper dedicated spread advertorial for post-eventcoverage.Name and logo inclusion in other Media’s targeted on-line/website promotion yielding over 4 millionmonthly impressions. On-line/electronic media promotion mediums include dedicated web-site pageand email campaignsSponsor inclusion in _______ (Srirastu Media) publicity and PR campaign with inclusion in all mediaalerts, press releases and media rooms and step & repeat press walls. Estimated 25 million mediaimpressions.Sponsor inclusion in all collateral & promotional materials for the program including ____ (SrirastuMedia) industry & promoter based elite campaign.WOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGEMEDIA & PROMOTION BENEFITSSRIRASTU MEDIA
  12. 12. WOMEN’S WORLDFASHION WEEKSTYLE LOUNGECONTACTFor further information or to request a detailed presentation for sponsor or designerparticipation,please contact any one of the following:Surapaneni Poojitha, Srirastu Media at +91-9666442950;surapanenipoojitha@gmail.comAnil KumarMamidala, Srirastu Media at +91-9666442951;mamidala.nikhil@gmail.comSRIRASTU MEDIA