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  • 1. CONTINENT: AFRICA CULTURE: Senegal -They live in north-western Africa. A person from Senegal is called Senegalese. - The capital is Dakar -Language: French and Wolof. - Food: (typical dishes and drinks) couscous and chicken, cockles, attaya (Senegalese tea) - Animals; Some of them are: the Aardvark, the hyrax, African bush elephant and lion. -Plants: The heart of the country is dominated by dry savannas, acacias and the baobab, which is characteristic for West Africa. The baobab is the national tree of Senegal. It belongs to the family of adansonia trees and can reach an age of up to 1000 years. It stores around 5000l water in the rainy season and it sheds it leaves afterwards in order to protect itself from excessive evaporation during the drought. - Types of houses: the case. It is made of straw and clay.
  • 2. CONTINENT: AFRICA -Families: In rural areas, parents often arrange marriages for their children. A young man may want a young woman, but his father decides whether she is suitable. A gobetween often is appointed to investigate the woman's family background. If the father finds the family satisfactory, he sends the go-between to deliver kola nuts to the woman's parents. The parents accept the kola nuts if they approve of the young man. - Clothes: Kaftan, it is a colorful dress that men and women can wear. - Greetings: Bonjour (French), Na nga def (wolof) - Sports: Athletics, swimming, rugby ... -Weather: Senegal’s climate is pleasantly tropical with year round average temperatures between 26° and 30° C, uninterrupted sunshine from November to May and a short rainy season between the months of June and October, when sudden but spectacular rainstorms can punctuate the hot sun. - Currency: CFA Franc - jobs: farmers, artists, teachers - Monuments: The Monument to African Renaissance - Geography: Gambia river and Niokolo Koba national park
  • 3. CONTINENT: AFRICA - Famous people: Akhon Thiam (singer), Patrice Evra (soccer player), Abdou Diouf (politician) - Religion: Muslim and Catholic. - Curiosities: Goree and the "Slave House" exist as powerful symbols of the slave trade and that alone makes it a place of curiosity and history.
  • 4. CONTINENT: AFRICA Typical song: Aayóo nenne (pista 9) Aayóo nenne! Aayóo nenne! (bis) A rorró mi bebé Ku may bindal téere ¿Quién va a hacerme un talisman? Yóbbul ma ko Saalum? ¿Y llevármelo a Saloum? Saalum, ñaarí néeg la En Saloum hay dos cuartos Ñetteel ba di waañ wa. La tercera habitación es la cocina Aayóo nenne! (bis) A rorró mi bebé Nenne tuutí Pequeño bebé