A Clockwork Orange


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A Clockwork Orange

  1. 1. A Clockwork Orange
  2. 2. X-Rated The film A Clockwork Orange was released in 1971. During that time the rating system was different than it currently is.  The ratings were:  G (General)  M (Mature)  R (Restricted) X  M and R rating both indicated "adult" content. (Anybody under 16 who wished to watch an M or R rated film had to be accompanied by an adult) "X" rated films were known to be "too extreme" for anyone under the age of 16 to watch. Theatres were not allowed to watch anyone under 16 to watch X rated films even if they were accompanied by an adult.
  3. 3.  The film was submitted to the BBFC in 1971. Bby that time the age bar for seeing an X rated film had been raised from 16 to 18. A Clockwork Orange was passed with an X rating with no cuts. The Boards Secretary, Stephen Murphy, defended the film. He stated that "Disturbed though we were by the first half of the film, which is basically a statement of some of the problems of violence, we were, nonetheless, satisfied by the end of the film that it could not be accused of exploitation: quite the contrary, it is a valuable contribution to the whole debate about violence".
  4. 4.  The sexual violence shown in the first thirty minutes of the film and the "Ludovico Treatment“ and rape footage, were considered too graphic for anyone under 16 to see which is why the film was rated as an X.  "AClockwork Orange" and "Midnight Cowboy," were two mainstream films which had been X rated. This was because of the sexually explicit  The "M" rating was replaced by "PG“ in 1972.
  5. 5.   The film never banned in the UK.  The BBFC had classified it as an X- rating in 1971.  Many people in Britain were disgusted and shocked by the film when it first released and this was because the sexual violence was considered to be quite extreme. Several violent crimes had been committed in Britain during 1972 and 1973. The film was blamed for this sudden increase in violent crimes and people had said the film ‘influenced’ people to commit these crimes. The crimes included an old man beaten to death in an underpass, a sixteen year old boy wearing Alexs uniform beating up a younger boy and a young woman raped by men chanting Singing in the Rain.  After this there was pressure put on director Stanley Kubrick to ban the film. Kubrick withdrew A Clockwork Orange from British cinemas in 1973 and concluded by saying that the film would only be allowed to be seen after his death.
  6. 6.   During the 1980s and 1990s, if British fans wanted to watch the film, the only way they could do so was if they ordered it on VHS from other countries, usually France.  The Scala Cinema club in London screened the film In 1993, but without the director Kubrick’s permission.  Warner Bros sued the Scala club which caused them to become bankrupt and they eventually had to close down. Stanley Kubrick died in 1999 and A Clockwork Orange was re-classified with an 18-rating by the BBFC. The film was eventually re-released in British cinemas in 2000 and released on VHS and DVD in the UK later that year. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0066921/faq
  7. 7. I definitely agree with the BBFC in year 2000 as I think the content of this film seems quiteexplicit and detailed therefore it definitely would not be suitable for someone other than an adult to watch. Even though it has been rated 18, to some extent i think it should not have been shown in cinema’s due to the amount of sexual content in the film
  8. 8. Audience and critical responses ‘Movies that make people sick’: Audience Responses to Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange in 1971/72 “A Clockwork Orange was a great movie and also it was really creepy to watch.” “A Clockwork Orange is one movie that I was looking forward to seeing again. I have seen it probably fifteen times and it has yet to lose its appeal. The first time I saw it I might have been sixteen and I was completely shocked by the amount of violence and sexuality in the film...the movie was like a kick in the face.”
  9. 9. “Had I not been required to view A Clockwork Orange for class, I would have turned off the movie after the first twenty minutes. I do not completely dislike this movie but there are parts that anger and offend me.”“The first time I watched A Clockwork Orange, it was almost too much to process at once. After watching it a second time, however, I was able to grasp on to several themes in the movie.”