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Recruiting and Retaining Millennials-Multiple Generations in the workplace
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Recruiting and Retaining Millennials-Multiple Generations in the workplace


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Age and generational differences are another aspect of workplace diversity that has been getting a lot of attention as Millennials enter the workforce. We highlight how to recruit, retain, motivate …

Age and generational differences are another aspect of workplace diversity that has been getting a lot of attention as Millennials enter the workforce. We highlight how to recruit, retain, motivate and lead four distinct generations.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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  • Wayne will introduce himself after Angie and put in a quick Millennial quip about “grinding” and “slang.”
  • Wayne provides overview.
  • Wayne provides overview and puts Millennial commentary on “Let them mentor” bullet.
  • Wayne administers quiz.
  • After Angie provides overview, Wayne provides Millennial commentary Baby Boomer preference.
  • Wayne provides overview.
  • Wayne provides overview.
  • Wayne provides Millennial explanation of Joel’s Twitter profile.
    Angie starts and manages discussion.
  • Angie provides overview of slide.
    Wayne completes slide by providing Millennial insight on Explain Career Paths point.
    Wayne goes to next slide.
  • Wayne provides overview of Tradebot’s approach and how it relates to Y-Sizing Your Website
  • Angie provides overview of slide.
    Wayne provides Millennial insight on Week One is All-Important point.
  • Wayne will be ready to provide more stories / examples here if necessary.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Recruiting and Retaining Millennials Multi-Generations in the Workplace May 2014
    • 2. About Your Facilitators  Angie Salmon, SVP – EFL Associates - Completed over 100 search engagements - Leads Board of Directors and Nonprofit Practice - “X-Y Cusper” and volleyball player Wayne Larson, CBIZ Marketing Coordinator - Former recruitment coordinator for KU School of Journalism - Listener, communicator, content creator, manager - “Grinding” – Work, not dancing  913.234.1791  @larsonwayne  913.234.1576  @SalmonSearch
    • 3. Generations – Our Definitions Generations Born Age Traditionalists 1930-1945 69-84 Baby Boomers 1946-1964 50-68 Gen X 1965-1976 38-49 Gen Y/Millennials 1977- 37 and younger
    • 4. Understanding Diversity vs. Stereotyping
    • 5. Traditionalists (69-84) – Defining Moments
    • 6. Traditionalists – Performance Clues  Comfortable with delayed gratification  Value formal communication  Hard work, sacrifice  Recognition for great contributions  Utilize the lifetime of wisdom  Ask them (They might not volunteer)  Let them mentor – Gen Y trusts them
    • 7. Traditionalists – Quiz A. Being asked to join the company softball team B. Cash bonus C. Employee dinner where spouse can attend D. Discounts for theatre tickets
    • 8. Baby Boomers (50-68) – Defining Moments
    • 9. Baby Boomers – Performance Clues  Competitive  Enjoy leading teams  “Work hard, pay your dues”  Measure work effort in hours per week  Want to be recognized for contributions  Prefer phone, personal interaction, meetings
    • 10. A. Building a legacy B. Building a stellar career C. Building a parallel career D. Building a portable career Baby Boomers – Quiz
    • 11. Gen X (38-49) – Defining Moments
    • 12. Gen X – Performance Clues  Naturally skeptical  Loyal to individuals (not companies)  Training is security  Savvy with technology, media and information  Wants career security rather than job security  Balance now – not late in life  Prefer email, voicemail, direct and immediate
    • 13. Gen X – Quiz A. Like their boss to parent them B. Very independent C. Strive to be loyal to one company D. Want to learn new skills for fun
    • 14. Gen Y/Millennials (<37) – Defining Moments
    • 15. Gen Y/Millennials – Performance Clues  Respect accomplishment vs. authority  Accustomed to praise/feel entitled  Great multi-taskers, team members  Want meaning and good balance  Build parallel careers  Want excitement & challenge  Purpose/mission focused  Technology driven
    • 16. Perceptions/Advice for Gen Y
    • 17. Making Sense of the Millennial World  Need for constant feedback – Others see it: Irritating, bid for attention – Millennial perspective: Eager to please, efficiency  Confident/Self-Assured – Others see it: Entitled, unwilling to pay dues – Millennial perspective: Want meaningful, important work  Disliking rigid work schedules – Others see it: Lazy, won’t “put in the time” – Millennial perspective: Work can be done anywhere, will work tirelessly for something exciting
    • 18. Recruiting & Retaining Millennials
    • 19. Hot Buttons for Millennial Job Seekers  Employer fits lifestyle, personality and priorities Fun Challenge Entrepreneurship Opportunity Creativity Ethics Lifestyle Diversity Technology Mission
    • 20. The Millennial Job Search – Tactics  Make it personal  Instant gratification  Entertaining  Authentic  Straightforward Y-Size your website Clearly set expectations Offer more than money Compensation package Explain career paths Detail specific projects
    • 21. The Millennial Job Search – Tactics
    • 22. Millennial Retention Strategies  Week One is All-Important  Create Customized Career Maps – Be Specific  Model the Way – Reward Performance  Create Challenges and Milestones  Promote Collaboration  Communicate & Provide Feedback - OFTEN  Transparency & Access to Leaders  Understand Motivations  Talent Management Reviews
    • 23. Providing Feedback  Generations may have different expectations – Traditionalists: No news is good news – Boomers: Once a year, with lots of documentation – Gen X: Sorry to interrupt, but how am I doing? – Millennials: Feedback whenever I want it…at the push of a button  Be specific and timely  Address performance issue, not intergenerational differences
    • 24. Get Feedback to Provide Feedback  Talk with direct reports about their preference – Formal vs. frank – Verbal vs. written – Email vs. memo – On the spot vs. set a meeting
    • 25. Millennial Retention Strategies  Understand Retention Data – Departure trends for high performers – Conduct an in-person exit interview  Create Emotional Connection – Highlight internal promotions – Defer incentives – Give more than money – Stretch projects – Creative scheduling
    • 26. Millennial “Clashpoints” & Scenarios  Parallel Careers/Freelancing  Professionalism  Advancement  Flextime/Telecommuting  Inclusion  Rewards  Measuring results vs. Time  Personal Technology
    • 27. Management Techniques for All Generations  Avoid judgment/assumptions  Treat associates as you do your members  Think “skills” not age  Build on strengths diverse groups provide  Ask and listen, be flexible  Set clear expectations and be specific
    • 28. Generational Similarities  Challenging, meaningful work  Opportunities for learning  Development and advancement  Successful integration of work/personal life  Fair treatment  Competitive compensation  Want leaders who are: – Accessible, leads by example – Acts as a coach, holds people accountable
    • 29. Come Together
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