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Social Media 101 - Defining Social Media
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Social Media 101 - Defining Social Media


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Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Marketing Department & Training Presents: Social Media 101 - Defining Social Media, an introduction to social media.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Marketing Department & Training Presents: Social Media 101 - Defining Social Media, an introduction to social media.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Welcome to Propel LiveSocial Media | Part 1Defining Social Media
  • 2. Agenda • The Importance of Social Media For Real Estate • Social Media’s Heavy Hitters • Ways to Maximize Our Own Social Networks • The Power of the #Hash tag • Blogging • Do’s & Don’ts • What’s next
  • 3. Social Media Basics
  • 4. Social networking is important in real estatebecause allows us to discover: • People • Information • Places • Networks … and it allows us to reconnect with individuals from our past who may make good business prospects!
  • 5. Social networking allows you to:  Showcase your expertise quickly to your consumer base  Capture and surface knowledge  Get newcomers up to speed quickly  Position yourself as innovative  Reduce disruption of other competitors  Enhance reputation and gain prospects  Preserve and exploit all information at your fingertips
  • 6. Social Media’s Heavy Hitters
  • 7. The largest of the social networks with over 1 billion active users. Facebook hasbecome a favorite destination for people, businesses, and organizations toconnect and share information because of its easy-to-use interface andinteractive features.Twitter allows you to communicate and stay connected through the exchangeof quick, frequent messages, often called ‚tweets" of 140 characters or fewer.Tweets are posted to your profile, sent to your followers, and are searchable onTwitter search.Google+ is a social network that’s built around the concept organizing groups ofpeople into circles. You can communicate with all of your circles or limit yourposts to a particular circle. You can share posts with like-minded friends whilenot including those that don’t care to be involved. Many find it easier tosegregate what they post on Google Plus than on Facebook.
  • 8. Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 millionmembers and growing. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts andhelps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broadernetwork of professionals.WordPress is a free blogging application with many features including a plug-inarchitecture and a template system. WordPress is currently the most popularblog in use on the Internet
  • 9. Maximizing Your Social Networking Sites
  • 10. • Realtor, CAR, NAR, etc. Join • • Local Chamber of Commerce or downtown association Connect with fellow Realtors for referral opportunities; be sureNetworks • to connect with the CB Western Region Support Center Don’t forget to add your sphere! • But don’t forget to add the personal touch! Pictures, fun notes, etc. are key to keeping it friendly and open! • The options and potential connections are endless! • I recommend at least once per dayRegular • Update ideas:  Reality Check  Real Estate is a Contact SportUpdates  Weekly Market Watch  Bloggers Block (real estate relevant articles)are Key  CAR and NAR Reports  Articles of note from local papers and other local, online publications  Just Listed & Just Sold announcements
  • 11. The Power of the Hashtag Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics Hashtags are clickable – you can see who else is using the same hashtag word or topic – use that as an opportunity to engage Hashtag ideas: #ColdwellBanker #realestate #listings #homes
  • 12. Blogging Blogging is unique way to control your messaging and shape your communication. It is also a great way to increase visibility and make connections to your other social networking sites Many of our own Agents utilize blogs for: • Publishing material (i.e. the latest industry stats) • Link to articles of interest • Posting favorite bookmarked sites • Posting property flyers, postcards, etc. • Promoting open houses and new listings/solds • Providing clients with market updates • Post Weekly Market Watch TIP: Post your favorite articles or commentaries to your blog, then share the Post to your Facebook and other social networking sites
  • 13. Got Bloggers Block?No problem! We’re pleased to offer you the Blogger’s Block on our Intranet siteunder the Marketing > Digital Marketing section • Daily postings to inspire your own blogging content • You may simply post the links to your site or use them as ways of responding to or inspiring your own posts • Need more content? Consider registering for Google Alerts. Type in keywords to inspire you.
  • 14. Do’s Don’ts … offer insights, information, useful … be overly promotionallinks … spam your network… be transparent about who you are … leave sites to languish… make a plan to keep ‘channels’ fresh … pick fights/get defensive… be clear about whose views are beingexpressed … forget these are two-way channels… show respect online of the opinion of … forget that what’s online lives foreverothers, copyright, your brand, etc. … set it and forget it… acknowledge customer concerns
  • 15. What’s Next? Create an account on the major hitters in social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus If you’re up for it, consider getting a blog set up too! Post 2-3 different posts this week (for starters, use Reality Check) Be sure to share the results with your Manager – add him/her as a ‚Friend‛ Try posting or a Tweeting a hashtag... for starters you can type: Another great day learning something new with #ColdwellBanker ! Register for the Social Media Parts 2 and 3, which will teach you how to take your social networking efforts to the next level by learning more about Best Practices and Leveraging Social Media
  • 16. Thank You! Angie Javier Digital Marketing Specialist 925.275.3068 direct Marketing Department main line | 925.358.3180 Help Desk | 877.422.8324 Colorado /cbmarketingwest Nor Cal: Utah: Colorado /cbmarketingwest Nor Cal: Utah: