Angus Loss Adjusting Experience


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Angus Loss Adjusting Experience

  1. 1. Angus Bradley<br /> <br />ME, BE (Mech), BCom (Acc & Econ), Post Grad Dip Bus<br />ANZIIF (Fellow), FCLA, MIPENZ, CPEng, IntPE(NZ)<br />Chartered Loss Adjuster<br />Chartered Professional Engineer<br /> <br />UAE Registered and Licensed Loss Adjuster<br />Member of the International Professional Engineers Register<br /> <br />Mobile +971 50 103 0905<br />Email<br />PO Box 450141, Dubai, UAE<br /> <br /><br />16 Years Loss Adjusting Experience; 4 Years Middle East<br /><ul><li>Oil and Gas
  2. 2. Geothermal Wells
  3. 3. Downstream Oil and Gas production
  4. 4. Pipelines
  5. 5. Energy Generation and Transmission
  6. 6. Industrial Gas Turbines
  7. 7. Industrial Processing Plant
  8. 8. Mining and Smelting
  9. 9. Infrastructure Works
  10. 10. Construction and Civil Works</li></li></ul><li>Oil and Gas<br /><ul><li>Fixed platform and mobile drilling rigs
  11. 11. Well ‘kick’ problems leading to cratering
  12. 12. Production casing failure
  13. 13. Oil-gas separators, oil tanks, gas compression stations, treating plants, pump stations and gasoline-sulphur recovery plant</li></ul>Dry drilling problems on an offshore rig damaged the drill bit, loss under deductible.<br />
  14. 14. Downstream Oil and Gas <br /><ul><li>Refining</li></ul>The accidental loss of steam caused heat damage to a hydrogen reformer, property loss $7,400,000. Business interruption losses were less than the time deductible. <br />
  15. 15. Downstream Oil and Gas <br /><ul><li>LPG production
  16. 16. Mobil process – natural gas to methanol and then to gasoline (synfuel)</li></ul>Cause investigation: A weld failed fracturing a heat exchanger pipe and caused an explosion in a waste heat recovery unit at a LNG facility, EAR loss in excess of $100,000,000.<br />
  17. 17. Geothermal<br /><ul><li>Geothermal well risks
  18. 18. Geothermal power generation</li></ul>Five sections of a production casing failed at a depth of 876m during quenching of a geothermal well, loss $15,000,000 and generation losses $4,000,000. It was suggested that the well was at the end of its economic life and the claim was eventually withdrawn.<br />
  19. 19. Downstream Petrochemical Plant<br /><ul><li>Steam cracking and catalytic reforming of refinery hydrocarbons for the production of olefins (ethylene and propylene) and aromatics (benzene and xylene isomers)
  20. 20. Plastics, resins, fibres, solvents and detergent production
  21. 21. Fertiliser manufacture</li></ul>Faulty design led to the failure of the concrete structural members supporting plant and equipment at a fertiliser plant; quantum was in excess of $350,000,000 and the claim was repudiated. Ewan Cresswell of Integra Technical Services was appointed by facultative reinsurers to mentor the handling of this claim.<br />
  22. 22. Pipelines<br /><ul><li>Gas and oil pipelines
  23. 23. Potable and wastewater reticulation (and processing risks)</li></ul>A flood collapsed a bridge supporting a natural gas pipeline. Due to the lead time to reconstruct the bridge the pipeline was reinstated under the riverbed. The initial claim of circa $9,000,000 for the pipeline was negotiated at $4,600,000.<br />
  24. 24. Energy Generation and Transmission<br /><ul><li>Natural gas, light fuel oil, and biogas simple cycle and co-generation facilities
  25. 25. Reservoir and run of river hydropower
  26. 26. Steam turbines and associated desalination plant
  27. 27. Diesel and coal fired power stations
  28. 28. Alternative renewable energy – geothermal and wind generation
  29. 29. Power transmission equipment</li></ul>The design of the HPC (high pressure compressor) stage 17 on an ABB GT26 gas turbine was defective, and as a consequence a stage 17 blade cracked during the gas turbine running-in procedure, EAR loss $2,900,000. (DSU claimed $16,000,000 but subsequently negotiated to nil).<br />
  30. 30. Industrial Gas Turbines<br /><ul><li>Industrial single and dual shaft gas turbines
  31. 31. Aero turbines</li></ul>The vane ring, which is part of the diffuser assembly on the high pressure turbine stub shaft, suffered a high cycle fatigue failure causing an explosion inside the hot section sump area of a GE LM6000 gas turbine, machinery breakdown loss $9,000,000 and business interruption losses mitigated to nil.<br />
  32. 32. Industrial Processing Plant<br /><ul><li>Chemical process manufacturing
  33. 33. Automated manufacturing
  34. 34. Food processing (in particular the dairy industry)
  35. 35. Water and wastewater treatment plants
  36. 36. Pulp and paper
  37. 37. Pollution and contamination incidents</li></ul>A lump of milk powder oxidised causing an explosion in a vibrofluidiser that set fire to a milk powder dryer. Property damage and business interruption losses $20,000,000. My role in this loss was relatively minor, but it was my first loss adjusting assignment (1993) and I’m very grateful to the team of adjusters that were kind enough to share their knowledge and experience. <br />
  38. 38. Mining and Smelting<br /><ul><li>Open cast and continuous coal mining
  39. 39. Aluminium and iron (steel) smelting</li></ul>A flashover inside a rectifier transformer shut down the number five pot line at an aluminium smelter, property loss $500,000. Business interruption losses were uninsured.<br />A screening machine caught fire inside a coal mine, plant loss $350,000. Prompt emergency fire fighting prevented a much more serious fire from occurring.<br />
  40. 40. Infrastructure Works<br /><ul><li>Water treatment
  41. 41. Wastewater treatment</li></ul>A contractor left construction debris inside pipework, which during the maintenance period damaged the membrane filters used in the second stage of a water treatment plant, CAR loss $3,500,000.<br />Nocardia rod bacteria caused extreme foaming of the activated sludge (human effluent) inside the digesters of a wastewater treatment plant resulting in a series of ongoing losses to plant and equipment totaling $1,850,000. <br />
  42. 42. Construction and Civil Works<br /><ul><li>Resorts and hotels
  43. 43. Multistory tower blocks and high rise construction
  44. 44. Civil infrastructure works including culverts, rock revetments and coffer dams
  45. 45. Roads, bridges and under passes
  46. 46. Airports
  47. 47. Tunnels</li></ul>CAR fire loss in a hotel $30,000,000<br />
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