Pay Per Click - Product extensions and product listings ads


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Integrating Google Merchant Centre into your Pay Per Click campaign

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Pay Per Click - Product extensions and product listings ads

  1. 1. @annstanleyProduct ad extensionsand product listing ads Ann Stanley MD Anicca Digital
  2. 2. @annstanley Ad extensions, local listings (map) and new product listing ads Map (local Sitelinks listings) Product listing adsProduct adextensions
  3. 3. Integration with @annstanley Google Merchant Centre Product listing ads Product extensions with + signShopping results from Merchant Centre
  4. 4. @annstanley Summary of different shopping results in Google Keywords = Samsonite luggage Organicshopping results AdWords Map Product listing products ad and Places (Merchant ads extension listings Centre)
  5. 5. @annstanley Getting started GvUD7cU
  6. 6. @annstanley Getting started checklist You need an active Google Merchant Centre account, with a product feed or uploaded file containing your product details Link AdWords account in “settings” of your Google Merchant Centre account Link Merchant Centre to each AdWords campaign: – New campaigns - as you create the campaign (select product extensions) – Existing campaigns - in the Ad extension tab (select product extensions sub-menu) Create product extensions or product listing ads for new or existing campaigns Create filters (product extensions) or create targets (product listing ads), to have specific campaigns for specific product groupings, types, brands or other attributes
  7. 7. @annstanleyExample product feed
  8. 8. @annstanleyProduct ad extensions
  9. 9. @annstanleyCreating a new campaign with product extensions
  10. 10. @annstanleyAdding a product extension campaign to existing campaigns (with filters)
  11. 11. @annstanley Why use product filters? You can use product filters to give you further control over which products are displayed for each campaign Select the campaign where you want to add product filters. Select the Ad extensions tab Select Product extensions from the "View" drop-down menu above statistics table The default is “all products” or you can create a filter Select multiple "OR" statements as requirements to determine which products from your feed are eligible to appear in ads in this campaign.
  12. 12. @annstanley Product extension results (results from Ad extension tab vs. Campaign tab) Average Conversions Conversion Impressions Clicks CTR position (1 per click) rateMens underwear All search 915462 33792 3.69% 2.7 956 2.83% Product extensions 101746 5639 5.54% 3.8 161 2.86% Relative results 11.1% 16.7% 150% 17% 101%Office equipment All search 624373 21183 3.39% 5 393 1.83% Product extensions 137043 3733 2.72% 5.8 110 2.95% Relative results 21.9% 17.6% 80% 28% 161%Chiminea Shop All search 412738 7421 1.80% 3.6 87 1.17% Product extensions 38961 699 1.79% 6.4 3 0.43% Relative results 9.4% 9.4% 99% 3% 37%Online food All search 340897 14588 4.28% 2.4 157 1.08% Product extensions 8924 308 3.45% 3.4 7 2.27% Relative results 2.6% 2.1% 81% 4% 210%
  13. 13. @annstanley What link was clicked on? (results from Segments on Campaign tab) Average Conversions Conversion Impressions Clicks CTR position (1 per click) rateMens underwear Headline 915462 33490 3.66% 2.2 947 2.83% Product plus box 101746 132 0.13% 3.14 2 1.52% Sitelinks 188315 166 0.09% 1.83 7 4.22% Mobile click to call 10800 4 0.04% 2.25 0 0.00%Office equipment Headline 582202 19956 3.43% 4.16 362 1.81% Product plus box 134335 19 0.01% 4.78 Sitelinks 71130 174 0.24% 2.04 6 3.45% Mobile click to call 34333 4 0.01% 3.14Chiminea shop Headline 412738 6846 1.66% 2.83 79 1.15% Product plus box 38961 44 0.11% 4.34 Sitelinks 22196 98 0.44% 1.99 2 2.04%Online food Headline 340815 14290 4.19% 2.6 155 1.08% Product plus box 8924 2 0.02% 3.6 0 0.00% Sitelinks 131848 289 0.22% 1.8 0 0.00%
  14. 14. @annstanley Product extension – advantages and disadvantagesAdvantages 2 formats, with a + box or linear (similar to Sitelinks but top 3 positions only) + box can appear on side bar as well as top bar Links in top bar seem to be the most successful as price and product details are already displayed without having to click on the + button Most companies still don’t use this extension - so it can make you stand outDisadvantagesx Unpredictable – when and where you will appear (generally <10% of impressions)x Most users don’t click on the + button and still click on the headlinex Often get a miss-match of search and product image – unless you use product filtersx It is not possible to apply separate filters to each campaign if you share a product extension; this means you need to set product extensions separately for each campaign
  15. 15. @annstanleyProduct listing ads
  16. 16. @annstanley What are product listing ads? A product listing ad lets you promote specific products alongside Google search results (so you can have 2 ads displayed) You can include a product image, title, price, and your store or brand name and an offer With this format, you can manage your ads and campaign in AdWords, while you manage your product information through your Google Merchant Centre account Product listing ads are only available on some Google domains (e.g. .com,, .de) and some Search Network sites (Google Image Search), so the campaign must be opted into the Search network in order for these ads to run You don’t have to select keyphrases, as product listing ads are presented when a user enters a search query relevant to a product contained within your Google Merchant Centre account The negative keyword feature for product listing ads works in the same way that it does for typical paid search ads
  17. 17. @annstanleyDominating the results (2 ads displayedat the same time and different formats)
  18. 18. @annstanley Creating product listing ads Link each campaign to your Google Merchant Centre account in the Ad extensions tab The campaign must be opted into Google and the Search Networks in order for these ads to run You can add your product listing ad in various ways:  To an existing ad group (with keyphrases)  You can create a new ad group within an existing campaign (with or without keyphrases)  You can create a new campaign and ad group just for your product listing ads (with no keyphrases or normal text ad) Go to the Ad tab and select new text ad and “product listing ad” You can enter a promotional offer for the ad. This promotional text could appear with any product, so ensure that it is relevant, e.g.. free shipping on orders over £50
  19. 19. @annstanleyCreate a new product listing ad with offer
  20. 20. @annstanley Understanding product targets Wherever you have a product listing ad you will need a product target Targets are set at the campaign level and are defined using conditions set within your AdWords (Auto target tab) and attributes in the Google Merchant Centre feed You can modify the product target in the Auto target tab (Note: the default is for “all products”) Once youve defined a target group of products, your product listing ads will be eligible to show for any customer searches that are related to the products youve specified. Note: The product targets feature is similar to the “filters” functionality used previously for product extensions
  21. 21. @annstanley Creating Product Targets Select the campaign where you want to create your target Select the Auto targets tab Select the ad group where youd like to create the ad Add product target above the statistics table Select up to three product attributes and enter their corresponding values These values must match the values in your Google Merchant Centre feed exactly, or your ads wont be served for these targets
  22. 22. @annstanley Modifying your data in Merchant Centre to improve targetingadwords_label for targeting specific productsadwords_grouping for targeting groups of productsadwords_publish – use false for low value or poor performing productsyou don’t want to displayadwords_redirect – to take user to specific product page
  23. 23. @annstanley Tracking results in Analytics – use adwords_queryparam in your feed Title adwords_queryparam adwords_queryparam adwords_queryparam Fire Logs (Pack of 50) adtype=[adtype] aid=101 kw=[keyword]Tia Steel Chiminea Gift Set adtype=[adtype] aid=102 kw=[keyword]  adtype=[adtype] – Analytics data will show either – pe for product extension – pla for product listing ad  You can also append an ad identifier (aid) in a separate column  kw=[keyword] – Analytics data will show which keyword triggered the ad
  24. 24. @annstanley Results for product listing ads Average Conversions Conversion Impressions Clicks CTR position (1 per click) rateChiminea shop All search results 412738 7421 1.80% 3.6 87 1.17% Product Listing ads 24919 397 1.59% 2.5 6 1.51% Product extensions 38961 699 1.79% 6.4 3 0.43% Sitelinks 22196 2207 9.94% 2.5 39 1.77%What was clickedon? Headline 412738 6846 1.66% 2.83 79 1.15% Product Listing offer 24919 397 1.59% 2.5 6 1.51% Product plus box 38961 44 0.11% 4.34 Sitelinks 22196 98 0.44% 1.99 2 2.04%  Only one simple campaign set-up for product listing ads with all products (no targets), but this has had an above average conversion rate and average click through rate  Not many users have clicked on the product extensions so this has not resulted in many conversions (they tend to click on the headline)  Sitelinks have converted well (due to top 3 positions and offering a choice of different products descriptions in the links), however they still tend to click on the headline
  25. 25. @annstanley Advantages and disadvantages of product listing adsAdvantages The use of an image, brand and an offer will drive a high click through rate and conversion rate Product listing ads are often displayed at the same time as either a normal text ad or product extension ad, increasing brand awareness and traffic You can use separate campaigns and targets to ensure a product listing ad is for a specific group of products e.g. by type or brandDisadvantagesx Unpredictable – they may not show very often (less than 10% in example shown)x You may have to make significant changes to your product database or product feed to maximise your targeting or Analytics results: – Set up new AdWords attributes for example adwords_labels, adwords_grouping – Set up adwords_publish (= false), to stop a low value product being shown in the AdWords product listings – Set up adwords_redirect to ensure you go to the correct product page – Use adwords_queryparam to understand which keyword, ad type or actual ad generated your traffic in your Analytics data
  26. 26. @annstanleyThank youAnn @annstanley
  27. 27. @annstanley